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Please read the following letters too. But do go to our Forum for even as you read this a new discussion will be taking place. We are the only breeder to offer an active discussion group for all who have joined our family while letting those who have just started their investigative search for a Dobe breeder to look over our clients proverbial shoulders.

We are very different as dog breeders go, our private stock has been refined over decades, actually this is ongoing from health to personality to style that are part of the selection process for officially "the next generation". Then a few folks have the chance to acquire one of these boys or girls who have been raised and educated as if they would never be anything but our personal Dobes. Those who purchased these Dobes have opened their hearts to 'Perfection' not a poor thing no longer of value to the breeder. Rescue services seem to be the end of the line for most, those who's moments of happiness might have been limited to getting fed during his or her life as a producer. Instead our Dobes step into full adulthood having never felt the life of a penned up breeder, leaving us to join established clients who many times have waited themselves a year or more for this day to come.

Note when these special few are not at my side as the photo of my group of six attest to on our "Welcome to my World" photo on the Index page, this photo in part represents a special group who have had personal trainers and educators, these Dobes leave my side only away from 'daddy' for a training session or extra staff attention.  Imagine the investment, not just my time for they are actually a fun group, but my staffs invested time in their education both at the formal levels and their socially planned trips to the world outside our compound. Now watch our site for we start screening homes for the 'next generation' producers one to two years in advance of their retirement introducing some at super pup level. But keep in mind we rarely breed more then six times a year so patience would be an understated quality since we already have requests covering the next three years. One area of exception we do at times offer future breeding stock* with educations as high as Grand Victors with adjusted purchase prices based on our plan for the Dobe offered. But remember a breeding agreement is quite a commitment, you control a future irreplaceable 'next generation' you will be held responsible to the kennel even though the purchase price may have been cut in half. This is not 'them' we don't offer free rides.   

PS...Of course I was again asked to select a new kid for the family in the first two letters but this time we did not have a breeder Dobe nearing retirement age but we did have a beautiful red Grand Victor who may have been welcomed in part as the living memorial to their Nikki and the new kid in the house but now as it should be she is the center of Barbara and Steve's life.

*we are not offering the buyer a Hoytt Dobe for their own breeding program, specifically you are not allowed to breed your Dobe for public distribution. Interested in breeding your Hoytt Dobe talk to us and if we are interested will pay handsomely for the contract otherwise no Hoytt Dobe can be bred without written permission from Mr. Hoytt personally.

From: "Mari & Don"
Subject: Fawn
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 19:40:39 -0600

One small anecdote to our first Hoytt Dobe, "Fawn". Fawn's obedience trial circuit spanned two (2) years and approximately 20 trials. She only scored below 196 twice. The first one, 194, occurred during her second leg of CD and resulted from the following circumstances.

A week before the trial I was away from home for work and returned the day before the trial date. ( Fawn went Highest In Trial D.P.C.A National 1976 ) It was during this week that an intruder tried to enter our home. My wife was petrified as she heard the intruder--Fawn jumped onto the bed and stood over her barking incessantly. The intruder fled, my wife called the police and reported the incident. Two days later Fawn and I entered the obedience ring. During the exercises, it became very obvious that Fawn's attention was now only directed to my wife. As result, she lagged on turns, her response to my commands delayed, etc.

At all trials following this one, my wife was dropped at another location to watch the trial outside the eyesight of Fawn--Fawn remained my wife's absolute protector until the day she passed away eleven years later. We know of one other incident where she protected my wife. How many times did she protect the family that we do not know about?

In conclusion, Barrie Hoytt has provided this household with six outstanding Dobes.

Again thank you,
Don and Marilyn



Dear Mr. Hoytt,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you Chance is doing wonderfully. He has adapted well to the beach and loved the snow we had this morning. Chance is incredible and continues to amaze me everyday.

I will send you a copy of the picture we took at your place next week.

In short, all I can say is WOW!!! What a Dobe.

