We are pleased to present Dane and Noel Wester or is it Noel and Dane Wester our editors at large for "Happenings Around the House" our new monthly news letters with photos and comments from those who share their life with Hoytt Dobes. Along with SPECIAL OFFERING HOYTT DOBES when avail

DobeFest A Festival for Hoytt Dobermans and Owners

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April 2017 Newsletter   -  Our Maci caught snoozing will be ten on May   5th ... Our tux wearing boy Sinatra formally LexLin's Chairman of the Board von Hoytt born 5-18-16 gained his CGC BN and CD by nine months while completing our most advanced program. In March of this year started his new life as companion and canine master of Villa Collina but best of all, his people love him as much as those of us who live a quieter life style...Copper may have been quite surprised to find more humans in his new neighborhood then in the town of Dandridge but the boy sure loves his people and finds city life quite interesting...Beemer thought life was great at Camp Hoytt but quickly realized having his own family is the best life can offer...Ivy was just a pretty little blue 24 pound ten week old  party animal when she went home...todays she's still a party animal but has more degrees then most humans. Way to go Ivy!... Best laid plans can go astray but not for Starrk and his family. Everything is going just as discussed when his people first called as an inquiry including a planned second Hoytt. Less then a week after Starrk joined his family the deposit was received for number two. For now it's Starrk's fifteen minutes but one day you'll meet his other half Maya. Sorry everybody who have not been discussed here yet but so much to brag about, so little time.

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