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Client Profile & Environmental Outline



 This is not a purchase agreement  but a questionnaire


...until a payment is received


This is not a contract to purchase until payment is received. This Profile is forwarded whenever possible in advance to give Mr. Hoytt insight into your interests and your environment so when the two of you chat he will know what perimeters need to be followed. You must remember just because you might be attracted to a specific Hoytt Dobe in our Available pages does not mean it is the right companion for you since most placements have to be finished to meet the future owners interests. Now if you have spent a few hours on our website you already better understand why we are considered simply the best.

At "Camp Hoytt" you have the opportunity to bring an exceptional  companion  into your life that is not just elegant and healthy but a composite of all the right genetic qualities that will give you that great American Bred Super Dobe you're been searching for. So from great personal enjoyment to a combination best buddy, special service dog including Therapy  who can also travel your world, you could also add an exceptional education program and still enjoy the puppy side of your new young adult.  Of course you can as a few clients do reserve a pup that steps into your life medically finished at 10 weeks of age. Just keep in mind with an education before placement you could literally begin learning team competition or as most of our clients just enjoy your new side kick as the great companion you read about in comments from those who already know the joys of being in our 'family' of owners.  Not only can we select the Dobe that fits your individual interests, we can also add one or more of our outstanding and quite exclusive educational programs that are specifically designed for those who seek a world class canine companion but first…

...we ask that before you take the final steps you once more consider your responsibilities as future owner. You are about to become parent, best friend, financial backer and educator to a canine not for a few days or weeks but God Willing longer then most marriages last.   

  REMEMBER -  Rescue is already over populated with previously owned pets, many bought on a whim, most never considered the years ahead of responsibility and few sellers won't or can't  take the pet back or even help in finding it a new home for they also failed to see past the placement.  Then you have those folks or individuals who's life changes made it impossible to keep their pet but  when its one of ours we will do all we can to help . Check our last rehoming; his name is Zar and he's on the   Available  page- Also go to  If you should die tomorrow

ADVISORY... Remember a dog is not a children's toy that can be put in the closet or out in back when they tire of it, it is their friend and guardian. 

Of course things happen given a span of life measured in years rather than a season and for this we have a re-homing program should after placement you find your situation has changed, or you were not as ready to become a parent as you thought and you can no longer keep the kid. For added peace of mind we have re-homing programs you will find explained in this presentation. See: If you should die tomorrow . These additional services to you and your Hoytt Dobe cover the relocation of the dog if something happens to you or in your situation.

So whether you are incapacitated or in case of your death if you have left a directive to have your Hoytt Dobe returned to the kennel; the following is offered. We will not only take the kid in and find a new home, we will, if funds were not set aside by you for its future care, pay for the Hoytt Dobes travel back to us, with no further responsibility to you or your estate.  But do arrange to help if at all possible - see Help us help the homeless Hoytt Dobe futher on this page.  Now with only a few steps remaining in the purchase process, we remind the purchaser that this Agreement helps assure you and the kennel understand what character traits you seek as well as pre-placement and after placement services so please forward or mail this to us.

MEDICAL SUMMERY SERVUCES...To assure that you and your Hoytt Super Dobe have the best chance of success at this young stage, we will have taken care of all primary inoculations, secondary medical services and the pup's surgical requirements.  Not available through other breeders due to its complexity, the process that we follow is most impressive and quite valuable.* Not only will this program save you time and money related to vet fees associated with a matched program of this extent, but it will also remove the risk you run of taking a completely healthy puppy to a veterinary clinic.  Unfortunately, it has only been recently that some clinics have started offering separate entrances and waiting areas for healthy dogs coming in for maintenance services, and for those canines suspected of or being treated for communicable diseases.  Therefore, each time you take your (otherwise healthy) pup to a clinic that does not offer these separate waiting areas for routine care, there is always a risk that the pup could pick up one of the viruses you are there to protect it against in the first place. 

Whether you bring home your Hoytt Dobe with the highest level of training or no training at all, the medically complete foundation we provide is the only right way to go,  Take time to read our Health Testing  Medical Services and Discount Programs   and see just how on target we are in providing the best possible start for these magnificent little creatures.