Warmest Regards,



Hi Barrie:

Here is just a quick note on Oliver. He arrived here on time and in great shape; he weighed 23 LBS. Lisa took him out of the kennel for the ride home from the airport, he was all over her in the car trying to lick her face and make friends. When I came home that afternoon, he started to bond with me immediately. You are right, he is exceeding our expectations. He is inquisitive about everything and so far afraid of nothing (vacuum cleaner, power washer, etc.) Being a Doberman he is of course a creature of comfort, which means he hates wet grass, something he'll have to become used to here in the state of Washington.

We introduced him gently to the electronic fence. I bought 100 bright pink flags and some yellow tape to mark the border of the property on three sides, the fourth side has a hedge. We had the collar set on beeping only the first day, took him around the perimeter of the property and gave him a "no" when it started beeping. The new radio collar we acquired for him has the "beep"

function, plus five settings of correction intensity. Today he wore the collar set to the lowest correction and it worked; being the smart boy he is, he now turns away as soon as he hears the beep.

Please know, we have no intention of leaving him in yard unsupervised; the electronic fence is just an extra measure, since it is impossible to always have constant visual connection on a fully landscaped acre with a house in the middle, when you're trying to do some yard or house work.

We reinstalled the ear brace after watching the instructional CD, it is pretty straight forward. That's all for today, Barrie. Lisa and I want to thank you for your life's work. We will send pictures of Oliver and the fence set-up with the next update.

With best personal regards,

Wolf & Lisa



Hey thanks Barrie! It was good to hear from you!

On another note, we are thinking into the future and wondering what are the chances that some litters will be born this summer (May or June) and will contain some black females? We are thinking about getting another one and we wanted to put in an order for a female. Wes is deployed right now in Afghanistan so that's why it has to be this summer and we are moving in a new house so picking up the kid the ideal time would be end of August or beginning of September. Let me know what the possibilities are for this summer.

Thanks again for all you do! Ammo says hello and he is doing very well!

Monica M



Thanks for your call !
Blaze is absolutely fantastic, he will be 10 months tomorrow and we feel he is with us for years.  I did 3 training and agility classes with him and will continue this spring. It is more about socialization then competition, I know he is THE best anyway. We failed Good Citizen test ,we did all obedience perfectly, but would you like to be brushed and petted by some ugly old women? Even Blaze has his limits.  We agree that investing in your training was a good thing and people I meet with him are surprised how well behaved he is.   O yeah and he sleeps with us.......but that was to be expected...
Have a good New Year and lots of puppies like Blaze!
ZUZANA *****

Dear Godfather Barrie, Aunts Janine, Linda, Amber and all the others,

I am in Florida and loving it here. When we left my Tennessee home I realized that I had been kidnapped' I let out one huge menacing "woof but they kept driving. My Mom petted me and I gave them one more "woof” but Mom said that was a timid one. By the time I got to Georgia I started to think this car was not so bad and I sprawled on the rear seat on my back. Mom said I looked like I was heading for the FL beaches.

We stopped in Macon, GA for a night in the motel. We took a walk and then Dad took me to the room where there was a large bed. He coaxed me and finally I got in. I really did not want to but I did. They put toys in the bed and played with me there so finally I figured it was fine to stay there. I spent the night snuggling with Mom and giving her kisses.

We left the motel for Florida and stopped a few times for me to walk around rest areas and I was the hit of the stops. I attracted so many people who told me how handsome I was but I did not allow it to go to my head.

We arrived at my new house Wednesday afternoon and I met Calamity Jane and Ms. Sally. Calamity is only one month older than I am and we are best friends already. I did not know they had a harem here for me to guard and that pleased me no end. Ms. Sally is very old and she seems happy to see that Calamity wants to play with me and not her.

I had a few problems in my new house. Mom and Dad took us out to the screened in patio and Calamity and I started playing out there. I did not understand about swimming pools and 1 fell in the deep end but I swim very well and got out of it very fast. I also did not know about hot tubs and yes, I fell in there also but after the pool that was easy! Guess I really enjoy the water because later in the day when Calamity and I were playing I fell in the hot tub again. Mom said at this rate I will never need a bath!

