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Straight from our heart


Barrie Hoytt here...The few lines boxed below were written by Snoopy's mom, this part of her letter  best tells why 'Straight  from our heart' was created. Daily I speak with clients who have the most wonderful stories but few come to me in written form however all give me permission to talk about their 'kids'. Now comes a place where when the moment is right and the words flow they will not be lost and that's the rest of the story.  So whether you write the life story of your Dobe or give something that fits a Valentine Card  give your kid it's fifteen minutes of fame and feel free to return for encores. Now meet the newest star then scroll down further to read about more of our Super Stars. "Straight from our Heart". Each representative of the folks who came to Hoytt seeking more then just a pet for these owners were seeking all the greatness of the breed with the individuality that combines to create the perfect fit for their environment. 

Barrie I read your letter to the group just before bed last night and fell asleep thinking of all the people who would be sharing their stories and memories soon. I was also wondering why I hadn't been able ( in three years ) to think of a single thing I could put into words about one of the true and greatest loves of my life. Thank you!   Scroll down to meet SNOOPY - It's a must read too.



Ezra "Love at first sight"

                                                                                                                                                   January 8th 2017

ĎSorry to be tardy in getting back to you; Iíve been a prisoner of my doctors for the past few days.

First, let me say how thoroughly pleased and happy I am that I found the House of Hoytt and engaged the process which resulted in my acquiring Ezra, the best dog in the world.  Ezra, at seven months, is so well trained and even tempered; yet he is eager to learn and learns quickly. Heís great.

So far, he has met my son, my pastor and his wife and a small group of neighbors and friends.  Everyone says, ďLove at first sight!í  Just the other day, one of the teenagers in the neighborhood asked if she could walk Ezra around the cul-de-sac in front of my house.  I agreed, and, as she and Ezra walked the circle, she said, ďMr. Lou, I feel like Iím in the show ring at Westminster!Ē  I replied, ĎI feel that way, too, every time we go for a walk.í

When we encounter one of the neighborhood children on our walks, Ezra sits by my side and waits to say, ďHello.Ē  He has never lunged or barked at a child and, of course, the children think heís beautiful.  So do I.
Ezra loves his pet door to the back yard and began using it on day one.  Thanks for showing him how to use the pet door at Hoytt Academy.  Ezra also likes his Hoytt bed.  Then, so does my son.  
As you suggested, when a new person comes to the house, I prepare a small plate of cheese, and, after introductions are  made, ask the new person to give Ezra a piece of cheese.  This ritual puts both Ezra and the new person at ease and has broadened Ezra's circle of friends.  

The other day, Ezra and I walked over to our local Vetís office to drop off Ezra's medical file.  When we arrived, one of the vet techís told Dr. Mayer we were there and he came out to meet Ezra.  His comments were, ďGood looking dog"; ďReally nice ear trim"; ďGreat disposition"; and, "Lou, you got a great Dobe.Ē  Of course, I agreed with him.
Ezra and I have only just begun our journey together and Iím sure that, as time goes by, I will have more stories to tell.  Let me know when youíve had enough.  In the meantime, please be assured that you and the rest of the House of Hoytt team have made me very happy and are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lou Davis

PostScript - Two more notes of interest. Ezra was flown to his new dad on January 31,2017 and like Gracie Ann's mom Mr. Davis is also legally blind.


A most wonderful creature my Gracie Ann


How can I say my Gracie Anne is the most wonderful creature I've ever known when since the seventies I have had the joy of four who came before her. Yet on July fourth of last year this beautiful fawn just 15 months old walked in the visitors area at Hoytts and in minutes my husband Bryon and I knew Barrie did it again.

Because of an accident years before I needed a gentle touch dog who would help reduce the stresses and in turn the discomforts of the pain that remains, both home and at the office. Did I mention I am also legally blind? 

Our 500 mile trip home went differently then the world might expect. We had bought a canine version of a   ---  so our new princess would ride in style but as the day turned to night and comfort that comes with success knowing we had once more won the canine lottery I decided to join Gracie. Carefully I talked her into moving over enough so I could join her. Anyone who allows a Dobe to sleep in bed knows they can will themselves to triple their weight while they look at you as if they don't understand what you want.

 A few promises of treats and all my might did the trick. As soon as I was comfortable Gracie cuddled up next to me and we slept until Bryon announced our arrival home.

 Gracie Anne has been the perfect fit! Gracie has many coats to wear for with Bryon she plays games like "hide and seek". But this girl knew there was more to the game and soon she learned to hide. Choosing different locations on our property that has many trails. She may not have been able to give Bryon a whistle to help him find her but learned a give a soft but low bark...With this show of intelligence she won my husbands heart exceeding all expectations. Many times she would hide first and won most of the games since he had to really work hard to counter her scenting ability. We think she lets him win every so often to keep the game going. Gracie also likes tug of war, fetch, both versions. Ours and hers, hers when we chase the ball and bring it to her. Loves the walks with mom and dad, treats before bedtime, well treats anytime she does her "look how cute I am" trick.

 Almost to the day a year after she joined us she became a mother, one of the conditions of adopting Gracie. Her line had to be carried on.

Gracie and I  took five weeks of maternity leave. She even exceeded our expectations for today Barrie has eleven wonderful little Hoytts and I'm sure these must be the most beautiful, affectionate, intelligent and healthy babies ever to carry the Hoytt name.  Know my Gracie from the first hours of birthing to weaning she never let her babies go hungry nor feel alone. I helped a little.

 As I write this Gracie is back being our most wonderful companion and my office assistant. And once more and I thank Barrie for creating another great companion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Goldie, Bryon and Gracie


  Diego ( Hoytt's Sharp Dressed Man)

Hello Barrie,

Its been a while since Diego left his birth home of Tennessee for these foot hills of Virginia but he is doing great. He has adjusted well to his new environment , friends and family both animal and human. It took only about 3 or 4 trips around the neighborhood for everyone to love him needless to say me too. I am constantly complimented on how beautiful he is and often asked about the nature of his coloring as though I could take credit for it. I simply reply genetics and the controlled breeding plan under the supervision of Barrie Hoytt, the owner and "Main Wizard Behind The All American Super Dobe". I tell them of the Rainbow concept that the linage of controlled pairing produces resulting in some of the most beautiful known and accepted color combinations of Dobermans in the World with Red and Rust being my favorite as you well know. Diego has become an extension of my hand with never a pull on or tight lead showing patience, strength and the pride of his bloodline. In other words, "HE STRUTS HIS STUFF".