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Purchaser's Name Age
Significant Other Age
Street Address
City State/Province
Zip Code Country (if outside U.S.)
Residence Phone Cell Phone #
Can you receive texts
       Yes           No
E-Mail Address:
Business Name Type of Business
Business Phone Business Fax
Best time to call at home Best time to call at work
Do you work out of your home? Yes No
Does your significant other work? Yes No
Your occupation
significant other's occupation
Are there any other adults living in your home? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
List age and sex of children living at home
Are there any children under 16 who visit on a regular basis? Yes No
Weekly? Monthly?
If yes, please list age and sex of children:
Do you employ domestics? Yes No
Part time Full time
Will they handle the Dobe's)
on a regular basis?
Yes No
Are there any family members living
at home that are handicapped or afraid of dogs?
Yes No
Are there any family members living
in house or going to visit the house
who needs assisted walking?
Yes No
If yes, please explain:

Who is the most enthusiastic
about this purchase?
Your significant other
How long have you been considering a Doberman?

Reasons For Acquiring a Hoytt Dobe

Family Guardian
Personal Protector
Child's Playmate
Combination Business
and Home Security
I love Hoytt Dobes
Psychological Security
Friends have a Hoytt Dobe
Obedience Ring
Breeding Stock
Will you spay or alter?*

Do children in your neighborhood
consider your home & property
the neighborhood playground?
Yes No
If yes what is the age range and approximately how many:
Are there any members of your
family that fear dogs?
Yes No Or Dobermans? Yes No
If yes, please explain:

Average time the dog will be
left alone on a regular basis:

Will your Dobe be traveling with
you on a regular basis?
Yes No
Around town
To the Office
If yes, explain:
Have you owned dogs before? Yes No
Dobermans? Yes No
Hoytt Dobermans? Yes No
Are there any other pets at
home that will be expected
to interact with your new
Hoytt Doberman?
Yes No
If yes, list type and sex:
Have you lost any pets to
communicable diseases?
Yes No
Was it a Dobe or other breed. Yes No
If yes, explain: And give the breed and date:
Are there dogs residing
around your home that
could come in contact
with your Dobe?
Yes No
Does any adjoining property of your neighbors have dogs? Yes No
If yes how are they confined?
not at all
Chain link fence
Invisible fence
Hedge row
Privacy Fence

Type of Residence & Location

Single family home
Inner City
Farming Community
Isolated Area
Gated Community
Multi-Level Home
If yes how many levels
Do you have an elevator
Approximate square foot of residence
Do you have a yard? Yes No
If yes, state size
Do you have a dog run? Yes No
If yes, state size
Will your Dobe be exercised
on an 'exercise line?'
Will the Dobe be an in-home companion
Or an outdoor dog
Outdoor meaning a dog that does not come into the
home daily and does not sleep in the home at night.
Is there a swimming pool?
Have you or a family member suffered
intrusions on your property?
Been physically harmed?
Have you been robbed?
Had your property vandalized?
At home?
At work?
Is your yard fenced? Yes
If yes, explain:
Hedge Row
Invisible Fence
Chain Link
If Privacy fence, please explain:

Click below the classification that interests you

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Training Programs



  Companion/Protector Supreme Pup


Cost variables and discounts


Top DobeSelect*-2

Which development programs below interest you? 

Click here for our youngest
Click here for our Super Pups under development
Click here to for our Custom Young Adults
Click here to for our current choices for the Grand Victor program
Click here to for our Special Offerings-and Pre-Owned

After we receive your Client Profile we will contact you, arrange a time to discuss your interests and situation. Note too  because we have clients both nationally as well as internationally phone appointments are not limited by time zones.

Check here for Pre-Birth Discount

Natural Protective Levels

Low Medium High

Color Preference
Blue & Rust Red & Rust
Black & Rust Fawn & Rust
Open Choice

Sex Preference
Male Female
Open Choice Matched Pair-Females Only
Mixed Pair (male & female best choice-we offer "Yes Dear" boys)

Natural Suspicion Level
Low Medium High

Natural Energy Level

Laid Back Mid Active Active High Active-for Ring Sport (VPG) or Agility

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Size at Full Maturity

If adult size unimportant,
please check here:
If a specific size range is
important, note size by using the
American Breed Standard Chart
in the Sales Presentation
Oversize limited to 20% over breed standard for health reasons

Pre-Placement Training Options for Hoytt Dobes

Click here for our Development Programs


All Hoytt Dobes are videoed in each stage of development including when at AKC trials - you get to see your Dobe in the ring, watch the judging and the handler.