I am also learning about new birds that live in Florida. Two Sand Hill cranes came by the patio and made terrible noises at Calamity and me. Mom told us to ignore them and we watched them for a long time. They are almost as tall as I am.

I found my favorite place in my new house to nap when I am not in bed. Mom said that Winston's spirit must have visited me because it is also the place that Winston would take an afternoon nap. Mom and Dad talk all the time about the poise and personality I have for such a young boy. They are very pleased with me and tell me all the time that I am a good boy.

The next strange thing happened. They brought a tree in the house and put lights on it and shiny things. Then Mom started making things in the kitchen that smelled good and Dad got out the train. Now that train is just what a boy needs. I spend a lot of time watching it run around the tree. There is room here that they keep the door closed all the time. Calamity and I got in there once and there are things wrapped in bright paper. We smelled them and we think they are things for us! I guess something wonderful is going to happen here soon!

Life here is wonderful. I really love my new parents and my new girlfriends. Mom told me to tell you the only way I will ever come back is to visit or make babies but they will never let me go. It is nice to be wanted by everyone.

Mom and Dad say that I am the best Christmas present they ever had. I really like what they are saying. They do have a few problems and the worst problem they have is they do not understand that I am a lap dog. I really like to snuggle with them and kiss them a lot. And I work with them outside on my leash and show them how graceful and talented I am. Life is very good and I am enjoying my home.

Mom told me to add that she is happy they elected not to go to Pennsylvania for Christmas as it would be too hard on me getting used to one type of home and then going to a totally different home up there so soon. I am just glad I don't have to ride all that way!

My new family and I are sending all of you oranges that grow down here and they should arrive soon. When you eat them think of your boy Brando and the lives that I am affecting down here. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year and I will write to you again soon and send you pictures.

Love to all,


Just wanted to drop you a line along with some pictures.
Chevy is adjusting to farm life just great. And getting along with all my other dogs, cats, horses and birds!  He is sooo cute!!!  I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to have him, I can't see my life without having a Doberman in it, especially a Hoytt Doberman, the only kind to have.  I know everyone has to loose their beloved pets one day, and of course we all morn, some more than others.  But if they would only open
their hearts to another, it makes it so much more easier to get through the pain of loosing one.  You have truly done that for me, thank you so much for your time and understanding.  My tears of sorrow are now tears of joy.
Thank you!
Sandy K

Hi Mr. Hoytt,
Its been some time since my last communication. Let me assure you that Jake is doing very well. He is growing into a fine young man. Playing ball and Frisbee continues to be his favorite pastime. He will jump 3-4 feet in the air and catch the Frisbee. It is quite amazing. I am going to attempt to put a video together so you can see him in action. Anyway find attached pictures of Jake. Enjoy!
Dear Barrie
Picked up Jake at Oakland airport at noon on Saturday.  I was pleasantly surprised that after a long day in his crate on two airplane flights, Jake seemed none the worse for wear.  I half expected him to be nauseous and with diarrhea.  But he seemed in good spirits, and no bowel problems at all.  He was thrilled to get out of the crate, and has been a very happy boy ever since.  He seems to be in perfect health, and has been a total joy since he arrived.  He's already making friends with our cats (a couple haven't been too thrilled - but they'll get over it.) And he's already "Grandma's" best friend.  I do have some questions about his ears.  I appreciate the extra brace equipment you sent.  What I need to know is when were the ears cut, how often do I change
the brace, and what is the approximate time period before I should completely remove it. I will begin preliminary obedience training in about two weeks.  I can tell already he is going to be a very good student.  Thank you Barrie, and your entire staff, for providing us with a wonderful new member of our family. I will send some pictures as soon as I can.
Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.



I meant to drop you a note sooner, but there’s been a lot going on at the Hackerd house!


In regards to your note about Jake...would be delighted to show this Hoytt Dobe off on your web site.  He’s a handsome lad and everyone seems quite taken with him.  He’s very sweet and laid back in public, but when the boy is home, it’s a whole different story!  Puts aside this public gentleman behavior to that of what he really is a big kid who loves to play Frisbee but still lacks the co-ordination and seeks every moment of attention we can give him.  And he really gives Sophie a real workout. I know there are times when she would like us to send him down the street to play. But the girl keeps him in Line.


