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You have reached one more step toward bringing a great Dobe into your life.  All that remains is to introduce yourself to Mr. Hoytt.  To help take the next  easier please complete and send in the SELECTION GUIDE & CLIENT PROFILE for Mr. Hoytt to look over before you both talk. His office will call and arrange a time convenient to both of you - evening calls also available. And remember this guide is not a purchase agreement nor condition of sale until your payment is accepted by Mr. Hoytt. 

 Note: Do not worry about checking all the boxes or answering all the questions related to training level, personality or structure variables if you wish to discuss these variables first with Mr. Hoytt . Just remember The Profile is like a personal secretary calling ahead in your behalf to advise Mr. Hoytt that he will be talking with someone who is not taking future canine ownership lightly nor wanting to give up the years ahead simply being the caretaker to dog but has the greatest of expectations.

After all you are seeking the ultimate canine relationship, the best of the best who will be welcomed in as family yet so aristocratic in style and action people will know the 'kid' has to be yours.  But do your best to leave as few areas unanswered as possible.

Remember you are about to discuss your interests with the only professional Doberman Placement Specialist this breed has ever enjoyed.


 Client Preference and Profile Form 


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