He travels with me on a daily basis just about everywhere I go that is dog friendly from Southern States to Home Depot, Pet smart, Petco and even a few small businesses that have no problems with a well manner's young man like Diego. He is eager to learn new things and take on any challenge that he is presented with leaving me standing back asking myself what next. The question becomes who is teaching who and at this point it seems as though Diego has trained me well, (LOL). Barrie your original incite into my profile was to bring a young adult home and you were absolutely right. Diego was about 25 months old when he finally arrived home and it has been wonderful for all concerned especially me. He put me in a better routine and now I am up and out earlier everyday, walking, running, playing as well as enjoying a better healthier quality of life. (PS) I have even dropped about 20 lbs. and my doctor couldn't be happier for me.

I am a testament to anyone considering bringing home one of Barrie's older or young adults in training. After Barrie reviews your profile a puppy might not be the best fit for your situation so if he suggest a dog from one of his older groups at least take a pause and listen to his words of reason. That puppy cuteness can quickly become more demanding than you have time or patience to work with so take heed and save yourself any issues that demanding the wrong placement can develop. After all you have come to the House Of Hoytt for so many of the right reasons so don't let not listening to Barrie be the wrong one. Well Diego just put his head on my leg and looked up at me which basically means get off the computer and spend a little time with me because I have been waiting patiently for you to finish what you are doing but now its time for me." ENOUGH SAID", so we are going for a walk. Thanks so much Barrie for putting Diego and Me together because it seems that we both needed each other and the timing was perfect. Here are a few pictures of Diego in a more relaxed mood and in the second picture he is actually waiting to give the mailman a letter to post for me.

Anthony and Diego



For eleven years...he loved us, guarded all 8 grand babies.....and never
    let us down. He will be missed.  Thank you for the best dog we ever
    dreamed of having.


    Lori,   Sunnyside Washington


  The young lady is my granddaughter Gracie, who is 7 and never has known a day without his guardianship. She shares that experience with 7 other grand babies....ages 8-2 years old. He was Wonderful with all of them. We will be looking for another Hoytt Dobe, not to replace him...but because we honor his life by settling for nothing less.







ZURI ... No question the Hoytt Dobe is an exceptional creature welcomed into the lives of exceptional humans but back in 2004 when Rocco aka Hoytts Man About Towne CDX from the Houston area wined and dined our Margarite aka Hoytts Dreamcatcher  CGC RE CDX WAC TDI  one of their pups became Commander aka Hoytts Commander & Chief  CGC  & headed to an established Michigan client  who would a few years later welcome in a pretty red head named Ember aka Hoytts Flaming Ember CGC who is out of Hoytts House of the Rising Sun CGC RN CDX WAC (my Lex's father) and an Atlanta star named Hoytts Heavenly Harp Vom Fuchsfleck CGC  were matched to help us bring in "the next generation" and then on February 19, 2011 one of eight wonderful pups would step into the world of specialized Service  Assistance Dogs and this twelfth day of November 2013 we re-introduce you to this boy who was first introduced using the song name "Alone came Jones" - So for those who follow the presentation of our youngsters on this site here's Jones who between Dandridge and his new home became Zuri .  Here from a proud mom and teacher the most recent update. 


Dear Barrie,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how Zuri, AKA: Jones, AKA: Hoytt's Captain America is doing. He is about 65% finished with his service dog training, and is doing well with everything except retrieval.  Zuri has a natural talent that is rare to find in dogs.  He can sense when a seizure is going to happen 30 to 40 minutes before it hits. This ability has made him the most valuable companion on Earth for me. I recently had back surgery, and Zuri was with me throughout my hospital stay.  I have sent you a picture of him walking beside me during PT.  Just after the picture was taken Zuri began crossing in front of the walker and stopping. The third time he did this, he refused to acknowledge my correction.  he firmly planted himself in a SIT right in front of the walker. before I could think to correct him the seizure hit. He has been alerting ever since that day.  He has even alerted on a five year old child he did not know just prior to a seizure she had. While in the hospital he would place himself against me on my bed after a seizure would occur, keeping me safe and calm.   

Words cannot express what an incredible dog he is to me.  He loves everyone he meets human and canine alike. He is simply incredible!  

Please send me information on dobie fest.  I would love to bring Zuri back for a visit.  He will not be the last dobie I purchase from you.  I can't imagine having any thing other than a Hoytt Doberman!  Anything else is way below the standard of loyalty, dedication and quality. Thank you and your trainers for my awesome, sweet gentle guardian.

Woofs & Wags

Baca W. Yorkston and Zuri


Major...established clients - Franklin, Tennessee...The following email came one week after placement.

Hi Barrie,

I wanted to email you and first of all say thanks for calling us the other night. Major ended up being a perfect gentleman with the grandbabies.  That was of utmost importance as you can imagine.  The kids are just 2 years old and 7 months.  Major decided that little people are pretty cool because if he waits long enough one of them will spill something that he was happy to clean up.  He was very gentle with both of them, and neither one of them were afraid of him.

Weíve taken Major out on neighborhood walks more and each time itís better and better.  We took your advice to reassure him that all is well and he is already relating the leash and the word ďwalkĒ to fun times outside the fence.  Always new things to smell, see, and hear.   I told Rick today as we were walking, itís a pleasure to have such a healthy beautiful young Dobe walking with confidence yet in complete step with me, no fighting the leash or pulling at all.   Iím quite proud of Mr. Major.

Car rides have gotten much much better.  We took him out yesterday for adventures to the Farmers Market to get an antler and then Nashville Pet for more socializing, and of course treats are included.  He even enjoyed visiting the kitty cat at the pet store.  This time there was very little drooling in the car, almost none at all.  We were out for a couple of hours and by the time we headed home Major was so relaxed that he passed out asleep in the car. That was a very good sign for us that our trips to the cabin will be stress free.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have Major as my new companion.  He seems to have really taken to me, and no matter what room Iím in, he wants to be with me.  I actually love that.  Even though weíve only had him a week, he has fit into our life style like heís been with us for years.  Yes, he is already spoiled, but thatís part of the fun.  Spoiled Dobes donít become brats and thatís a really special thing.  Majorís personality seems to encompass the best qualities of our other 3 sweet Dobes who have gone on to heaven.  We miss them very much, but like you said,  Major must have been just for us because of the error on the web site...So thankful.  He is a kiss from Heaven.