You’ve done a great job with your training program.  We’ve raised four Hoytt Dobes over the years and all of them were well trained in basic obedience, very confident and well socialized when they came into our home, where other dogs and a cat reside and bonded beautifully.


I remember the first pup we picked up, we had our two older Dobes with us,  Barry, you suggested we introduce them to the newest addition before we got back in the van for our   drive back to Michigan.  When we got ready to leave, you shook our hand, smiled and said Good Luck!  I was a little nervous, but that puppy traveled like a pro for nine hours!


I can’t imagine life without them.




Dear Mr. Hoytt,

JohnnyCake is a beautiful precious darling little boy. He has adjusted beautifully. I love him so much. I gave him a hug and kiss from you after we spoke yesterday.  Thank you very much for JohnnyCake, and for your ongoing kindness, and please express my gratitude to your lovely staff.  Please stay in touch and I will do the same (JohnnyCake wants his new buddy soon!).

Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Marisa D. ****

Hi, Barrie.

 Can you believe that next month will mark four years since Jude came into (and took over!) my life?  On one hand, it seems like yesterday and on the other, I can't even remember what it was like before she was the center of my universe!   

 After having Jude for a very short time, I became obsessed with the answer to this haunting riddle: "What in the world can be better than having one Hoytt Doberman?"  The answer, obviously, is: "having two Hoytt Dobermans!!"  And so then my 104 lb. marshmallow Remington joined the clan!  

 I don't know how you do what you do and there's no way that I can ever express to you what these dogs mean to me.  There is not a person who meets them who is not taken by their beauty, behavior, intelligence and personalities.  I can take them anywhere and never have to worry about how they will conduct themselves, from the busy streets of New York City, to the narrow sidewalks of New Orleans, to the hallways of a rehabilitation center for senior citizens.  They are truly amazing…so amazing, in fact, the petsitters I use actually come over to visit them on their days off!  No kidding.

 And although they'll try to sit in your lap when you come to my house and cuddle up in bed with my 85 year old mother, they respond in a heartbeat to awkward situations.  A strange man in a deserted park got the surprise of his life one afternoon when he approached me and didn't see them up ahead a little way!  It was quite a scene!

 And something's weird...there's another riddle that keeps running around in my head that goes like this:  "What in the world is better than having two Hoytt Dobermans?"  You may be hearing from me sooner than you think!

 Thanks again for everything; I have to go kiss them!



