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While  you may find that special Doberman on this page keep in mind  many of our Dobermans are reserved before birth to either the new owners preferred placement date or required by Hoytt to select from a certain yet to be born breeding composite.  Seriously if 2017 is the year to add your first or next Hoytt Dobe to the family  now is the time to reserve before their birth and for we offer a  pre-birth discount of ten percent on our Dobes and services...training included. This also helps us to better plan our breeding's.  Know we have been accepting reservations for our spring and summer pups well back in 2016 some reserved by choice others by our direction.

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Special Presentation

  Annie joined my Lex and London as one of my personal gang as soon as she finished her CYA CGC program.  Then advanced and taken before the AKC judges for her obedience degrees. She is now a Presents Choice graduate formally known as Hoytts Broadway Annie CGC BN CD.  What a girl this red head. Know in just a day or two of her arrival her people will feel as if she had not just arrived but had been part of the family all her life, as if she had a private tutor since she was old enough to begin training.  Oh wait Annie did have  private tutors - our team.

UPDATE:  When Hoytts Star of Texas was ready for her home in Houston I took Annie for the ride - What a traveler. On the way down Star and Annie just relaxed on their beds never knew they were there and at stops no wild behaviors just two extremely well mannered girls. Both great socializers with those who came to talk about the girls and say hi to them at the different rest stops. At the hotels just relaxed willing to wait for our encouragements to do things. Once in the room just hit her bed unless she could talk us into giving her some loving time. Annie took the 2500 trip in stride even the visits to two other client homes, left those folks extremely impressed. At two stops after dropping of Star off  Annie enjoyed the interaction with the resident Hoytts Dobes.  We had been holding Annie's placement so she could be part of our breeding program but the breeding was a miss. Rather then wait another six months my Annie needs to gain her own family. Gentle enough for a six or seventy plus years family member, A trip to town or a trip across America she shows her royal upbringing.









To view the sires and dams of those you meet on this page and our Reserved pages press >>>Planned Parenthood

Thornton - reserved Click here to visit our youtube page



Our lead is a graduate CYA CGC by the name of Thorton, yep he's a scholar in his own right. Born 5-8-16 out Jersey formally Hoytts Jersey Girl  CGC and my boy Lex formally Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI.  An easy socializer from his first visitors here to those he's met at the off property experiences including Bass Pro and now he's ready for placement. Perhaps Thorton is your dream come true and without a long wait he could be home giving you kisses in days not months. Thornton is also a great playmate for the small canine set, ready to play but always gentle. Thorton and his sister Destiny are in training toward gaining the  Grand Victor title but we would gladly adjust at our end if the situation arises for either that rewards them with the great homes we seek for our Dobes and would absorb the extra time/costs we have invested. Of course if their future family like the idea of the more advanced GV program and are comfortable with the additional costs - GREAT.


The following Hoytt Dobes were also chosen for education before placement and available. Once we have your Client Profile arrangements will be made to speak directly with Mr. Hoytt. While each has a teacher it will both the personality and training level that will make the difference on who may be your next super star. The following young adults born 6-30-16 out of Gracie Anne from west of Chicago and Magnum one of our local sires gave us the pups you are about to meet. These guys are in training and will advance until their new family steps up. Being well into the CYA most could be home within a month from gaining 'your' last name or taken further if you so wish. For your enjoyment we have presented as many pictures as weather and time allowed until the young Dobes are reserved. Our last litter offered in 2016 began when a beautiful Dobe named Cassie from Houston Texas met Lex the reigning King of our ranch here in Dandridge - it was love at first sight. That was in mid June and on 8-13-16 this magnificent pair and obvious healthy couple gave us eleven pups with all four colors represented - what is called a Rainbow Litter. These youngsters are either home or finishing their educations. Actually Moby on 5-6-17 gained his last win needed under our Grand Victor program and will be delivered to his new mom within the week (Cincinnati Ohio) . Also looks like Valentino now called Romeo (River Ridge La,) and blue Star (Hempstead TX) have finished their programs and will also be delivered by staff to their respective homes this month. Our next babies will come to life in June, still time for the pre-birth discounts.



