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medical protocols and pre-placement pricing programs



...since some buyers dream of the day that they finally bring home a cute healthy seven or eight week old pup, the  foundation of their dreams finally becomes a reality. Doing their research first they found or even have a veterinarian they  trust with their new 'baby' and already talked to pup's doctor, discussed what the little one will need, even have the next three to four visits before crop worked out.  Maybe even discussed the costs of each visit from the office changes to the actual services preformed. An added plus if their vet of choice will be doing the kids ears and even have figured into their budget will be these costs so  from the pre-surgical examination, the Anastasia, the actual surgery, in clinic care if required, even the costs with follow up such as stitch removal and re-tapings all has been figured in and the total is known but do check out our medical program - it's a great pre-placement plus.  



...have us take care of the medical services and vet visits before placement so the areas of medical services including inoculations, worming, crop, health tests and post surgical care is yesterdays news when the Dobe arrives home and now you only have to locate a vet who will help with the Dobes future needs.   We take care before placement the foundation medical related services discussed in the first puppy offering which saves you the trips to the vet, the costs and the time lost driving to and from and sitting around the clinics waiting room trying to keep your Dobe safe from the others there who may have something you don't want to take home with you. Now only a few weeks older, the finished pup a pretty or handsome young Dobe of just 10/11 weeks can step into your life with an unbeatable health program already in place. 

When the pup is ready for crop  our staff takes the youngster to the vets and the initial office charge, our staff time as well  as the key reason the kid is at the vets plus the pre-crop health examination  are all part of our medical finishing program.  Once the pup is cropped  the   Quick Brace is applied and subsequent bracings before the kid leaves for its new home. The remaining weeks before placement the pup's care givers will also take care of stitch removal and any additional bracing plus each pup comes with an eight brace kit to further help you after placement - already included in this area of service pricing.  

The balance of costs associated with the final health check, inoculations, nail trimming, even three safety worming  and  grooming services including  what is called a show length nail trim so the pup arrives not looking as if it can follow the squirrels up a tree or leave scratches like a cat in a panic on you or your children.  An added bonus to this you can start within a month to either tipping or a Drammel.  Last but not least, the pup will finish it's major medical protocol and between 12 and 13 weeks of age if still with us will receive its Rabies Inoculation and documentation accepted world wide automatically if leaving Tennessee or for that matter some other part of the world.  So unless you've decided to use a  vet at your end for the crop and any final medical protocol pups inoculations done under our Medical Services Program cover the following twelve months. We will have our vet examine the dog per the guidelines for interstate travel and issue an Interstate Health Clearance Certificate along with the Rabies Inoculation at the same time to keep the costs down as long as the pup is over twelve weeks.  Pups can leave us  without Rabies Inoculations if under 12 weeks of age.  Over 12 weeks and the vet fees will be added to your total. 

An added bonus if you so choose the pup or adult can receive the ID Microchip before the kid leaves for it's new home -   chip and office charge $75.00.   

NATURAL EARS - NOT RECOMMENDED BUT AVAILABLE....While most of our clients prefer what most consider one of the trade marks of the Hoytt Dobe - the ear crop and since we consider the CROP  both a added health bonus (see advisory below) we also consider ear cropping design more an ART FORM individually designed for each Dobe  with a flair that can only come from the master of the Hoytt Dobe himself Mr. Hoytt who handles the design balance personally.   

So for those who also seek the ultimate  appearance from the head to the correctly docked  tail , all who care and choose crop over natural  should let the Hoytts take care of the cosmetics before placement. 

But do feel free to reserve your kid for placement with natural ears for as you see in the photo of Jersey on left , this is one classy Dobe.  Yet in 2015 we had only four Hoytt Dobes reserved with natural ears (un-cropped) but be sure they still receive raves in public for their beauty and will still be respected as their cropped counter parts are. 


ADVISORY...Keep in mind 1/3 of non-traumatic veterinary care costs are related to dogs with ear infections  almost all in non cropped ears that lay over the ear canals. Lack of air movement keeps the ears moist and moist attracts infection and mites - never the less if this is your preference we will honor your choice.


                                                                                  Prices on medically finished pups...Discounts, Bonuses and Payments

Our pups are priced  at $2,995.00 plus medical services for a total cost of $3,965.00 .  Should you reserve a pup or young adult in advance of it's birth  we offer a  10% discount on pup, medical and training services.   Deposit requirements 20% of the Hoytt Dobe and program cost total.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Payment on the balance of your Dobe and services

Once your pup is selected and presented in photos and/or video the balance of the pup is due unless you have requested one or more of our pre-placement educational programs.  Best discuss this at the time you reserved your Dobe since the total is based on your training program preferences. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Health Testing, Medical Services and costs

                                                                                                  Payment in full may be required once your Hoytt Dobe has been selected and presented to you unless otherwise arranged in advance of birth.

                                                                                                                                                                   Hoytt Dobes usually listed as Special Offering are priced individually.

  Questions?...Contact Us

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When paying by check please make checks payable to United ServiceDogs of America



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