Mr. Hoytt,
I have never been so excited to have recieved a letter as I was today!  After a rough day at the shop (playing with parrots) I just happened to pick up the post and started opening letters, not paying much attention to where they had been sent from.  Next thing I see is the House of Hoytt letter head and my heart lept up into my throat.  When I saw my puppy's name on the header all I could do was smile and jump around the living room squealing like a little school girl.  I then ran across the road to my mom's house to show her the letter and watch Killian's introduction together...and dang it if she wasn't home!  So I came home and watched it with the other dogs, the cats and not to forget the parrots, explaining this is their new little brother and how exciting it will be to have him here at ****'s Ark.
Thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done!  My nine hundred calls to see if my pup had been born yet, and reassurance that I would have one someday...and today was that day!  Thank you so much!  I am so filled with joy that I can hardly stand myself...they are going to be driven nuts tomorrow at work!!!
Please let me know when I need to send you the freight deposit, and shipping information at your convenience.  If you ever need a reference (not that you should) I am ready to offer my good words.  I have been treated with nothing but respect and honor from everyone at your facility, and to say the least that is very important to me...unlike other organizations who have been less than favorable.  I am happy with my transactions with HOH  and look forward to purchasing my next Dobe from you!
Yours faithfully,
Spokane, WA
Mr.  Hoytt,
I just wanted to let you know I'm doing great!  This place has funny white stuff on the ground!  IT IS COLD!!! but I like to run and jump in it, until it gets in my nose. We were stuck in the metal box (Andie said it's a car) for hours on the way home, I don't think my person was very excited about that.  My Andie person bought me a pretty coat and it is sooo soft I like to chew on it and drag it around when I'm not wearing it.  I've made a lot of new friends!  Ty the border collie is a neat old man, and is teaching me some of the rules and routines here.  When our Andie isn't looking he plays with me.  Buster the Boston Terrier takes my toys and hides them so I have to go find them, he's fun!  The kitties run, so I chase...Andie scolds me for that though, maybe I shouldn't do's FUN!!!  The birds are great I sit and watch them play and listen to them talk, one of them already knows my name!  It gets confusing when Andie is calling me and Bomber is calling me too...which way do I go?  Andie gives me pets and hugs, I think I'll go that way.   I have got to go to work at the bird shop with Andie, and everyone loves me there!  Lots of people and things to do and get into.  I have been a very good boy though!  Only a couple of accidents, and it was only because Andie was with a customer and couldn't take me outside.  I met my vet on the 1st of Dec and got my last shots...I was such a big boy and didn't even whimper!  My vet likes me!!!  He said I'm beautiful and even though he doesn't do ears, mine looked great...and he picked on Andie some because they are friends.  I love it here!  Even though I have my OWN bed, I like to sleep with Andie and the kitties (oh and Buster)...she's so snuggly!!!  We start puppy classes next month is what Andie said, I'm not sure what that is, but she said it'll be fun!  We are learning how to shake an the word "down"...well Andie says it a lot when I lay down...I think she's weird sometimes, but I know she's going to be my best friend.  
Thank you so much for finding me a happy home.  Andie said we'll keep you updated and send you pictures to watch me grow up to be a big dog! 
wet noses,
PS  Andie is attaching a picture of me taken at her work on my first day there.  They put it on the wall with all the bird pictures...I'm famous!!
Hi Barry, thought you would like an update on Kolby.
He LOVED his vacation with the curly coated retriever Sadie.  It did not bother him that she was just coming out of heat, he is a real gentleman.  The two of them played from sun up to sun down, and got into trouble all the time.  (playing tug with socks, towels, anything they could get their teeth into).  Kolby can out run both the curly coated retrievers, and took to retrieving the cloth "duck" and bringing it back to my brother-in-law. 
It is taking him some time to train me that he should be able to get into my bed at night.  I have a feeling that all my dog beds are going to go to waste.  If I lay in bed reading, and let him up with me, he is very hyperness at all!
Anyone that sees him is very impressed by the fact that he is such a gentleman, and soooooo handsome.
I have attached some pictures of him....he is the same color as the leaves.  He loves life, and I am delighted that I get to share it with him.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and will have a
wonderful new year.

Dear Mr. Hoytt,
I just wanted to send you pictures of my girl!  This is Lexus, she's Diedama and Shotzi's daughter born 1-10-04.  As you can see she's turned out beautiful!!   Great weather we are having too- it's the middle of March here in Chardon (the snow capital)!!   This girl is fabulous!  She is my shadow, and she does not have a single flaw, (except maybe my husband feels a little left out from time to time, he's always muttering something about "that spoiled dog..."!!!) she loves kids, cats, car rides, you name it.  I get nothing but compliments on her behavior and looks anywhere I go with Lexy.
Well, just wanted you to see how the girl turned out!


Hey Barrie,
Wanted to let you know payment for "Ashton" has been sent as of Monday afternoon. Priority over night by FedEx. You should receive that package by Tuesday at 4:30 PM. I want to thank you for all the time and consideration you have shown us. We respect the job you do and of course, have come to depend on your dogs. Your web site has taken many hits today by friends who are enthused to see our next great family member. Ashton and I plan to make you proud of our accomplishments, and to follow in our great "Madison's" footprints. We will make a great video for you within the next year. Could you possibly be so kind as to send a few quality prints of "Ashton" in a few different stages of his life. I would be happy to reimburses you for your efforts. I am in the tentative stages of planning a trip to Tennessee for the Tennessee Walker Celebration taking place in Early Sept. If possible may I head down your way? I would be flying into Nashville but, staying with friends in Bell Buckle. Please
let me know a tracking number for "Ashton" after you have shipped him and a time of arrival as soon as you know. I am working on Friday But, will work out what I can for picking him up on Friday Eve. Thank you Barrie, you are my hero!