Super Pup One  Our version of Canine Kindergarten.  Reserve your new Hoytt Dobe anytime before the kid turns  10 weeks and the most unique pup with all medical services and an education unmatched in the canine world will step into your life 16 to 18 weeks of age. 


The price of a pup includes its room and board. However at ten weeks of age if entered into a training program a daily care fee of $6.00 begins until the Dobe has finished training.  This is just 25% of what one would pay to just board their dog.  However once a Dobe has finished the programs requested by the owner if at the owners request a delayed delivery is needed - other fees will be added based on the dogs training level and buyers added needs.  

Super Pup Two Price includes your medically finished pup with the SP level 1 & 2 program  -  adds four to six weeks  over SP1 ...moving the kid into a home rules program where the pup  begins with four hours a day and works up to an eight or more hours of 100% supervision in home rules guidance which begins three to four weeks before actual placement. The added weeks further advance the kids understanding of  the primary obedience exercises with its teacher and two other instructors who arrange to guide the kid every moment it is learning house manners.  

Interested in joining our 'family' and taking part in "the next generation".  Select the Dobe and services that meet your interests and we may have programs that  can help us keep control of our Lines  while allowing you to move to a more mature Dobe  into your life without the need to possibly delay purchase because of budget restrictions at the time since you can save up to half.

Client Investment Assurance Program

In 1958 Hoytt introduced the first health guarantees covering the three problems facing the new Dobe owner - it was just for six month but back then the breed was very new - under 5000 a year were being registered with the AKC and only well established kennels with their own breeding stock could honestly back a program like this. Few ever tried most quickly rescinded their program. Now with 64 years of success to back us up, we offer our clients the most exclusive 'life guarantee' in the dog world.   

Custom Young Adult Level one gives you  the your medically finished pup - foundation obedience of SP 1 , the advancement in obedience with introduction to house manners of SP 2 and now further refinements with 24/7 in home time and adjusted obedience  including introductions to travel  and off property exposure to the public to give the youngster a better understanding of life ahead and ready him for the CGC evaluator for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen certification.  .

This Hoytt Doberman when reserved by ten weeks of age will be home by 20/22 weeks of age.   


Custom Young Adult  Level Two
& CGC certification**...
this super star will be stepped through SP1,SP2 and the CYA Level 1 courses plus the AKC Rally N training and title. All the off property exposure and  young adult will be taken through given CYA  Check Buyers Gallery we might have a kid  with it's Rally Degree finished - each are individually priced
.  But commissioned Hoytt Dobes going for the higher training experience of Rally obedience , selected from a pup to graduation will add about $1500.00 to the SP Level 3 program plus costs for titling - these related to entry fees, handlers fees and travel related expenses.

The Grand Victor program**

Those who commission us to create a Grand Victor are  seeking the most refined young adult Dobe the world has to offer and the GV is exclusive to the House of Hoytt. A companion with maximum education  so they enjoy a youngster at time of placement.  Our most recent GV Kinny finished his CGC, Rally, Companion Dog title and his TDI by twelve  months then flew home and settled into his new life within days of his moving to Houston.  This included all  five levels of control training plus the added 4 to 8 months of  24/7 in home time including advancements related to  obedience, travel and social graces. In effect eight training levels and still the Dobe arrived a happy youngster.

As far as costs this kid is labor intensive and guided using your profile of the life you live and usually the environment at home, maybe the office as well as the off property venues.

Service and Therapy - as well as our Special
Offering Dobes including our Pre-owned. Talk to
us about availability and also check Buyers Galley.

Trainers Course

Handlers Course  

Classification variable considerations...When we suggest the Classification of pup which is the foundation of the adult Dobe, selection is based on the primary life style of the buyer... a Dobe for the stay at home environment should be psychologically different then the Dobe that will be part of varied home life meaning extended family members/good friends who will come and go on a regular basis but do not live in residence with the dog. With added consideration  if from the grand children to the great aunt or uncle  that too may be regulars.  Also to be considered are multiple environments and  educations before or after placement associated with the higher need for  performance be it at competition level or the corporate VIP personal Dobe who travels between corporate and personal locations. In effect a Quick Study is much different  from  energy level to it's interest in adventure yet have a patient side while at the office, traveling cross country or just being the best mannered canine money can buy.   