Thank you Barrie,  for what you do for this awesome breed.  We are Dobe people always.  I will send some  photos as soon as the weather warms up and I get them on the computer.

Melinda Meyers


TUCKER ... Going back to late 1987 a pretty little Hoytt Dobe became Hoytts Smokey Mountain Empress call name Cara Mia one of our :next generation " girls as well as a Hoytt family member. From her breeding came Temerity formally Hoytts Cherokee Empress. In the nineties Hoytts Queen Mabe was born after finishing her GV program she joined a family in Youngstown Ohio  almost immediately her family nick named her Mabulas.  In time her people agreed to a breeding - I was told they felt obligated to pass on her greatness knowing all along I had been interested in bringing little Mabe's to life. From this litter my next personal girl was born formally  Hoytts Cara Mia ll. And now the rest of the story - Mia gave us the greatness of her linage  and one of her kids became "The Tuck" who recently left his family physically but not spiritually but will remain in their hearts forever. some of Tucker's story. 

Barrie you should know how your boy (Drummer ) Tucker to us really was as you ADVERTISED . Tucker was our third Dobe. As you may recall I had experience on the Schutzhund field with my first Dobe . But life changed the family grew and education became what was a family with high expectation needed. He learned well and loved his obedience sessions. We stopped after he did get a title - his real occupation was being a DelSignori.

Tucker became an integral part of our family circle . Honestly Tucker really loved his role of being a brother to our kids and the kids in the neighborhood . Tucker was the kind of dog that if you didnít know him, you respected him - the photos I sent you tell some of his story lines. But Tucker turned many into believers about the Doberman . He truly was incredible . 

Just to give you a glimpse of his intelligence and his ability to communicate with us Iíll tell you a story . Tucker didnít like to go out in the rain . He always found a way to make me get wet with him .

OK you get the picture . I wasnít going to get wet this time , so I tricked him into thinking I was . I got dressed as if I were going with him . Tucker got all the way down the stairs of the deck before he realized I wasnít there . He turned back looked up at me and Iím telling you he chewed my BUTT . Barking at me , grumbled under his breath . he was not a happy camper. When he finished he turned and walked into the rain to do his business .I donít know exactly what he said , but I have a pretty good idea . I still laugh to this day even as I write this for you .While Tucker didnít like the rain he loved running through the snow and would stay out playing till he was covered only to end up with his head resting on the rocks of the hearth next to a blazing fire . I never could understand how he could stand being so close .

He was hot to the touch, he loved it . Although when he did have enough he always sat with me on the couch. These are just small glimpses of  The Tuck . I could go on . He will be missed for sure. I can assure you Tucker was amazing . He loved his home, his family and our friends . He was there for us all unconditionally . All I can say at this time is thank you from  our family and Iím sure Tucker would thank you and I know he enjoyed his time with us .

Iíve attached some pictures of Tucker (digital era). There is also our families version of ď The Kiss ď Iím not going to say goodbye , but so long for now . we will be contacting you shortly for another great Hoytt Dobe. 

Feel free to call me

                       Thank You !


The DelSignoreís




Nashville...over the years this wonderful girl has sent me perhaps two dozen letters telling me how great life is and what a great mom she has. This time mom wrote.


Where can I begin about my Hoytt Doberman - Nashville?  The first day I saw her when we came down to visit we discussed a pup and a young adult female. I thought I wanted a pup until you brought Nashville in Ė I turned to my friend and said ďThis will be my Dobe. The reason I knew this was that when Nash looked at me, she gave me a look out of the corner of her eye like my mom used to give me.  And my friend said the same thing.

She is a Godsend, Best Friend, Smart and more then just part of my Family.  Her Uncle Paul, who she loves so much, says she is the smartest canine he has ever known and Nashís manners & obedient would make you proud. Now Paul has watched her on many occasions including way back the very first time a situation arose that showed what a great personality Nash has.  Nash had come back into the house after playing outside and Paul heard a buzzing noise.  Nash had a bee in her mouth.  He was just getting to know her and vice versa when he had to stick his hand almost down her throat to get the bee out and she let him.   That took courage on both sides.

I have had so many compliments on her ears, her mellow personality and of course her looks.  Some people I tell that she just turned 12 and they say, ďReally?Ē  We walk twice a day and almost every day we go through her obedience ABC's like you taught us. She loves to show off what she knows, I'm so proud of her.

About nine years ago I had a kidney attack and she saved my life.  I was upstairs lying down and in so much pain.  Her Uncle Paul was downstairs in case I needed help.  I called her and told her that she needs to wake her Uncle up.  She went downstairs and nudged him, but he was somewhat still asleep.  She came upstairs and wasnít sure what to do until I told her that she needed to wake him up NOW.  She went downstairs and literally pushed him so he would wake up and he did.  She had saved my life because I was in much pain that I couldnít yell loud at that moment.  Iíll never forget that; never forget how great this wonderful Dobe is. I found some pictures and hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed taking them. Every day, every kiss is an unforgettable experience.



                                                                                                                                 Parkville MD



Marti...Formally Hoytt Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD - She's all I could ask for in a great companion but I'll refrain from further bragging with the following comments.  I expect as much 'wonderful' in my   personal Dobes as I seek for those who have welcomed Hoytt Dobes into their heart. and my Mart  was everything I could of asked for plus.  Today  London continued to carry on Marti's Line's qualities, actually Marti gave us  Hoytts Turn the Paige and inturn I chose one of the girls who became my London. London would bring in the next generation .  From Paige came my London formally Hoytts Bridge to my Heart and this year  two of London's pups   now adults  will  bring in the next  generation.   The pair of London's pups Hoytts Sweet Child of Mine CGC BN CD TDI and  Hoytts Sierra Sky CGC RN CD will bring in  the fourth generation continuing our tradition of blood line protection. 

   Barrie Hoytt  




                                                                                         Hoytt's Life's a Breeze ~ Best Dog Ever:  That was our Brie. 

Our family was on the hunt for a companion, protective dog to fill the void of our very much loved Golden Retriever.  Our search lead us to Barrie and his "kids". Friends of ours had a Doberman and raved about her... We thought, what's all the fuss - it's a dog. We had no idea! Little did we know or understand until we got our girl. We didn't bring home a dog, we were brought home "another child."

Our Brie was 18 months old and had to be returned to Barrie due to owners serious health issues that forced her momma to give Brie up.  From her arrival Brie never left our sides.  She traveled the United States with us, went out to dinner with us, and became an avid shopper.  Where ever we went, people would stop us and pet her, complement us on her and make over her... all of which, she loved.

