Delilah & Clark Pups

Delilah & Clark Pups born on Sept. 11 2017


Clarke formally Hoytts Invincible Man of Steel CGC RN and Delilah formally Hoytts Gift from the Heart CGC BN together represent the tenth generation of their respective Line and create our "Next Generation." Now study the photo above. We caught this pup just as he was coming down from a jump over the rock behind him. This video was taken a week before their crop but do study this pup and you see why from the first these dogs called Dobermanns had their ears cropped. 

If you never knew why the crop this picture says it all. This new breed in the late 1800's was to be a personal protector. The tail was docked and the ears cropped ( about 1/3 to 1/2 removed ) to be sure in defending their master the aggressor could not grab ears or tail and in time even the coat length was part of this new breeds attributes. 


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