Please help us help those Hoytt Dobes who loose their home...Everytime you are kissed by your Dobe think of what  could happen if your 'kid' had to be re-homed. Some folks forget that the cost of arraging travel to the kennel and the care that the returning Dobe receives while the right home is found can easally reach hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month to keep the Dobe happy, healthy and  busy.  From practing their ABC's or at times adding new rules for thier next home and for sure fun times like long walks or ball playing. All help them emoutionally so they truely feel like they are at Camp Hoytt.  So friends if you can, do give to our Homeless Hoytt Dobe Fund. And yes that's how you write the check or if you add to payments being made toward your kid just let us know what we are to direct to the fund.  


Special Options

Avid Lifetime Microchip-Vet fee and handlers time away from Kennel included $75.00
Video Scrap book of your Hoytt Dobe under development - up to an hour in length... $120.00
Monthly update DVD or Video from selection through days before placement.$120.00 +P/H (twice per month)
Home Defense Training to be Added after Placement - must be over 18 months of age -requires CD, Rally & CGC certification.
Training Package in DVD or video format - Three parts (each two hours)  - covers from pup through adult training. $35.00...see how we do it - Also a great teaching aid for those who either have a dog acquired from another source or are thinking about acquiring a Hoytt Dobe and are not sure of which training level to choose.
Video of your new kid in the AKC ring with its handler when being shown in Rally and/or Obedience. $60.00
I may also be interested in a Special Companion & How old is too old.
If you are interested in DNA testing we can provide that for a low fee of just $99.00.

With Regard to Placement

Delivery Preference - Placement as soon as available
Future delivery date
Will you be picking your Dobe up from the kennel
Or will you be shipping your new Dobe
Nearest Airport - First Preference
Second Preference
Do you have a preferred name you would like us to
use in developing your new Dobe?
Click here if you've read and understand this agreement and want our Client Investment Assurance Program.


How did you find out about House of Hoytt?

Search engine- Google; Yahoo; Msn; etc; Please Specify
I already have/ had a Hoytt Dobe
I have a friend who has a Hoytt Dobe
I have a family member who has a Hoytt Dobe
I found House of Hoytt in a magazine
Please Specify if known

Questions?...Contact Us

      SEE:  Client Investment Assurance Program guarantees covering both health and/or replacement


Call office if you are ready to make a payment

Office Phone: 865-397-9887 ask for Hope



  All funds paid to the United Service Dogs  no matter what the mode of payment remain the property of United Service Dogs since our services to you begin the day we receive payment . By signing the signature box at the bottom of this form you agree to our terms of sale and guarentees we offer under the Client Investment Assurance Program.

We except Cash, Bank Cards,PayPal, Wire Transfers, Postal Money Orders and Cashier Checks.

For payments by check please make checks out to United ServiceDogs of America


If a buyer is interested in a specific Dobe that the Hoytts have presented & the Dobe will be ready for placement within a few weeks or less immediate payment is appreciated. If the Dobe is young and still requires the completion of training programs you have requested the initial payment for the classification of pup  chosen is immediately due. When time allows buyer may pay their balance in stages but this must be arranged with Mr. Hoytt and final payment will be due four weeks before delivery.

Requested or Required Future Delivery...To reserve your yet to be chosen Hoytt Dobe a deposit will be required. See: Client Discount pre-birth Program

Approximately 85 percent of all our placements are reserved either before birth or before all the planned programs have been added. Some purchasers plan on the Dobe's arrival around 'time off.' Others will be presenting the Dobe to a loved one on a special date, such as a child leaving for college or graduating, an anniversary, or as a special gift for a special person in their lives. A few know of a job transfer and want to be settled into their new home first. Some are planning on delivery around the time their contractor has promised completion of their new home ( we hold our breath on this one ).