She owned the neighborhood and her back yard - she was never afraid to let anyone know who lived in this house, and don't try coming in without being invited.  Several servicemen and our gardener learned that the hard way...

Brie was the most devoted, loving dog we ever owned.  Her intelligence never ceased to amaze us, you could see her thinking... ( and she was always smiling)  She died at age 11 - about 2 years ago.  It has taken us this long to come to a point where we can think about adding back to our family ( replace is not the word - she could NEVER be replaced).  We turned to Barrie and his "family" once again and are now anxiously awaiting our boy, Colonel.  Soon to be delivered.  We expect nothing less than we had with our Brie.  Even better, now that she taught us to be better parents and people - the undying, unconditional love of a dog.  No human should ever be without it.

 Walter and Dana

Phoenix, AZ




In 1974 our lives changed dramatically. At the time, we did not realize its significance, but through the years we have fully comprehended its everlasting impact-a "Hoytt" Doberman had entered our lives! We visited House of Hoytt, Lockport, IL and specified a "full" aggressive black female. Fawn (puppy) was shipped to us air freight from Chicago to Atlanta for a whopping $13.13 (taxes were 63 cents). We immediately fell in love with this little mischievous girl-our quiet home life quickly erupted into a frenzy of a nipping puppy always at our heels. Our "little girl" became a "big girl" and her rapid learning and retention ability during training led to obedience AKC competition. After months of training, our loving, now a lady, was extremely competitive. Fawn won her CD in her first three trials in April and May of 1976. She gained her CDX degree, again in her first three trials in two months, with scores above 196. This achievement was recognized with the Award of Canine Distinction issued by Dog World Magazine. In the 1976 National Doberman Show she placed first place in Novice B and Open A and was HIT at the Show, making Fawn the National Champion. She is listed in the DPCA Obedience archives and other Doberman Pinscher books.

Fawn exchanged her life for "angel wings" at the age of 11 in our home in the arms of the one she loved and protected all her life. We cherished and loved her so; and knew she understood that love and returned unconditional love and devotion.

The joy that Fawn brought to our lives continued with Raven who gave us so many kisses we had to tell her to quit; Smokey, who smiled on command, and was our best hunter who could take a bird out of the air; Tally, a boyís companion who loved to be a "goof"; Alpha and Shasta, the 9/11 orphans; and of course, now, Mica and Nico.

Our Hoytt Dobermans have given to us their boundless love, devotion, and companionship.

Thanks Barrie for your devotion to the Doberman Breed. They are the Best

Note: 1976 had the greatest number of Dobes ever registered for the many different obedience classes at one location - there was so much more to this team capturing this High In Trial...interested in more details. Come to the 2013 Hoytt DobeFest and meets the Hahns personally.                           Also Obedience Competition for more on our competition teams.               




How time flies!  Thought it was about time that I checked in with Wyatt.  It has been a very busy few months.  This boy is the light of our lives.  I have to admit that he is more than a little spoiled, but he deserves every bit of it.  He keeps bumping my arm as I try to type, as he is a little bored today,  his friend Maxwell is off on Thursdays and doesn't come to work.  They are truly best friends around here. 

  Having him here at work everyday is a blessing not only for me but for all of our grieving families.  In the funeral home he change the atmosphere in the room.  Even those that are a little taken back at first being greeted by a big scary Doberman.  He does not like big trucks and has found if he barks long enough it will go away.  He has harassed the recycle driver (really his truck) for so long that now the driver turns it off and gets out to come talk to him and give him a treat.  Everywhere he goes, he is the "Star of the show"  The most beautiful Doberman in the dog park.  Funny how you really can tell the difference in the ears, tails and general look in the non-Hoytt dobes. 


  He is my magic man, I love him so much.  I am sending you a couple of pictures, one he is in his "Sock Monkey" sweater.  Doesn't do much for the Dobe cute.  I do protect his dignity and take it off when he goes out in public ;-).  Recently got him a giant Lady Bug to go with his giant bears.  He will play with and swing those giant toys around and when he gets tired he lays on them rhen falls asleep! 


 I will try to check in a little more often to let you know that he is loved and cared for.  Thank you again for trusting us with his care.



Wyatt,s Mom


Barrie one more note.

I hope that anyone out looking for a great Doberman finds their way to you.  I have the most amazing boy and I will never be able to thank you enough.  We have both a Funeral Home/Cremation service and a Pet Crematory and Memorial Service. We are in the opposite sides of the building with a door/ gate between us.  Wyatt and my son's Jack Russell, Maxwell run back and forth all day between the two.  Having them here everyday makes this place not quit so serious for a grieving family.  It doesn't seem to matter whether someone has lost a parent or a Labrador, the pain is the same and the comfort the dogs bring is priceless.  Wyatt fits so well into this it is like it was his calling.  He is as close to a Therapy dog as he can get without therapy training.  He is always looking for someone's lap to sit in. It is amazing what big brown eyes and a head on the lap can do for a person.

 We started the pet service when we opened the business's.  Back in the old days everyone just had to do what ever the Vets had available, which wasn't much.  It was time for someone to do in differently.  There is never anything that anyone can do to change the death,  we just try to soften it a little.  These pets are as important to people as their humans and their grief with loss goes very deep. Most people are not burying their pets anymore, they want them safe at home with them. There are so many ways to memorialize their pets these days, almost anything that can be done for a human can be done for a pet.  Some days here are harder than others, but someone has do it right. Keep doing what you are doing. You have no idea how important it is to all of us out here with one of your special kids!

I sent you a photo of Wyatt smelling a Rose.  That is something about him that we discovered this summer.  Taking him out for a walk, he always stopped whenever there was a flower and took time to smell it.  He really knows how to stop and smell the roses.   So cute.


Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation & Memorials

Until One Has Loved An Animal
A Part Of Ones Soul Remains Unawakened





Christmas 2012

Dear Barrie, 

It has been just a little over a year since we last saw you to pick up our puppy, Vincent/Fred.  We cannot imagine life without him now.  He is slightly different from our other 4 dobes, but so sweet and lovable.  He has yet to meet a dog or person what he doesnít like and he has met MANY.  We live half a block from a large park so Fred gets taken there a minimum of twice a day, sometimes more.  He has at least 6 good doggie friends that he plays/runs/wrestles with and 6 more doggie acquaintances that he says ďhelloĒ to and moves on.  He comes when we call him and walks next to us off leash like his relations who go to dog shows.  He actually is better behaved off leash than on leash.  It is so much more enjoyable for us with Fred at the park knowing that he will come when we call him.  He is quite well-known at the park and we joke that he could easily be elected recreation director for dogs.  The people who maintain the park know and like Fred too. We still look at the training DVDs that you sent us; very informative and helpful.

