Educating the Doberman

Knowledge is Power


In the Doberman World Hoytt is the “POWER”

From our world class Super Pup Programs to the President’s Choice Program we remain the leading educator of the Dobe.


In the AKC performance ring  we are the all-time and continuing record breaker both  in Companion Dog Obedience and in DPCA yearly Top 20 charts bar none.**

We are not hobby breeders or part time trainers - our job is to create the best of the best without cutting corners.

Here the best protected bloodline, our educators and caregivers guided by Mr. Hoytt.

We all work as a team and make the House of Hoytt the only choice.

Invest in their expectations, in the end each stage is a next step to life in the real world,

”Your World”.  

After You Look at Programs - Please Take a Look at our Camp Hoytt Courses in this Section

The courses discussed in this presentation were designed to give each buyer the added option of our expertise at the level of choice when it comes to pre-placement educations.

Take a final overview of pre-placement educations.

It is very comforting, a true confidence builder for the young Dobe to be able to do things that please you on its arrival. Pleasing those it loves is its greatest personal reward.  By developing the basic commands before the dozens of serious rules of life in our homes begin, we have given it a job. A way to show off, a pride of accomplishment.  In the beginning of home life every room, every square foot of each room, every bit of furniture, every idem on a table, the books on a shelf, every good smell on the counters, at dinner or that thing that you keep dropping good things that you always keep covered. The apparel hanging over a chair, laid across the bed, sticking out the hamper or the shoes just out of our sight or neatly arranged in the closet.

Life with total interactive relationship with man come with strict rules.  Those earlier mentioned objects were just a sampling of things that must be learned through different levels of mistakes. The new dog will until life in the home is mastered face a constant NO THIS, NO THAT, NO, NO, NO!  Super Pup programs are designed to give the kid a chance to walk in and show off a bit, to show you it's not a dummy.  It knows things, even just to sit when you ask it gives it something it can be complimented for as well as the other exercises taught

SP1 first creates the ability for us to communicate with it, it has an identity, a name. With its ABC's it also does not feel lost in a world where people talk in a strange language for life in the beginning is tough when you are not going to be just the dog out back. 

SP2 adds a whole new group of rules related to life in the home and for you first time readers our most favored composite is the Hoytt Dobe that individually fits your interests and heads home a graduate of the Super Pup Three program. 

But you can also go into the more advanced programs or watch for our two year old’s who were kept initially for our breeding program and now be made available at great discounts because they were part of "The Next Generation".

In Case Your Kid is Getting Rusty We Offer a Brush UP!

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