Some of our clients may base a projected arrival on when making regular payments to the kennel their new kid will be paid for. Some folks spread the payments because we will need 12 to 18 months to create their new Hoytt Dobe. In the case of our Grand Victor graduates rarely do we have such an advanced Dobe just hanging around waiting for the right family to call so until that call is received that the kid has been selected they just send in periodic payments.

A few simply need extra time to put aside the funds necessary to purchase their Dobe. We not only will accept an order up to eighteen months in advance, we also guarantee that no price increases will be passed on to you during this period. But remember if you have the available funds be the newest member of your life one of our medically completed pups or an educated kid. If the funds are available we offer a pre-payment discount.


To may call in your payment using a major bank card but keep in mind we also accept Business and personal checks if it is at least 14 business days before your new Hoytt Dobe is transferred to you if you are a new member of 'our family'.  But if you are already 'family' and are personally picking the kid up, any balance paid by cash or Bank Drafts  are appreciated but your check will not be questioned if this is your preferred form of payment. 

To make a non-credit card payment quickly you can  use one of the express delivery services. If you are trying to secure a specific Dobe or there are other reasons why speed of payment is a plus read the recent transaction were speed of delivery was in fact a plus.

On November 11, 2008 a client in Vancouver Canada received confirmation that their new Hoytt Dobe had just finished her programs and could head home when convenient  for the client. All that remained was the kids medical evaluation and traveling papers. Since we did not have a shipping advance the client was asked to take care of this as soon as possible. Noon the next day a Bank Draft drawn, sent overnight to 'Dandridge' via Fed-Ex and at four the following day payment was received.

Our compliments to Fed- Ex and of course the speed at which the client took care of things at their end including remembering to convert the funds into Us dollars and the excellent handling by Fed X, the newest member of the family was booked on a flight to Seattle the morning of the seventeenth and by noon the young Hoytt Dobe gave it's new family its first kiss and of  course received its first hugs and kisses from its new family. And so beginning "happily ever after" about ten days faster than regular mail.   

The Purchase...our occupation is highly labor intensive and to maintain a dog correctly requires almost the same costs as to develop it. Also understand that your purchase today has a bearing on our breeding plans in the months ahead. For these reasons almost always certain expenses we can not recover finding a new home for the dog should you cancel or return a dog, must be in part accepted by you so unless you as the purchaser agree to accept the responsibility of these expenses we can not accept your request for a Hoytt Dobe.

For your financial safety as well as ours you will never be held responsible to the kennel for anything over the stated cost of the dog, services or supplies you have requested unless you have requested additional services. If you have changed training levels unless  you have returned your dog for added services or require a delay in delivery please check with Mr. Hoytt to confirm the cost for the added services.

If the Dobe and services selected requires more time for completion then we quoted initially the extra time/service added before placement will be at our expense - keeping our final price quote before receiving payment  the price you pay.



Cancellation or Delay of Placement Procedure
Both our breeding program as well as our service options are scheduled around on-file orders. Placement dates on new orders are based on existing contracts. Today's decision to breed a given pair of dogs is also based on projected needs and again, the existing contracts on file come into play.

In case of outright cancellation by the buyer, all monies paid in (not to exceed 25% of the total price of the dog and/or training options contracted for), will be retained by the Hoytts if cancellation is made at 30 or more days before projected delivery. If cancellation is made at 29 days or less before the projected delivery date 50% of all funds will be retained by the House of Hoytt.

The reason for these penalties is in direct relation to the support costs incurred for care and/or training maintenance of a dog until a new purchaser is found. Please remember, we are not a puppy farm, pet shop, or broker, but a private development kennel. A great deal of personal time goes into each Dobe while with us, and our commitment to your needs begins on the day your order is received. This is one of the many reasons why you have chosen the House of Hoytt and their Dobermans over the many others available.

Change of Delivery Date...if you find that you will not be able to accept the Dobe you have ordered, as scheduled, you have the option of paying a boarding fee of $25.00 per day and an additional maintenance charge for training & personal time, if the Dobe was to be purchased with one of our training courses, until you are ready for delivery. Or you may request re-selection and receive an 80 percent credit for the funds already issued to the Hoytts. A new placement date can be set at that time.

