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Thor - Hoytt's Thunder Spirit

8-13-18 ...second week  ... 

Thank you for the complimentary package of Pomaleen and Vita-Max. We want to keep our boy looking good. Thor is acting like he has lived here with us forever. We live on a hill and our house is two story with many windows so he can look out and down and keep guard of his home and he has a favorite spot on our bed upstairs from which he can look out the windows at the road below, watching for people and other dogs and the neighbor's cat and the occasional squirrel or deer.  We are all very happy. He is everything we had hoped for and more.




He is laying at the screened front door now with the sun shining on him as he watches and naps. He loves to ride in the van. He is ready to go in the attached pictures. We will keep in touch.




Have a great week.


It's a small world...Thor will travel 2500 miles to his new home and Pearl's Scarlet will be traveling 2500 miles to her new home both to the Golden state once they have finished their education and they will be within 40 miles of each other.  That was before the west coast fires and as it is said "this is now". And the boy is available. No his almost owner simply needed to wait for a re-selection for fall or after for welcoming her next Hoytt into her life. 

With Thor's CYA 2, CGC and his obedience ring title programs behind him our boy is now a Grand Victor. N ow we are seeking a home close enough to eventually be part of "the next generation". Would prefer to see him within three hours of us but his sire lives in Pennsylvania and one grand dam lives in central Ohio while the others live southwest of Chicago. 

Note we never choose a breeding match based on location convenience but on the best breeding combination as well as being selective when accepting new family. And readers money is always secondary even though it is a necessity.   . 

Thor is a great socializer, likes to be part of life around him yet can hang all day in the office while patiently waiting for us to have a good word or pet for him. Us Hoytt Dobe owners know we have great 'touch' buddies. 

Thor also loves to romp with his canine friends when not in the house since he knows he must always be a gentleman. While he is low pray drive he has a 'GUARDIAN' side. Offer him a treat and you will hardly feel him taking from your hand.  He also have five young humans from about eight to fourteen years and always excited to see when they come to visit. To summarize, the boy is best described as being the total canine for Therapy work but that reference is to point out his ability to adapt. And it's easy to remember his birthday for he was born Father's Day 2017

Side note: Scarlet mentioned earlier who he was to live around on the coast has learned kayaking and yes we knew a two place Kayak had been purchased before Scarlet arrived.  


Canine Education:

SP Level One, Super Pup Level Two, Custom Young Adult  Level One, Custom Young Adult Level Two   plus the Canine Good Citizen certification as well as his recently gained the AKC BN obedience certification last week of May completing our Grand Victor Program ... There are development videos of Thor on our BHoytt/youtube site.

One purchase option, should you live within a few hundred miles of the kennel and are already clients we would be interested in contracting the boy for future breeding. Most of our privately owned Hoytt males who are part of our breeder program will be needed only a few times a year (average eight mating during his life) until the age of five by then there will be a son to continue his side of the Blood Line.  For this we are ready to make monetary adjustments within reason of course. 

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