Telephone Hours

For those seeking more information on the Hoytt Dobe, the progress of the Dobe they have on order, or just wish to say 'hello,' call 865-397-9887. We have have set aside thirty-five hours a week just for phone consultation. Monday through Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET. But do remember if you are an established client you can reach Mr. Hoytt directly through his private numbers. It is however best  call his office if a non emergency to set up a mutually convenient time to chat.

THE WAY IT SHOULD BE ... the ownership of a great dog for seven to fourteen years is to say the least a long term commitment. Starting with the right Dobe and then bringing it through life correctly takes doing everything right and that means a source for the right answers to questions which means talking to the right people. Extending phone hours by adding staff may be okay for less specialized sellers but when it comes to the Hoytt Dobe we remind you of an old saying. "When you want something done right, go to the head, not the tail."

If you keep getting a busy signal when you call, keep trying. NOTE: As an added service, during the first thirty day period the new owner of a Hoytt Dobe will be given an after-hours phone number if the owner was unable to reach the Hoytts during that day's business hours.

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