Client Investment Assurance Program
(The Most Valuable Program Ever Offered By An Established Breeder*)

*We see,  read or hear presentations offering everything from lifetime to 100 year product or service guarantees being offered by a person or business that probably has not been around as long  as you've been interested in what they offer.. But be sure when we have something important to say, present or offer  a Dobe or service we already have a history of seventy plus years of leadership experience, a few hundred years of combined staff experience so advice today or a promise made  that covers a decade or longer into the future is being offered by those who will help the plan on continuation of  the  most successful Dobe Kennel in the world and one day will be placing a Hoytt Dobe with your great, great, great grand sons family already years past our 100th anniversary which we must add is fast approaching - January 2045 to be exact..

Client Investment Assurance Program
Part One
Condition at time of Delivery ... if your Hoytt Dobe, upon arrival by air carrier is not in excellent health contact the Hoytts immediately and then have the Dobe examined by a licensed veterinarian. Have the vet issue a written statement and then fax this statement to the Hoytts. Instructions regarding the Dobe's return will be issued back by Fax, e-mail or one of the Express Services including permission to return the Dobe shipping collect. The Hoytts will, in turn, also pay for the replacement Dobe's airfare to you.

Condition at time of personal pick up ... if your Hoytt Dobe is not in excellent health or you feel for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the selected Hoytt Dobe, the Hoytts will reselect adjusting selection based on the reason the presented Hoytt Dobe was turned down. Should you choose, the Hoytts will then arrange to have the replacement Dobe delivered by a mode chosen by the Hoytts at their expense.

Part One ...Trial 90 day Placement bonus ...This offer begins the first day of placement and ends on the 90th day of ownership allowing you perhaps 10 weeks longer then it actually takes to feel like this kid is on its way to become the best friend you ever 'bought'. Should you find the Hoytt Dobe not fitting in we will take the Dobe back and reselect at our expense adjusting in selection for the variables that were possibility missed during selection or training when training had been part of the placed Dobes profile*. Or at owner expense add training that was not part of the original program if this is what the owner feels is necessary for them to keep their Hoytt Dobe.

Part two...Trial 90 day Placement Bonus...We are also ready to handle the relocation from one owner to another when a Hoytt Dobe cannot be kept by the purchaser simply because the owner decides they were not ready to become parents to a canine or something came up after placement that was not counted on making continued ownership at the time an impossibility. On the Dobes return a credit good for thirty-six months based on 80% of the original price paid to the House of Hoytt will be issued, good only toward the next purchase of a Hoytt Dobe once the complication that may have caused the return the Dobe has been eliminated*.

Part three...Trial 90 day Placement Bonus...Selling the Dobe for the owner while being cared for at the kennel...The resale of a Dobe returned can take a few weeks or months after its return since it now regretfully is pre-owned actually a 'used' canine, not the fresh mind the buyer received initially but if the Hoytt Dobe is returned in the excellent condition it left us and no surgeries had been necessary, upon sale of the returned Dobe a payment equal to 50% of what was paid to House of Hoytt originally will be returned to the returned dogs owner however special services that were added specifically for that owner are not part of the refund since these services are usually only useful to the original purchaser*.

After the trail placement...throughout the life of the Dobe should the owner simply wish to resell the dog rather then have the kennel re-home it and the present owner can keep it in residence while the search is underway for a new owner we will introduce the dog on our web site with an outline the seller presents to us as well as photos and forward to those interested to the owners contact email address and phone number. 

NOTE: We average less then one return under the Trial Placement each year and each time the reselection or the upgrade in education corrected the situation.  Our most recent returning kid was a 16 week old who's parents decided they had their puppy fix and now would prefer we add the Super Pup Program.


                                                                Client Investment Assurance Program

                                                                                                                         Part Two

• From the First Day of Arrival to the end of life•


Do contact the kennel if you are not enrolled this program. The C.I.A.P is available to all owners of Hoytt Dobes purchased after December 31st 2006 . Note late enrollees will be required to bring missed payments up to date at least six months before the passing of the Hoytt Dobe in question. But for those just receiving their Hoytt Dobes a monthly or yearly payment program is available based on the actual payment made to the kennel for the Dobe at time of purchased and not based on the actual classification of the pup or the training program due to the variable pricing of our Special Offering Dobes. The first twelve months following placement is given the C.I.A.Program complimentary with each Dobe. One example: Should your new kid cost $2,495.00 the monthly fee will be just $24.95 or yearly $299.00.  All causes of the Hoytt Dobes passing including loss during or following surgery, negative reactions from accidental ingestion of home products negative reaction to veterinary prescribed drugs, dietary supplements , food allergies as well as every known disease of the Canine. Also all conditions considered Congenital and hereditary in nature are covered with only two exceptions one being owner negligence. Hoytt Dobes that are injured or the quality of life can is such that the humane direction is to assist the Dobes passing is also covered but must be cleared with the veterinarians who oversee the well being of our Dobe here at the kennel.

