Dobermans Super Pup Two Summery

Super Pup Two Summery

Continues the Dobe its primary obedience and the initial tastes of rules in 'our home' before it gets to your home. Guided at all times while in the 'home' the canine student now has two to three other instructions to help in this area of supervision -  at least one instructor around the dog at all times while it still has its obedience trainer.

All our staff who work with the Dobe has the right credentials and a relationship with the pup when its obedience instructor leaves it with the home rules staff.

In effect we are their family and have known each since it was old enough to step away from its mom and give us a kiss - no strangers here.  We set up situations just to be able to say "that's a NO" but always looking for the moment or action where we can reward with "Good Boy" "Good Girl" and probably hand the kid a treat.

Just remember you have to first teach the child to walk before you teach it to run - that's what the Super Pup Programs are all about.

Note: Without being given freedom in the home environment the dog cannot begin to learn the rules of in-home life, so using a kennel as a safe house during initial placement may be the right way to go when first entering their new life before they settle in but only guided freedom can give the ability to learn the right ways from the wrong ways.

These youngsters will be given guided freedom during the day by our staff in our office complex and always someone around to correct their misadventures. 

A great jump start in the complexities of living in residence. Of course you should consider the use of a safe area - a pen or type of cage when you can't be the supervisor.  We will be issuing instructions specifically guided by knowing the dog and the details of its new life and environment.  

The kids are young and always in the beginning from our SP1 to our most advanced program, the more they are introduced to freedoms with guidance before placement, the easier for you and the 'kid' during the beginning days of their new life.

Just remember your new companion be it a pup or adult needs your guidance and understanding in the early months building the relationship between each human member of the family, perhaps other in-home resident creatures and the fact that every door has a different use and every room has its own specific guidelines and many times rules and needs change almost daily. 

In effect as one of our clients pointed out after taking his new best buddy to the waterfront at Annapolis,  his boy Chance experienced what should be described as Sensory Overload but seemed to enjoy the moments and all the people that came over to say hi to us or better stated to Chance. Note that Chances owner called first to see if he could take the boy to begin his social experiences – this was within days of Chance arriving. Should be noted Chance was a graduate of the Grand Victor Program so he had already experienced a taste of the world outside his home her at Camp Hoytt. The more they know about life in the human world before placement the easier it is for the new owner.

This is why most of our Dobes head home with one or more of our educational programs, the more they know the easier it is for all concerned.

The young male at in the picture is one of Marti's boys. Seen here with his new 'dad' at Morristown TN airport and from here the two flew to DC.  The program that Jet was put through began before 10 weeks of age and specifically guided for his new family.

At just 17 weeks old Jet proved the comprehensive qualities of our Top Dobe Select pups and his SP Program.

We have to add this very much showed the team effort here at Camp Hoytt.

Jet was just as calm and happy as he looks here and a perfect gentleman even off lead his calmness in the terminal showed just how fast he could evaluate a new situation and adjust.  

 $6,895.00  pup and medical services included

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