Fred has come far in his obedience training so that when we walk down the sidewalk with him at our side, he reminds us of Jeanine and one of her dobes, no leash.  People at the park often comment on how handsome Fred is and they love to watch Fred run.  He doesnít need to be chased; he just loves running.   When Fred meets another dog, he jumps and rotates 360 degrees in the air, much like a kick boxer.  In so doing he sometimes hits the other dog's muzzle.  Since this maneuver is not meant to be aggressive, the other dog doesn't know what to make of this.  A bit later we met a lady who upon observing Fred doing a 360, said "Oh my.  He's pirouetting."  We now have an appropriate word to describe this maneuver. 

We took Fred to see the vet and while he was snoozeling with Fred, he said ďBarrie Hoytt certainly knows how to breed a beautiful dog.Ē  This comes from a very good vet who has seen a number of dogs. 

We are attaching several photos of Fred.  When we first brought him home, my sister's weimaraner was here.  She is 9 and acted like a mother to Fred.  They have been very good friends ever since, even slept on the same bed.  Two photos show me training Fred in our back yard and the last is Fred at 1 1/2 years old this month.  

We hope all is well with you and Team Hoytt.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Charlotte and Greg Neumer

Oak Park, IL


Jelly Bean

Back in  December 2010  Jelly Bean born 11-29-10 appeared on our home page making her first public appearance. A sister to Diego and eight other brothers and sisters this cute creature on finishing her SP3 was home by mid June 2011. Eighteen months later on 12-21-12 we received the following salutation.





               Hi Barry, I just wanted to write and tell you that we have such a love affair with our beautiful Jelly Bean. She is a ball of energy and so much fun. She spends all of her time happy, spoiled and ready to kiss us at a moments notice. Merry Christmas to you and all of the folks at Hoytt. We could not be happier.

John Gaglio


                                                                                Apple...Malden, Ma.


I'm finally getting to give you an update on the Amazing Apple. Let's see...sweet, beautiful, well behaved, friendly, unique, funny, the list could go on and on. Apple is doing wonderfully. She fit right in to our household right off the bat. She made this place her own from the moment she got here. Now we are the proud owners of two Dobes and Apple made friends with our boy, they became fast friends. My husband's parents are also proud owners of a Hoytt Dobe - Bruno and he and Apple have play dates often. Hoytt Dobes know how to get along with other dogs, whether they are from the ranch or not. They just know how to behave. 


Let's talk about how beautiful our girl is. This dog is a show stopper. Her colors always get a lot of questions from people in the pet supply store, on walks, or wherever we go. What a beautiful Fawn coat.

 She is loved at the bank, the donut shop, our son's school, etc. Since she is a Dobe, people are always hesitant as to whether or not they should approach her. I assure admirers that she is super friendly and loves to be petted. Once people get to pet her they fall in love. We often hear that she has a calming power. Everyone melts when they are near her. Don't get me wrong, Apple is very, very feisty. You told me a couple of times during the buying process that Apple was "quite the personality". That is an understatement. She seems to have non stop energy for play, running, outings or wherever we want to take her. Not to mention that Apple is the fastest dog I've ever met. No dog can catch her. She takes off like a bullet and the other dogs lose steam while she just keeps going. Perhaps that's why she is in perfect shape. Not an ounce of fat or loose skin on her. Not a wrinkle or a crease. 


All in all, Apple has become my close buddy. I try to take her with me as many places as I can because she's great company. She is up for anything, but also knows when to simmer down and go to her bed. I look at your site often and admire all the Dobes. One is more beautiful than the next. Thanks so much for offering these dogs to the world! 11-8-12







Sir Winston


The Arter's will be attending DobeFest with their Brutus who in following Winston's example still shows his individual greatness - again a Hoytt Dobe and family I'm  proud to be a part of.

Go to Choosing the Right  Pup link #6 on Table of Content page - once on that page scroll down to Sir Winston's link right under Top Dobe Select for more photos.


Li'se and Bachi


There is nothing like the love of a great dog for their human parents and then our love back to the wonderful creatures that God created, called the Doberman. The bond of love is so strong that when it is time for them to sprout their wings and go to heaven, it tares at your heart in a way that you know it is going to break, and can only be compared to the losing a family member; which is precisely what they areÖ.a family member..

Two years ago on January 4th, Rabbi and I experienced a time in our lives that no one wants to experienceÖthe death of our Dobe fur-kid. As we were experiencing the last weekend of our precious 10 year old Dobe girl, Miss Kitty, an online vet was walking us through what to expect - not only within Kittyís body, but the emptiness we were about to feel in our own hearts. It was like he was an angel messenger sent to us, to not only help us with Kitty sprouting her wings, but he also shared information about HOH. Although Kitty was a non- Hoytt, it was in the course of her death that we were introduced to the Hoytt Dobermanís.

As we watched Kitty deteriorate to almost nothing, our hearts were breaking every time we looked at her. The online vet advised us that if we were to consider getting another Dobe that we would not find a better Doberman than a Dobe from Barrie Hoytt in Dandridge, Tennessee. The vet encouraged us that when the time was right, we should go to their website, to cry, heal and maybe take a road trip to Dandridge. If this vet said this once in that weekend, he said it at least 20 timesÖgo to

The words really sank into our hearts about finding out about Barrie and his Fur-Kids and that was exactly what we did. We cried for many days and soon my husband suggested we find the site. When we opened it up and saw the picture of "PALS" we knew we were on a site that we could trust because they felt the same way we did about our Dobe. I would go to the website many times a day, looking and asking God if we could have another Dobe. Many times all I could do was look at the pictures and cry; or I would go to the video of Jordan and bawl my eyes out just watching and listening to the song. Thanks Kim and Troy for your video and to all the other Hoytt Dobe owners, thank you for sharing your pictures of your incredible 4-legged kids. My heart began to heal from losing our Miss Kitty, through the gift of the Ownerís Gallery and the forum. Finally I got up the nerve to contact the office to request a time to talk with Barrie. When Hope answered the phone, all I could do was cryÖ.when Barrie picked up the phone, all I could muster was Öit hurts so much and the tears would start again. Hope and Barrie were so comforting and soon it was decided that Rabbi and I should make a trip to Tennessee to get a Dobe "fix"; but unfortunately that would not happen until May because of all the various snow storms that year.