Moby ...Reserved...Cincinnati Ohio - finished our Grand Victor Program      



ZOEY...Click here to visit our youtube page see Zoey on one of her field trips with Copper 2/14/17 - also Zoey and Valentino at Bass Pro making new friends both adults and children 2/10/17



Romeo... River Ridge LA. -  RESERVED Click here to visit our youtube pagesee Valentino with Zoey at Bass Pro with adults and small children showing off some of their obedience plus Valentino now Romeo during a stage workout.


Cindi...part of Mr. Hoytt's gang extensive 24/7 home rules and obedience plus she can go right into the Grand Victor titling program or home without AKC ring title. A lady at all times well advanced/mature in actions for her age - at this time she's a walk in the door Therapy personality  with full human age exposures from children from just walking to old enough to wonder where the last 75 years went..priced at $8,500.00 plus the extended training time toward the GV program for a first time buyer or establsihed client but I would actually prefer to adjust price and place her with an establsihed client for the right to breed her successfully once.  





Beemer ...Reserved - Heathland New Brunswick Canada







Hoytts Sable Contessa CGC RN CD TDI along with the assistance of the male on the right Hoytts Electric Cowboy gave us on August 18th 2016 eleven new Hoytts in what is called a rainbow litter meaning all four colors. We have presented the pups in photos. We have the personality profile as well as  their comprehensive qualities since all are currently just entering the CYA program. Depending on their future family's request on education will decide how long before placement each will remain with us. After all, our trainers are also the surrogate mothers. 


Destiny ...  Click here to visit our youtube page



Darwin ...Reserved - Pottstown Pa. note Thorton lives 10 miles from Darwin.


Delilah...with Copper at Bass Pro video short of sit stay during off property training plus  stage workout in obedience   and her showing and wins on 5-21 & 5-22 on her way to Grand Victor https://youtu.be/PeArY3seX1g                                                       


Copper... Boston Mass. - Reserved              see Copper and Zoey on a field trip 2-14-17 - short with Copper & Delilah doing sit stays at Bass Pro 2/8/17


CLARKE...now owned by our own Noel Webster and one of the boys who one day will carry on his line who gained his first AKC proformance title in April showing as Hoytts Invincible Man of Steel CGC BN.      




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Above...Anne formally Hoytts Broadway Annie CGC BN born 3-22-15 and Sophie born 7-7-14 formally Hoytts Treasure Lies Within CGC BN CDX  has made the Doberman Pincher Club of America's Top20 for 2017.  The photos below are sisters born 12-10-15. Star staying through the Presidents Choice program before heading to Hempstead TX also made the DPCA T20 and Lacey a graduate Grand Victor formally Hoytts Chantilly L:ace now home with her folks in Brooksville FL.   Carol Stephens our Performance Team Leader here at Camp along with her assistances take our little ones from nine weeks of age to their planned graduation.




Wonder if we are still on top of our game after five decades do go to   Recently Reserved Dobes and check the Dobes who gained families recently.

 Also remember we have an Owners Gallery always being updated with photos and letters that date as far back as 1958 and up to Recently Reserved Dobes


  Cute may describe most puppies but  in the long run relationships are built on the total picture. Baby Kinny our three week old fawn to the right gives us a fleeting moment in his life but try to imagine what I see genetically, what Kinny is today. Go to Owners Galleryand see many of the development stages of Hoytts Golden Boy CGC RN CD TDI  but below is one year after his baby photo on the right was taken.  Now while our clients want great minds, excellent comprehensive qualities as well as a few dozen other genetic qualities they do like the idea that their companion Dobe looks  like it came off the cover of  Dog World magazine.

Now just imagine later in time when perhaps one of his  relations are watching over your children while out playing in the yard, a yard equally as important in 'family' planning as the home itself.  Leave your home for an hour or the day, you only have to give your Dobe a kiss and pat  as you close the door and your Hoytt Dobe changes to its Guardian mode.   Of course every situation has it's variables, this is where early individualized selection wins hands down over "here's a cute one".  