Hey Barrie,
Up date on the boy. It hasn't been 24 hours and I am proud to say to you that "Ashton" is already off leash on our ranch. Follows me everywhere. Brought horses up from our lower acreage off leash. Went for a short ride along side one of our horses. and is a real joy. I'm hoping he says the same thing about me! For a dog that you know not to have seen a horse in his life to an old pro in 24 hours. Now that's a "Hoytt Dobe". Pictures attached.   


Dear Mr. Hoytt

I am not sure if you remember me since I contacted you twelve years ago, a 19 year old college student. At first you refused to place a Hoytt Dobe with me, citing I was too young and perhaps too busy to become a mother to a Hoytt Doberman. I cannot thank you enough for giving in.

When I picked up my Mercedes at the airport. I couldn't wait to get her out of her flight kennel. The airport officials obviously could see that because they let me carry her in my arms out of the airport, while a counter person carried her kennel. She was 171/2 pounds of black and rust legs. I quickly realized it wasn't her legs but her heart that was really larger than she was.

The next months I spent getting to know my new friend and taking her to obedience classes. We were inseparable. In fact, while in college, the electricity in my apartment complex went out one winter night and I may have been the only one who remained quite toasty until the problem was corrected. The rest of my college years I spent as much time as possible with my best friend Mercy. She happily made the trip every weekend with me to my Mom's house. We spent many hours playing on the beach, taking walks, going to obedience trials and just simply enjoying each other's company.

I would lie on the floor to read or study and immediately a 75 pound body would magically "flop" down next to me or more exactly as close to me as possible. One looking through a window might think she was just my shadow-well she was. When I was home for the weekend, my mom and I would talk about how this creature was more then a see, we spelled it so as not to hurt Mercy's feelings. She certainly did not know she was a d-o-g.

Over the next few years, Mercy was to be a part of the changes in my life. I was married. Mercy was pleasant with this new member of our life but I knew she was just being nice because mom asked her to be. A bit more than a year later I found myself excitedly looking forward to motherhood. When I was about 6 months into the pregnancy I suddenly realized that although Mercy had been well socialized around perhaps hundreds of people, she had never been around an infant. I had, of course been talking to her about "her" baby but what if my friend would not accept my baby? I was terrified. I frantically (hormones I'm sure) called you. After a long conversation with advice from the expert, I felt better.

On March 14, 1997, my daughter Mikayla was born. As you had suggested I had allowed Mercy to examine my weight gain; it was interesting to study this wonderful creature as she gently would touch my stomach cock her head and sniff just ever so lightly, then get excited and give me a kiss. Barrie's final suggestion was taken care of by my husband who took Mikayla's first sleeper home. I was called and told that Mercy had sniffed and then licked the tiny sleeper. That set the stage for the rest of Mercy's life. Mercy not only accepted my daughter, she loved her.

Mercy slept in my bedroom her entire life. After Mikayla came home from the hospital, Mercy would not rest at night unless she was allowed to check on her before going to bed. If for some reason Mikayla was in her room and the door was closed, Mercy would protest. At first, she would quietly sit outside the door. If we were not quick enough (for her) opening the door, she would whine until someone opened the door for her. This was true from the day Mikayla came home from the hospital until Mercy died.

On August 27, 2001 I was holding her, trying to say goodbye to my best friend. I was overwhelmed. Of course, I told her as I had her whole life, how much I loved her. I also told her how much Mikayla and I would miss her. The hardest of all however, was how to thank her for being my faithful friend through college, marriage, pregnancy, new motherhood, divorce and all the emotions that go with these tremendous events. I knew I couldn't say enough so I simply said, "thank you for being the best friend ever." I gave her one last kiss as her life slipped away.