A letter from the Dobes veterinarian stating the cause of or suspected cause of death is all the owner needs as long as any conditions in this Assurance Program have been met.  Every twelve months a basic examination must be given when all the normal inoculations and parasite treatments or preventatives are given with copies forwarded to the House of Hoytt within two weeks of the examination date.  Missing documents must be located if a claim is filed  with the veterinarian who examined and administered the necessary products offering a notarized statement to the authenticity of the replaced documents.  The amount of credit you will receive is based on the  original payment given the House of Hoytt at time of purchase- coverage beginning on the day of arrival to the end of life as long as you have kept the C.I.A.P program requirements current. This is not a life insurance policy so this has no cashable options but a part of a re-selection service to House of Hoytt clients protecting their initial investment.

*Should the House of Hoytt believe the cause of the Hoytt Dobes death was not accidental all the owner has to do to reinstate the C.I.A.P program is to have their veterinarian issue a statement describing the cause of death not being total disregard for the Hoytt Dobes well being.

Health Insurance as with any actual cashable Life Insurance policies are not being offered by the House of Hoytt nor if you have other protections these will not have any negative effect on the C.I.A.P program. Do investigate all insurance offers to be sure restrictions related to breed specific claimed conditions will not block you from their offered coverage.


Also see... If you should die tomorrow for the ultimate piece of mind to those who worry what would happen if they die or simply can not keep their beloved friend.



Every twelve months give or take seven days, the owner of a Hoytt Dobe who wishes to keep THE CLIENT INVESTMENT ASSURANCE PROGRAM active, must give a yearly Booster Shot for the primary viruses earlier outlined under First two years of Ownership. At the same time a intestinal parasite check, a heart worm check must be performed and two copies of each made, one set being held by the owner and the others being sent to the House of Hoytt following the examination.  MISSING DOCUMENTATION VOIDS ALL GUARANTEES. DOCUMENTED PROOF OF CLAIM IS OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY. Spaying or altering before HOH recommended age and without written approval from Mr. Hoytt voids all guarantees. However once approved all guarantees remain in effect. See "Advisory".

  1. The buyer is responsible for any additional health and life insurance, through a company of their choice, to cover anything that is not covered by the Hoytts in their Client Assurance Program. The Hoytts offer each of their Dobes under the condition that their liability will not exceed the amount paid to the Hoytts by the purchaser. Also, to protect your guarantees, check the Medical Health Record that is sent with your new Dobe for additional instruction.

  2. The buyer understands that any medical services preformed by a vet not part of normal yearly maintenance could void the guarantees offered by the Hoytts, i.e. surgical or pharmaceutical treatment if services being considered are not needed immediately to sustain life of guaranteed dog. If the owner of the dog wishes to protect guarantee coverage, the Hoytts must be notified by express delivery or fax to consult with their experts to confirm services to be performed do not have negative side effects. Please understand this is a service offered by the Hoytts to protect the dog. Many drugs or treatments offer only temporary satisfaction but in time can interfere with the dog's future quality of life. Check with us to be sure no negatives are already known by the Hoytts.

  3. If a Dobe is turned over to the Hoytts for re-sale, re-homing or services of any kind, the owner at the time of the dogs arrival to the kennel will be responsible for all costs incurred by the Hoytts unless the owner has received a letter of free services from Mr. Hoytt or his agent personally at the time the dog is accepted by the House of Hoytt @ 2076 Ranch Rd Dandridge Tennessee . No exceptions.

  4. A Dobe under development left past its scheduled pick up will be advanced further in training and all costs the responsibility of the party who reserved/owns the Dobe.

