Please call with age & weight - we will help in sizing...designed for Dobes - not too long, not too short. Not too loose not too tight.  And call us if you have a different breed of canine friend, we just may be able to warm up your kid too.

No longer will your best friend look like its outfit was something found at a flea market or a hand me down and few of us can create an original like our Sophie is modeling. Her coat was created through necessity and much love, many, many hours of labor and a mommy who knew what she was doing.

So for those who want the best for their canine pal but do not know the difference between a stitch in time and a hem stitch we have the answer in our "Good Guy" line of canine winter dress as modeled by Romeo (84 pounds)... and Margaret ( 80 pounds )with Janine and Marcy (68 pounds) with her mom Amber. Marcy also has two Boston Bulls and King Charles pals that have matching coats (well smaller versions of course) - we are looking for the photos at this writing.

Our matched pair Titan when he was nine months at 75 pounds and Korrie at 80 pounds followed  by our boy Snoopy with his neck protector* dressed for his evening walk around our town center and of course he is also showing off his "Good Guy" coat. Snoopy weighs in at 105 pounds. Good Guy coats offered for $65.00 - Better yet, get the kid two for just $95.00

And don't forget our custom overstuffed dog beds


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