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Inherent Personality Variables

Natural Protective Levels


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I am sure you heard 'the stories.' We could put together pages of these fantasies under the heading Fallacies and still miss a few, but one thing everyone agrees on is the Doberman is the most respected of the protection-type breeds. This alone has placed the Dobe in a unique position iDoberman displaying Natural Protection Leveln the dog world. By its presence alone it defends. But there are still natural variables that makes one Dobe quicker to respond in a defensive manner than another. Some situations require a slow fuse, others want a short fuse, and still others something in between. The problem here is that we can give you one level of protectiveness, but the environment can slowly change the dog if certain primary rules are not followed, so heed our advice when given. Also understand, however, that a docile dog will not evolve into a fully aggressive dog, nor will a fully aggressive dog fall to the level of docile. We are talking about degrees of variance. So to start you off right, we use knowledge of the Line and the dog's personality to make this judgment call, but first we have to know what primary level most meets your interests.

LOW ... to best understand where this Doberman fits in today's society, we go back to the earlier introduction comments. Think about the many other breeds of dogs you have come in contact with. How many are feared on sight? Most breeds will literally have to bite before the stranger becomes apprehensive of them. The Doberman, however, by simply being present, offers the ultimate form of passive protection, for the Doberman is, without exception, the most respected of the working breeds. If all you have ever wanted was to own a beautiful Dobe with minimal protective tendencies, this is the one for you.

MEDIUM ... admittedly, this is our most sought-after natural protective level. This Dobe can welcome your invited guests in, yet if an obvious problem arises they will do their best to take charge. Add our Defense program, once mature, and you still have a Dobe who can serve cocktails and throw the drunks out. Of course with the Defense Course added, they can do it with a smile.

HIGH ... if security for your family or for you personally is as important as the companion relationship you will be entering into with your Dobe and what the neighbors think is of no importance, consider this high-end natural protective level. You must have total control of the environment, in other words control the traffic through your home and on your property, for this dog believes those not family or not treated as 'family' are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, whereas the medium looks at the stranger as being INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

The high aggressive is constant in its thinking and presumes anyone not associated with its family is a threat, thus all this dog needs is to see an outsider and it shifts into its defensive mode waiting for even the welcome stranger to make a wrong move. When raised to tolerate outsiders who are allowed around it, it puts up with them, but it is always waiting for a problem to arise. Interestingly, even the fully aggressive can have a hundred friends besides its family, but it takes regular introductions. Always remember we are not talking about vicious or independent-natured Dobes, just dogs with a high level of protectiveness. To their people they are personable, like interaction with their family, all the things one would expect from a great dog, but this dog carries a gun.


Natural Suspicion Levels

From literally instant acceptance of a stranger under most conditions, to the Hoytt Dobe who simply tolerates at best the presence of someone not known to it either as a family member or friend, and you have some idea as to the low and high suspicion level. For most the mid-range is the best choice since it allows for eventual socialization with the same stranger it first did not trust. This, as in all other areas where you may have a question, should be discussed with us personally.


Natural Energy Level


Bonnie Blue showing Natural Energy LevelEach of us, including the dog, has a natural birth-given drive. We know folks who are so easygoing that we can hardly hold a conversation with them without looking at our watches every few minutes. Others seem to be so wound up that they have trouble standing still long enough to hear us out. This must mean that if we were Hoytt Dobermans, we would be called actives. And on this note we ask that you look over the three key variables that follow, and choose the level that you would prefer in your next dog.

  • LAID-BACK ... is not easily excited about things going on around it. Going for walks is fine with a little coaxing but if you go get the ball, Frisbee, or rope, it will sit back and watch you play. An excellent choice for a quiet environment where its second most favorite past-time is eating. Not the choice where interaction with the 'kids' will be an expected part of its life.


  • MID-ACTIVE ... logically the most requested level. A mid-active Dobe may take a bit longer to adjust to a home schedule where it must eventually be on its own eight-plus hours a day, but when you are ready to head out for your morning run or walk around the park, the kid is ready. This is the right level when there are children with similar energies. It is an "I'm ready when you are" Dobe who can be patient in one situation, laying on its bed at your office or at your feet in the evening, or found waiting by the door when it thinks you just might be willing to take it BYE-BYE one more time.


  • ACTIVE ... the type of energy one wants in their CEO's, that CEO's prefer in their management staff, optimum in Triathlon competition, and in Dobes who are to join an active family. These Hoytt Dobes are for those folks who may be considering competition obedience, Agility trials and/or the conformation ring as well as walking or running miles instead of blocks; a Dobe who is ready to go on a word. In the end, a Dobe with energy that never seems to wane yet is not hyperactive.

*Bonnie Blue's owners have been clients for over twenty years, this girl goes to work with dad every day, to the mountains on week ends and if you move back up this page to the right you see her guardian side in the photo "I'm watching you". A side note her mom is Hoytt's Blue Savannah who gave us eight little Savannahs' on 2-26-12  - her retirement litter.  Most of her pups were reserved before birth all are in their respective homes.   



Adding even the most regimented training program will not drastically alter the basic energy level of a dog; it only adds control. Once freed from a direct command the dog returns to its basic level. Training can at best only improve personality flaws, not eliminate them. The ultimate way to go is selection based on needs. One more reason the most demanding buyer turns to the House of Hoytt.

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