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  This is not a purchase agreement it is a questionnaire.

  Please fill out the pre-placement form at the bottom of this page to begin the process or application to see if a Hoytt Doberman Placement Fits you and a Hoytt Kid.

Until a payment is received, There is NO CONTRACT to purchase.

Again - This is not a contract to purchase - it is the beginning step to make sure everyone is informed and all placements have every chance to be a total success. 

We want our Matches of Pups and Owners to be the best  happiest in the Dog World!

This Profile is forwarded whenever possible in advance to give Mr. Hoytt insight into your interests and your environment so when the two of you chat he will know what perimeters need to be followed. You must remember just because you might be attracted to a specific Hoytt Dobe in our Available pages does not mean it is the right companion for you since most placements have to be finished to meet the future owners interests.

Now if you have spent a few hours on our website you already better understand why we are considered simply the best. 

At "Camp Hoytt" you have the opportunity to bring an exceptional companion into your life that is not just elegant and healthy but a composite of all the right genetic qualities that will give you that great American Bred Super Dobe you're been searching for. So from great personal enjoyment to a combination best buddy, special service dog including Therapy who can also travel your world, you could also add an exceptional education program and still enjoy the puppy side of your new young adult.

Of course you can as a few clients do reserve a pup that steps into your life medically finished at 10 weeks of age.

Just keep in mind with an education before placement you could literally begin learning team competition or as most of our clients just enjoy your new side kick as the great companion you read about in comments from those who already know the joys of being in our 'family' of owners. 

Not only can we select the Dobe that fits your individual interests, we can also add one or more of our outstanding and quite exclusive educational programs that are specifically designed for those who seek a world class canine companion but first. 

We ask that before you take the final steps you once more consider your responsibilities as future owner.

You are about to become parent, best friend, financial backer and educator to a canine not for a few days or weeks but God Willing longer then most marriages last.    

REMEMBER - Rescue is already over populated with previously owned pets, many bought on a whim, most never considered the years ahead of responsibility and few sellers won't or can't  take the pet back or even help in finding it a new home for they also failed to see past the placement. 

Then you have those folks or individuals who's life changes made it impossible to keep their pet but  when its one of ours we will do all we can to help .

If You Should Die Tomorrow 

ADVISORY... Remember a dog is not a children's toy that can be put in the closet or out in back when they tire of it, it is their friend and guardian.  
Of course things happen given a span of life measured in years rather than a season and for this we have a re-homing program should after placement you find your situation has changed, or you were not as ready to become a parent as you thought and you can no longer keep the kid.

For added peace of mind we have re-homing programs you will find explained in this presentation.

These additional services to you and your Hoytt Dobe cover the relocation of the dog if something happens to you or in your situation. 

So whether you are incapacitated or in case of your death if you have left a directive to have your Hoytt Dobe returned to the kennel; the following is offered. We will not only take the kid in and find a new home, we will, if funds were not set aside by you for its future care, pay for the Hoytt Dobes travel back to us, with no further responsibility to you or your estate. 

But do arrange to help if at all possible - see Help us help the homeless Hoytt Dobe futher on this page.

Now with only a few steps remaining in the purchase process, we remind the purchaser that this Agreement helps assure you and the kennel understand what character traits you seek as well as pre-placement and after placement services so please forward or mail this to us. 


To assure that you and your Hoytt Super Dobe have the best chance of success at this young stage, we will have taken care of all primary inoculations, secondary medical services and the pup's surgical requirements.  Not available through other breeders due to its complexity, the process that we follow is most impressive and quite valuable.* Not only will this program save you time and money related to vet fees associated with a matched program of this extent, but it will also remove the risk you run of taking a completely healthy puppy to a veterinary clinic. 

Unfortunately, it has only been recently that some clinics have started offering separate entrances and waiting areas for healthy dogs coming in for maintenance services, and for those canines suspected of or being treated for communicable diseases. Therefore, each time you take your (otherwise healthy) pup to a clinic that does not offer these separate waiting areas for routine care, there is always a risk that the pup could pick up one of the viruses you are there to protect it against in the first place.  

Whether you bring home your Hoytt Dobe with the highest level of training or no training at all, the medically complete foundation we provide is the only right way to go.

Take time to read our Medical and see just how on target we are in providing the best possible start for these magnificent little creatures. 


Free, When you fill out the below form.


After we have this form completed, we will contact you for a meeting. 

*Note - Please Use the Submit at the bottom of the form to send and complete the form, Thank you!

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