Mikayla and I will always miss Mercy but we know that she is in heaven watching out for us even today. We have wonderful memories to hold close to our hearts. We have given ourselves time to heal but realize the real healing will only come when we can once more welcome a new "girl" into our lives. It goes without saying that she too, will be a Hoytt Doberman. Thank you, Barrie Hoytt, again for my faithful friend Mercy. That said; we answer each phone call hoping Mr. Hoytt will be on the other end with a birth announcement.


Hello Barrie,
Miles said that I should tell you hello and all is well.
My daughter and he entered into a youth obedience competition and Miles placed third. Not bad considering it was freezing outside with a fresh out pouring of snow. Miles was not happy about sitting very long and flat out refused to go down.
Miles is very obedient and listens to everyone, however my wife, my youngest daughter and I have the best relationship with him. I would have the absolute best because he spend everyday, all day, with me, except for Sundays.
So I send greeting from Miles and all the wonderful people of Sweden who thanks you for the beauty the see everyday in Miles.

September 14, 2005

Dear Barry (and Training Staff) –

It has been three years ago this week that you shipped our precious Misha to LAX and we still say THANKS to you every day for sending such a beautiful gift of love to fill our lives. 

 Looking back, her arrival on September 13, 2002 was one of “nervousness” for all of us, but we followed your instructions to the letter and the transition went off perfectly.  You said “give her a little cheese and if she takes the cheese, give her a little more.  Then slowly open the door and put the leash on her.”  We followed that comment to the letter.  She took the cheese, then immediately walked out and did a “sit”.  We gave her some water, put her beside us, and said “Misha heel”.  She walked into our lives and into our hearts.  From that moment in time to this, she has been OUR BABY. 

 She continues to run our lives.  Both Paul and I have been retired for two years now and nearly every waking moment is devoted to Misha.  She has her special bed in our bedroom so she’s never far away from us.  She gets a daily three mile walk from Paul or from both of us.  And when my parents come out to stay for the winter we fight over who is going to walk her, so she usually gets two walks.  During the summer, each day at exactly 4:00pm, she finds us no matter where we are, and gives us that dobe stare with those big brown eyes.  It means she wants to play “hose”.  We take turns letting her bite at the water and she LOVES it. 

We have never strayed from your diet and give her Purina Lamb and Rice every day.  We also always add the diet supplement and Pomeleen to her meal each evening.  Her coat remains shiny as ever and when we walk her, people still stop and comment on what a “beautiful dog” she is (of course we know she’s not a dog… but our baby).  The only bones she gets are those we purchase from you.  We call them her “Barry bones”. 

Thank you so much for putting the love and care into your breeding and training.  It reflects in the blood lines.  Her daddy is Romeo and her mommy is Autum.  She is a joy to have as a member of our family.  We love our Misha!  


Paul and Jenny

Camarillo, California


First and foremost, thank you for a wonderful Saturday and for putting up with us most of the day.  It meant more than we can put into words for us to get to spend the day with Mystique and to see her budding personality.  She is everything we had hoped she would be and then SO MUCH more - Teak melted our hearts and secured her spot the minute you brought her in the room.  The rest of the day, she just tied them up with ribbons.

The next 3 1/2 months are going to seem like forever to us - and for yourself and your trainers they will be jammed full of fun and lessons that
will last a lifetime.  All the way home we talked about the different places we would take our little Lady to further her "education" and help her
continue to socialize so that she too can get her CGC and maybe one day .... well you never know do you :)   We are blessed to have access to 80 acres of countryside that she will get a good deal of walking and "hiking" on (and maybe some "hide and seek" play training too!)