In March, we applied for the adoption of our new Hoytt girl; but what should we name her? I gave Rabbi a list of 30 Hebrew words that would describe what we thought would be attributes that she would walk in. There were two words had literally jumped off the paper at me, but I decided not to tell Rabbi what they were. He called and said he had written two words down, come and see. When I went to his desk, he had written down the exact same two words that had jumped off the page at me. These two words spoke volumes to both of us and would be perfect for her. God had named our girl, Liíse Asa. Wow!

Liíse Asa, means Ė "Godís Promise of Healing." This is exactly what she has been; a promise from God that we could have another Dobe and a promise that through her, we would heal. Again we were going to be a complete family; a mom, a dad and a 4-legged fur-kid. God is so good! Our tears of sadness had turned into tears of joy.

Barrie told us that he had the perfect girl for us. He told us that she had been trained to have manners and she would fit into all the prayer counseling appointments we do weekly and be a perfect lady. He told us that her name was Lucy which was very close to Liíse (Lee see) and it would be easy for her to learn her new name. 


Liíse was one of Barrieís special girls and she lived with Barrie and Marti for over two and one half years. This was going to be a tall order for us to fill in Liíseís life because Liíse was very used to daily being surrounded by many other Dobermans. What a change for her to come from many friends to her being the only fur-kid of the family. She was also leaving her home and her best friend, Miss Marti and Papa Barrie.


This is my new forever mom telling me I am a gift from God to her and Rabbi. Maybe my new forever parents are a gift to me from God so I can love and protect them.  My new forever daddy (Rabbi) saw the sun above my head in this picture and thought I was a princess with the crown on my head.  Liíse wasnít sure what was about to happen. Gee, she had been with Papa Barrie, Janine and Miss Hope for two and a half years and now she was going somewhere with strange people in the back of a van. Her world and her life was about to be turned upsides down and a whole new world was about to emerge. Before we could leave there was one person Liíse needed to say good-bye to, Papa Barrie. He had always been there for her and now he was going to trust another man to take good care of his girl.                                                 


Liíse was very close to Barrie and evidently knew something was up. She knew she needed to get close to her Papa and gave him a good-bye kiss, even through she wasn't sure what was to come next.


We stopped every 2 hours for her to go pottyÖ. but nothing. We called Hope and ask if this was a form of training that we were not told about and she said, noÖ she will go. Twenty five hours later, she could no longer hold on to her reluctance, so she finally went potty Ė at least a gallon and a halfÖ Rabbi thought that Barrie should sell his technique because every husband would buy it to train his wife and children for long trips.

We brought her home and started having her in prayer appointments and she was so compassionate. Liíse became an integral part of healing appointments. One man had a hard time and was crying. Liíse got up and went to the man for him to feel her. He immediately reached out for her, stopped crying and relaxed.

Again in three months we were traveling to Ohio to see my mom. Liíse was not one to get on furniture. She saw the bench seat in the van as furniture and stayed on the floor. She no sooner got up the courage to try sitting on the back seat (under our encouragement) when we were almost in a terrible accident. Rabbi had to stomp on the brakes and Liíse went flying back down to the floor. She was shaking like a leaf and since we were outside of Knoxville, we decided to stop at HOH so she could calm down.


At the time, Gabby was at HOH taking care of her 11 new kids. We knew Gabby because she was from our home town in Florida. So we somehow managed to talk Barrie into showing us Gabbyís momís choice to keep;  Thatís when we first got to meet little Miss Bachi (meaning kisses) and one of her brothers at 5 weeks old. Little did we know that Bachi, would one day join our family and Liíse would have a forever play-mate.

  Liíse had a look in her eyes as if to sayÖ Mom, I like this one, I really like this oneÖ Papa Barrie says her name is Bachi. She smells good! Can she come home with us?    Please mom!

All I wanted to do was breathe puppy breath and just kiss on them. Liíse was so gentle and very concerned about the little ones. When Bachi came out in Hopeís arms, Liíse kept smelling Bachi and allowed her scent to become permanently engrained. This was actually a God moment, where He arranged a meeting while Bachi was just a pup (which we understand is very unusual at HOH). Unbeknown to us, God already knew that Bachi would become a regular visitor at Liíseís house in just a short while. This meeting between the two of them became very important because when Bachi started coming over in August, Liíse already knew her by her scent. They were instant buddies with an uncanny bond of love between them.


We left HOH and continued our drive on to Ohio to the Nursing Home where my mom was staying. We had called ahead to get permission to bring Liíse in and she was a perfect angel in a Doberman suit.

She was the star of the day, giving tons of kisses to everyone, and allowing everyone who wanted, to pet her. In Liíseís loving way, she gave unconditional love to all as they came near to her to pat her head. My mom loved touching her soft fur and talked about it for months how her 4-legged grandchild came to visit her.

Liíse was very gentle with everyone as wheelchairs and walkers were all around her. She would let each person pet her and would get even closer, so each person could reach and touch her soft fur. It was like she totally understood that each one of them needed a touch of unconditional love and she was more than ready to supply that request.

We stopped by HOHís on the way home to pick up Gabby, Bachiís mom to ride home with us. It is truly a work of love between the two Hoytt Dobermanís. They all seem to know each other and there is never a conflict. Gabby and Liíse rode side by side for 14 hours with never a problem.

When Bachi was allowed to go home (or as rabbi calls her, "Little Bit"), we visited her and Gabby and absolutely fell in love with Bachi. Then, out of the blue, Bachi started visiting her special friend Liíse, at our house. She was so small that she would run under Liíseís belly and she would take a nip at her heels. We are convinced that Liíse remembered Bachiís smell from when she met Bachi as a pup and that created an unbreakable bond.

First Bachi would come over for play days and then she would get to come over for weekends. One time she got to come over for a whole week and then one rainy day in December, she came to live with her favorite friend Öher sister from another mudder.

The famous duoís love for each other grew quickly, and Bachiís shenanigans included playing Hide and Seek with Liíse, hiding in the bushes and even the ferns. They played together and we would watch in awe as their loving relationship was growing. Liíse taught Bachi how to peel and eat tangerines Ö"Donít eat he peel Bachi, it tastes bad Ė and donít let it squirt in your eye Ė it hurtsÖJust leave the peels here, daddy will pick them up."  Bachi soon discovered lizards. She would find them and announce them to Liíse. They would chase lizards for hours on end, and before we knew it, we had tailless lizards running for their lives . It didnít take too long for the kids to recognize that when it is cool out, they could lay on the brick sidewalk after the sun warmed them and enjoy the warm Florida weather. They both remembered Tennessee weather and this was heaven for them. All they had to do was get mom or dad to let them out so theycould soak up some rays and relax.