  Most of our clients who are retired  are still very active yet have time for a great interactive companion and usually go with a pre-placement education. They have time to vary the walks each day, the trips around town or cross country. For those yet to retire the hiking trails or around the block are part of their day and those who can take their Dobes to work mostly prefer to step in as far past the baby stage as possible, while still welcoming a youngster or young adult.  And if you are like Zane's mom in Lehigh Florida - seeOwners Gallery who created her own Garden of Eden, you'll enjoy the companionship even more for the comfort of having a Hoytt Dobe at your side can keep even the snakes, those with scales and those with two legs from catching you by surprise -  Now Zane's mom can really relax and smell the roses but being retired has allowed her to take her boy to places he's never dreamed of but definitely want to visit again.

An even better plus, having a great Dobe just hanging with you  watching the game, MSNBC , or strolling around the block, the back trail or down town is a combination of pleasure and pride.  If you are out and about in Sebastian Fl you may have the good fortune to meet Thunder who has yet to be told that at nine years he's coming down from his mountain.

And if you are Valentine and your family runs a shop in Key West, or Nico and Roxie up in the mountains around Colorado Springs or like to travel like Zar who has enjoyed some of the more upscale bed and breakfast establishments across the country including a few that had signs "No Dogs Allowed over a pound", you bet your pride will show through for you and your Zar will be talked about perhaps for years after your visit - at 95 pounds Zar is both a power to behold and quite a gentleman after introductions.

Or Rocky up north east in Newfoundland always ready to help bring the fish in from a day with dad or Mako seen in our Flip Side in Sitka, Alaska out with the crew for the day. But if you happen to live west of nowhere population 101, a trip into town with 'the kid' is just as rewarding. So from best 'bud' during the day to your eyes and ears once you  retire for the night, you know if your alarm system goes off your Hoytt Dobe will "entertain" those uninvited guests until you have the situation under control and the LAW arrives.   I should add that there are no batteries to change and even in a power outage during an ice storm or because the bad guy used his "KLINE" cable cutter on the power source, the Hoytt Dobe is still on the job.  An added plus with a body temperature of 101.8 they make great bed warmers if the power outage was caused by an act of nature like out east 2015. 


This 'pretty' naping with her mistress gave us  nine Valentines a few months before the holiday - pups born 12-10-15  "Reservations closed"

Roxie formally Hoytts Gift of Love CGC RN CD with Magnum formally Hoytts Great Pretender CGC BN CD just show two of their pups finish our Presidents Choice Course for other people.  

 Note - Roxie finished her Presidents Choice and this photo was taken just 48 hours after placement. Since the photo below Roxie's family has welcomed their second Presidents Choice Thora formally Hoytts Goddess of Thunder CGC RN CD and a third Pharaoh formally Hoytt's King of the Valley now also has his CGC RN CD and is shown on our first page with his other two Hoytt Dobe house mates. And folks their family did not purchase on impulse - it had taken a year to complete each of these Hoytt Dobes over a two year peroid.     



Advisory - for the right children with the right canine, the experience will be cherished throughout their life - just leave the children out of the initial selection process.  Remember 'cute' is short lived and a dog is not a toy that you give away when the novelty wears thin. However a Dobe can be a great friend, companion and guardian in one strikingly elegant creature who  would give it's life for it's family and be friends to all those in its family circle  but remember you are about to take on the responsibility of another life who will need you to survive.         

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Let us present to  that special someone in your life the gift of promise

   Here's how we  can present the future Dobe if not ready for placement on a special day -  give a framed picture presentation of the new Dobe if it is too young to head home. Or photos of the future parents and grand parents with projected placement date and a profile of the relations pictured. This way the gift is presented on the day of the occasion.  Then  as your new Hoytt Dobe is being finished additional stage photos plus when old enough your new kid will start appearing on our YouTube channel. 




 Recently Reserved Dobes

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