Linda & Mike





Dear Mr. Hoytt,

I really like my new home in Portage, IN with my mom and dad.  Mom has taken me all over the neighborhood to "show me off."  People are impressed that at 3 months of age I can sit on command, lay down on command, shake hands, and best of all, I can ring the bell Mom has by the back door that I ring to let her know I have to go out.  My only problem was adjusting to the crate Mom and Dad provided for me to sleep in at night and stay in when I can't go with them.  After a few tearful and howling nights I finally figured out they always come to let me out.  Now I actually like to sleep in it, it's nice and cozy with a fluffy blanket.  We Dobermans LOVE soft and fluffy things!  I have a lot of toys my favorite being a stuffed toy duck that quacks.  I take him everywhere with me!  I must be beautiful because Mom tells me I am all the time.  I like to look at myself in the full length mirror in Mom's room.  Someday, when I'm older, Mom says I can sleep in their room at night on a 6 inch thick bed Mom made for me.  Me and the cats are trying to come to some kind of an agreement, but they tolerate me at best.  All I want to do is play!  Mom has me ready for the cold, windy, Northwest Indiana winters.  I have three very stylish coats to wear when I go outside or bye-bye with Mom in the car.
Thank you so much for giving me a good start in life and finding my forever Mom and Dad.  Mom says she will send you pictures of me as I grow so you can see how well I am doing.

Mr. Hoytt, we just wanted to thank you and the Hoytt family for assisting us with the purchase of our wonderful family addition, Sheba. She will be 6 months old Sept. 14th and is developing into a big girl. It's such a joy to see her everyday and she is just as excited to see us after a hard day of work. You will be pleased to know that Sheba is WELL taken care of and I have attached pictures of her as proof in the pudding.
Again, we can't express our appreciation and gratitude in words>

Jermaine & Anita
Woodstock, GA
First of all, I hope that your Christmas was a great one! Secondly, I should have said a few more words in my other e mail telling you about the boy, but I thought I would have more room if I did it in a separate e mail.  EVERYWHERE we go, people are admiring him and complimenting him and how beautiful he is.  Although I don't say it to them and boast, but I couldn't agree more.  Barrie, he is the most handsome dog I have ever seen! Not only is he good looking, but he is the best behaved dog.  He is so cuddly and loving.  We have still been working on the obedience training with him and like always, he is doing very well! He is, which is very good, doing well with protecting his house and mom :) and he is getting the hang of more visitors in and out of the house.  He does get alert and bark, but once he sees that they are welcomed by us, he is all about going around and getting in everyone's face to meet them... ha ha.  He also tries to check out what we are making to eat by resting his snout on the counter as close as he can get to it, but by using your helpful tips, we use the "OFF" command to let him know that is not acceptable.  He has been everywhere with us.  He went with my mom and I to Seattle to the Westlake Center where my modeling agency is, and while I was upstairs in the agency, he sat and laid down with my mom in the lobby for an hour without ONE noise out of him and even a security man came up to my mom and asked, "So, is he a service dog in training?" :) I love to hear those kind of remarks about him, and every time I hear someone comment, I think of the people who helped me get this dog.  Thank you so much Barrie.  I can't even explain how much your hard work and dedication has been appreciated with this dog.  I hope to talk to you soon, and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Dear Barrie: 

Since Brooke and I received our boy, he has learned to do lots of amazing things, like walking three city blocks without a leash just on his “heel” command, sitting on the curb before entering a public roadway, knowing how to “get in bed” when we have clients in our law office, learning to be gentle with screaming little kids and learning to go play ball in the park and respond to his “come” command with surgical precision. The amazing thing is that he is only 9 months old. I am willing to bet you that no human children by age equivalent would behave as well as my boy and his bag of tricks as well as his understanding of the rules he must follow to live in our world is phenomenal.

You know whenever I take him out I notice little crowds forming to watch him, wondering where his leash is, why is he so calm and responsive to voice command, staring in amazement at my boy for they see a very handsome, very confident Dobe out enjoying a walk with his daddy. But we also know at the same time they see Storm as "An Army of One", but to us he's our little King.

In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “that is a gorgeous dog” I would be able to buy another Doberman from you!

But you know Barrie, the greatest thing about the little Dude is the fact that he blows up with joy when ever I've had to leave him home even if I've only been gone a short time. As big and powerful as he is, he still lets me pick him up and hold him in my arms, and at night sometimes he will get up (from his bed) and just put his head on my pillow and stare at me until I wake up and give him a little rub and back to bed he goes. I know he's just making sure Brooke and I are okay.

 Sharmin, Esq.

P.S. Thank you for your life’s work.