Then they discovered what we call wacky seeds. The Queen Palm tree produces a date like fruit that is apparently sweet to the dogís palette. They willingly eat sand if it means they will get a wacky seed. They love them because it makes them drunk. It is so funny to see Bachi do a three legged stand instead of squatting to pee, or trying to sit up straight, only to drift over to one side and fall over. Funny yes, but we try to get to them first so they donít get sick eating them.


Liíse and Bachi are very close. They share their toys and they are always near each other; they even lean against each other when they are grazing. Then there are days when Bachi is in trouble with her sister and Liíse will look like she is scolding Bachi, just like a big sister should do who totally loves her little sister. You know when Bachi thinks she is in trouble with Liíse for not listening. Bachi lays her ears back as if to say, "Mom hurry, open the door, Iím in trouble and Liíse is going to get me."

                                                  "Mom, look at her. Does that look like a face that loves me? Maybe if I look the other way, I wonít be in troubleÖ"

Liíse doesnít stay aggregated with Bachi for very long and soon you will see Liíse give a look like she is laughing at Bachi for all the funny things she was getting into and not listening. Will this little one never learn?  In January of 2011, after talking with Barrie we took Li'se for her spay having waited a number of heat cycles as Barrie suggested because of complications in the surgery, we almost lost our girl. I remember asking God, "Why did You take Miss Kitty last January, give us Liíse Asa for healing and now take Liíse also?" Liíse was rushed to an emergency clinic and was so close to death that the emergency room Vets didnít offer us any hope. They were convinced that she would not make it and they never put her in a cage. Instead they laid out a mattress for her on the floor right where they worked, just to give her that extra touch of healing love. It was almost one year to the day after losing Miss Kitty. We called Barrie and we all cried, we came home from the Emergency Clinic and put Liíse on every prayer list we knew. We later found out that others spread the word that a special Doberman name Liíse was fighting for her life and need prayer. We had people email us for updates to their prayers for Liíse from all across America, Israel, Russia, Netherlands, Canada and South America. She had her own prayer team praying over her life and God worked miracles in Liíseís life. Today, she is a walking miracle.

While Liíse was at the Emergency Clinic, we would take Bachi down with us. They would not let them see each other, but they both heard each other and maybe sniffed each other through the clinic smell in the air. They knew each other was there. They would both cry for each other, and as Bachi cried to her sister, Liíse would perk up her ears and a happy smile would cross her face. This simple act of love was speaking volumes of comfort and healing to Liíse, just by knowing that her little sister was there with her. Liíse was expected to be in the clinic for at least five days if she didnít die, and she came out in three. These Hoytt Dobes are fighters Le'si knew it was not her time.  Just the other day I had to call the Clinic and they still refer to her as, "Liíse, the Doberman girl who escaped death by prayer, a miracle and a will to survive".

The girlís number one priority seems to be letting us know how much they love us and of course, food and treats. Yes, they protect us, and yes they are always there for each other and us, but kisses is a priority. My brother and sister in law were visiting us and they fell in love with the girls. One evening we were sitting at the table and Liíse laid her chin on the table. Joe looked at her and simply said "your chin is on the table". Liíse respected his statement and without missing a beat, removed her head and immediately lifted her paw and put where her chin was. There was nothing we could do but laugh. There is a love language that these kids speak; they love everything they do. Our girls are extremely closeÖ always washing each otherís ears and faces. When they lay down, they are generally touching each other. When one is in trouble, the other one is right there trying to protect her. We often laugh about how they are so joined at the hip with each other.

Thanks Barrie, for our precious girls. Life is never dull with these two, and we would not have it any other way. Thank goodness for the online vet, Dr. Peter who told us about HOH and thank you Gabby and Titan for you will never know how much more love and joy your baby Bachi has given us. We are so blessed!

                                                                                                                                            Rabbi Charlie, Carol, Li'se and Bachi

LIíSE ASA Ė Hoyttís Lucy in the Sky CGC CD ... 1/30/2008

DAM: Hoyttís Piper of the Dawn CGC

SIRE: Contis Rodeo Von Hoytt CGC CD                                                                                                            

BACHI Ė Hoyttís Kiss Ami Hunt ... 5/19/2010

DAM - Hoyttís Hunt for Gold CGC RN

SIRE Ė Hoyttís Tennessee Titan CGC RN CD TDI WAC


One last thingÖ Liíse will gladly get onto the bench seat in the van, but she still does not get on the furniture in the house. Bachi has no such reservations. She will get on anything that offers her a position of comfort, yet she is not totally uncouth. She doesnít just jump on the bed. Usually, she wines or groans, repeatedly, until one of says something or we pat the bed. Then she jumps up, finds a spot and does a full body slam into position. Go figureÖ AND CHEESE??? Train up a dog with cheese and they will forever supply you with enough gas to cool or heat the house.




Hoytts  Mister Tambourine Man CGC

Hi Barrie.  When you asked me to write down a few things about how Dylan fits into our lives, I was super excited.  How awesome to share with the world how terrific this guy is.  My second thought was, ďOh boy.  How do I keep from writing a book?!Ē  The kids in order of age, are Andrew, Jason and Nathan.  Jason is the one who has the super close bond with Dylan and is in most of the pictures with him.  He calls him Silly Dilly and often says, "Who's my pal, Dylan?" while walking with his arm slung over Dylan's shoulders.  Cute, cute, cute! But Iíll give it a tryÖ


So letís go back to 1988.  I received a subscription to Dog Fancy Magazine for my birthday from my parents.  For years, Iíd been dog crazy, and had checked out every breed book and dog magazine the public library had.  For some reason, I was incredibly drawn to Dobermans.  When I started receiving magazines, each month I would put the centerfold poster up on my wall.  My favorite was, of course, the Doberman poster.  It was about that time that I discovered your ad in the back of the magazines.  I swore to my 13-year old self that I would have one of your dogs some dayÖ