  5. At the Hoytts digression if a dog remains past its pick up date the Hoytts can refund any monies paid to them in advance for the dog after deducting all the unnecessary expenses caused by the purchasers delay in pick-up or costs that can not be passed on to the next purchaser refunding any differences if any to the purchaser once sold.

  6. Breeding Advisory-No Hoytt Dobe is to be bred without receiving written approval in writing from Mr. Hoytt personally.

As shown by the return of these documents either by fax, email, postal or express services followed by receipt of a partial or full payment accepted by the Hoytt's. I have hired the Hoytt's or its agents to select and complete a Dobe for me as outlined in this agreement. I also understand that the Hoytt's are placing this Dobe with me on the condition that the Hoytts liability is limited to what is stated in this agreement.

Having read and understood the limits of liability and understand my responsibilities as the dog's guardian/ owner and the conditions of placement which are found in this document as well as what is outlined in the presentation and also promise to study in detail all instructional material furnished by the Hoytts before placement.

Further, I understand that if I cannot come to the kennel to personally pickup my new Hoytt Dobe, I give the Hoytts permission to act as my agent and arrange the necessary transportation to me, understanding that I accept full responsibility for all incurred expenses for my dog's travel.

After placement if you can no longer keep your Dobe & it must be re-homed

A...If you would rather sell your Hoytt Dobe we will gladly add the kid to our web site and direct those interested to you. We will let the inquirer know what programs were added before placement and even the price quote you give us...we offer this service at no charge to you for you are caring for the kid while the new parents are found. You, as the dogs owner may also be responsible for problems the next owner runs into unless you are selling the dog as is.

B...If there is a need to re-home the Hoytt Dobe immediately we will take the kid back but because we will be caring for it while trying to find it's negatives,  negatives that might not bother a previous owner but the next owner may not find pleasure in and since the returning dog is in effect a 'used' creature with gray areas, gray areas being what may have been allowed or evolved that is the perhaps even hidden from us, accidentally or purposely,  no monies will be paid back to the returning dogs owner unless arranged in writing from Mr. Hoytt, since Mr. Hoytt takes over the obligation/responsibilities again as the owner once the dog returns to the kennel.

Any payment to the party returning the dog will be made only after the dog is sold and the AKC papers and all documents related to the dog have been correctly signed and turned over to the House of Hoytt.  The owner returning their Hoytt Dobe to the kennel will be given two weeks free board from the dogs entry to make sure any AKC papers not turned over to the House of Hoytt when the dog arrived will be charged $50.00 per day until said documents are turned over to the House of Hoytt or sixty days have passed. At the end of sixty days if necessary documents have not been furnished by the returning party/owner the dog will be placed for the incurred kennel expenses having been considered abandoned by the owner, any funds not recovered by the kennel at the time of placement will be due the kennel by the party/owner who returned the dog.

 The House of Hoytt retains the right to return the dog to the party/owner who gave the dog up if the dog is found to have been misrepresented or adjust the refund. This being at the option of the person/owner who turned the dog in. This final evaluation can take up to 30 days from the dogs arrival to the kennel/House of Hoytt giving the House of Hoytt the opportunity to fully evaluate the returning canine. This protects all parties since this also gives the House of Hoytt time to be sure the returning dog was in good health. Should the House of Hoytt find a medical problem two separate clinics will be used to establish this and said documents will be furnished.

In most cases a returned Hoytt Dobe is placed with a number of special guarantees to cover possible hidden medical problems that even perhaps the past owner did not know about and the kennel would have no way of knowing. The Hoytt Dobe who has lost it's owner because an owner has passed is only available to established Hoytt Dobe owners otherwise Dobes that must be re-homed will be offered to first time homes but placement as well as value will be subject strictly to Mr. Hoytts approval. 

If you must give up your Hoytt Dobe because of financial problems contact the kennel and House of Hoytt will help you financially on the costs of returning the dog - this is however at the H.O.H. discretion.


If You Have Remaining Questions

The telephone is a great way to eliminate time and distance between buyer and seller should you have any remaining questions. Complete our Guides making notes of your questions, send it back via internet, fax or postal and then give our office a call to see if Mr. Hoytt had received your Guides. Having all the information Mr. Hoytt needs will save you both a great deal of time and get to the next step quicker. Should you require a written follow up, allow ten to fourteen days.


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