Trial Placement Program

Condition at time of Delivery
... if your Hoytt Dobe, upon arrival by air carrier is not in excellent health contact the Hoytts immediately and then have the Dobe examined by a licensed veterinarian. Have the vet issue a written statement and then fax this statement to the Hoytts. Instructions regarding the Dobe's return will be issued back by Fax, e-mail or one of the Express Services including permission to return the Dobe shipping collect. The Hoytts will, in turn, also pay for the replacement Dobe's airfare to you.

Condition at time of personal pick up ... if your Hoytt Dobe is not in excellent health or you feel for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the selected Hoytt Dobe, the Hoytts will reselect adjusting selection based on the reason the presented Hoytt Dobe was turned down. Should you choose, the Hoytts will then arrange to have the replacement Dobe delivered by a mode chosen by the Hoytts at their expense.

Part One ...Trial 90 day Placement bonus ...This offer begins the first day of placement and ends on the 90th day of ownership allowing you perhaps 10 weeks longer then it actually takes to feel like this kid is on its way to become the best friend you ever 'bought'. Should you find the Hoytt Dobe not fitting in we will take the Dobe back and reselect at our expense adjusting in selection for the variables that were possibility missed during selection or training when training had been part of the placed Dobes profile*. Or at owner expense add training that was not part of the original program if this is what the owner feels is necessary for them to keep their Hoytt Dobe.

Part two...Trial 90 day Placement Bonus...We are also ready to handle the relocation from one owner to another when a Hoytt Dobe cannot be kept by the purchaser simply because the owner decides they were not ready to become parents to a canine or something came up after placement that was not counted on making continued ownership at the time an impossibility. On the Dobes returned a credit good for thirty-six months based on 80% of the original price paid to the House of Hoytt will be issued, good only toward the next purchase of a Hoytt Dobe once the complication that may have caused the return the Dobe has been eliminated*.

Part three...Trial 90 day Placement Bonus...Selling the Dobe for the owner while being cared for at the kennel...The resale of a Dobe returned can take a few weeks or months after its return since it now regretfully is pre-owned actually a 'used' canine, not the fresh mind the buyer received initially but if the Hoytt Dobe is returned in the excellent condition it left us and no surgeries had been necessary, upon sale of the returned Dobe a payment equal to 50% of what was paid to House of Hoytt originally will be returned to the returned dogs owner however special services that were added specifically for that owner are not part of the refund since these services are usually only useful to the original purchaser*.

After the trial placement...throughout the life of the Dobe should the owner simply wish to resell the dog rather then have the kennel re-home it and the present owner can keep it in residence while the search is underway for a new owner we will introduce the dog on our web site with an outline the seller presents to us as well as photos and forward to those interested to the owners contact email address and phone number.

*NOTE: Since the House of Hoytt will not be responsible for care and/or training during this period meaning the Dobe remains with its owner  there will be no charge by the kennel to the seller for this service and the seller can set the price.


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Client Investment Assurance Program


• From the First Day of Arrival to the end of life•


Do contact the kennel if you are not enrolled this program. The C.I.A.P is available to all owners of Hoytt Dobes who purchased their Dobe within the last 36 months. Date of purchase is based on the day the Hoytt Dobe is listed on its AKC papers as owner. Note late enrollees will be required to bring missed payments up to date at least six months before the passing of the Hoytt Dobe in question. But for those just receiving their Hoytt Dobes a monthly or yearly payment program is available based on the actual payment made to the kennel for the Dobe at time of purchased and not based on the actual classification of the pup or the training program due to the variable pricing of our Special Offering Dobes. The first twelve months following placement is given the C.I.A.Program complimentary with each Dobe. One example: Should your new kid cost $2,495.00 the monthly fee will be just $24.95 or yearly $299.00. All causes of the Hoytt Dobes passing including loss during or following surgery, negative reactions from accidental ingestion of home products negative reaction to veterinary prescribed drugs, dietary supplements, food allergies as well as every known disease of the Canine. Also all conditions considered Congenital and hereditary in nature are covered with only two exceptions one being owner negligence. Hoytt Dobes that are injured or the quality of life can is such that the humane direction is to assist the Dobes passing is also covered but must be cleared with the veterinarians who oversee the well being of our Dobe here at the kennel.

A letter from the Dobes veterinarian stating the cause of or suspected cause of death is all the owner needs as long as any conditions in this Assurance Program have been met. Every twelve months a basic examination must be given when all the normal inoculations and parasite treatments or preventatives are given with copies forwarded to the House of Hoytt within two weeks of the examination date. Missing documents must be located if a claim is filed with the veterinarian who examined and administered the necessary products offering a notarized statement to the authenticity of the replaced documents. The amount of credit you will receive is based on the original payment given the House of Hoytt at time of purchase- coverage beginning on the day of arrival to the end of life as long as you have kept the C.I.A.P program requirements current. This is not a life insurance policy so this has no cashable options but a part of a re-selection service to House of Hoytt clients protecting their initial investment.

*Should the House of Hoytt believe the cause of the Hoytt Dobes death was not accidental and refuses the coverage offered all the owner has to do to reinstate the C.I.A.P program is to have their veterinarian issue a sworn statement describing the cause of death not being from disregard for the Hoytt Dobes quality of life.

Health Insurance as with any actual cashable Life Insurance policies are not being offered by the House of Hoytt nor if you have other protections these will not have any negative effect on the C.I.A.P program. Do investigate all insurance offers to be sure restrictions related to breed specific claimed conditions will not block you from their offered coverage.


                                                                                                                                                                          ALWAYS KEEP ONE SET OF DOCUMENTS FOR SAFETY


Also see... If you should die tomorrow for the ultimate piece of mind to those who worry what would happen if they die or simply can not keep their beloved friend.



  MISSING DOCUMENTATION VOIDS THE C.I.A.PROGRAM. DOCUMENTED PROOF OF CLAIM IS OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY. Spaying or altering before HOH recommended age without written approval from Mr. Hoytt voids all HOH offered assistance. . However once approved all assistance remain in effect. See "Advisory".