Fast forward to 1998, ten years later.  I was now out of college and living on my own.  I thought for sure it was my time.  I sent off for the Flip Side video, and fell even deeper in love with your dogs.  I wanted one like Iíd never wanted anything else.  But life at the time simply didnít line up the way I had hoped.  I knew that I didnít have the time, resources or home to offer to such an amazing dog.  So I settled for a tiny terrier, and tucked my dream away in my heart once againÖ


Now surge ahead to 2011.  Iím married to a wonderful man, and we have two young sons, with a third baby boy on the way.  We each came to the marriage with a dog, both of who were now getting up there in years.  He brought a sweet, but not-so-bright black lab/Aussie mix to the table and I came with an adorable, but not-so-bright Brussels Griffon.  They both loved our boys, and brought us the kind of happiness and companionship that only dogs can bring you.  But then in October of 2010, Mia died, and four months later Bubba, my little Griffon followed her over the bridge.  They were both 11 years old, and both died very unexpectedly of cancer.  To say my family was heartbroken is a vast understatement.  Dave and I made the decision not to get another dog until after the new baby was born, and a little bit older, because we thought I would simply have too much on my plate.  His work takes him away from home for long hours, and often on weekends, and I already had two preschoolers, with a baby due in August.  Well, Barrie, sometimes we make decisions without taking into consideration all of the circumstances.  In this case, what we didnít take into consideration is the fact that Iíd never in my life been without a dog.  Ever.  Oh, how I missed the sound of feet galloping through the house, and the little breathing, snorting sounds Bubba used to make.  Within two days, I knew I was done for.  I simply couldnít BE without a dog in my life.  Logically, I knew it would be difficult, sometimes maddening.  But emotionally, I couldnít cope.  I had to have a dog.  And I knew it was time.  It was my time to have that Hoytt Doberman Iíd always dreamt of.


I contacted you the very next day.  You spent two hours on the phone with me, and we discussed everything from what I wanted, to what I needed, in a Doberman.  You helped me determine exactly what would be the right fit for our family, and you worked with the imminent birth of my son.  I left it up to you, and trusted that you would find the perfect match for us.  I didnít specify anything.  Not color or gender, not aggression, suspicion or activity level.  I told you about my life, home and family, and you did your magic.  It took me about two weeks, and multiple phone conversations with you, before I could commit (i.e. before I could convince my husband that this was a sound decision for us, not one based on pregnancy hormones and emotions).  And then, the waitÖ


On April 1st we packed up the whole crew and took a little road trip to Tennessee.  It was so enjoyable for me to actually come and see your place and meet you in person after so many years.  And it was awesome to be introduced to so many of your amazing dogs.  You sat us down on your sofa, and because you knew my 3-year old Jason was afraid of dogs, you brought out two puppies that werenít much larger than your hand.  They were so sweet, I just wanted to put them in my purse and run when you werenít looking!  The boys loved the puppies and Jason was enjoying himself immensely because they were licking him like crazy.  Then you took them back and came out with an eight-week old puppy.  Oh, what fun!  Next, you came out with a plate of cheese and a couple of your calm, sweet adult dogs.  By that time, Jason was having the time of his life.  And finally, finally, you brought out our sweet Dylan.  At six months old, he was all legs and head, and wearing a crown.  But those eyes said it all.  The second I saw him, I knew that this was the dog Iíd been waiting for, for twenty-three years.  I was instantly in love, and Iím pretty sure my eyes filled with tears more than once.


And now, nine months later, Dylan is a handsome, strapping young man, and is truly like one of my children.  Itís been amazing to watch him grow and develop.  Heís so smart!  He is protective when he needs to be, social when I want him to be, and is the best friend I could possibly give my children.  He and Jason bonded immediately, and as youíve seen in my photos, theyíre literally glued at the hip, all the time.  Jason calls him ďSilly DillyĒ and ďmy palĒ and itís so sweet to watch them together.  Itís like theyíve developed their own dance, and each knows when and how the other is going to move, and moves accordingly. 


When our third son, Nathan, arrived in August, Dylan adjusted like it was no big deal.  There is no such thing as ďcry it outĒ in our house, because if Dylan hears Nathan crying, he will immediately get in my face and give me ďthe stareĒ until I go get him.  I donít even use the baby monitor anymore because thereís no way Dylan will let me miss a thing when it comes to this baby.  He doesnít just love my boys - he LOVES them.  And heís very protective of them, often discreetly positioning himself between the kids and our guests.  He doesnít make a big deal out of it, and remains completely social.  But he always has to be right there between them. 


Dylan has completely converted my former Doberman-hating father.  Dad would come over to visit, and try to ignore him.  Well, have you ever tried to ignore a determined Hoytt Dobe?  Doesnít really work.  Dylan would walk next to my dad in heel position, looking up at him with those huge Disney eyes until Dad patted his head.  Then it was on!  Dylan would then bring Dad every toy he owns (and he owns a lot!), in hopes that Dad would just toss one.  Now, Dylan stands with his head in Dadís lap while we eat dinner together, and Dad doesnít mind a bit.  Of course, he has to be manly about it and say, ďAw, leave me alone, you goofy dog!Ē  But he says it as heís stroking that big, bony head. 


Another unexpected joy that Dylan has brought me is a whole new group of friends, who have truly become like family to me.  The Hoytt Doberman Owners Forum.  The ladies and gentlemen on the Forum know me in a way that only people who love, and have been loved by, a Hoytt Doberman can.  Theyíve seen my kids grow over the last year, theyíve seen my son born, theyíve seen me go through the trials and tribulations of having a teenage Doberman in the house, and theyíve answered my myriad of questions!  And many of them have contacted me individually when they knew I was having a tough time.  Because they care.  What an amazing bunch of people.  I thank you for having the Forum, and for giving us all an opportunity to network with other Hoytt owners.  I believe that it takes a special person to own a Hoytt Dobe, and that you choose only the best to live with your dogs.  I feel honored to be one of those special people.


So Barrie, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the best dog Iíve ever had.  I know he wonít live forever, and that perhaps some day in the future Iíll be the one on here sharing memories of my Dylan after heís passed.  And Iíll be the one sharing the adventures of having a new Hoytt puppy in the house, filling that hole left by my boys growing up and gaining their independence.  But for now, Iím the first-time Hoytt owner, still in awe almost a year into ownership.  I love his mind, I love his patience with my kids, I love that he would protect me with his life, I love that he greets my guests with an open heart simply because I ask him to.  I love that he will set aside his protectiveness to go trick-or-treating with my children simply because they wanted him to.  And that he would set aside his dignity to dress up for the event, simply because it made them laugh.  I love so many things about this dog.  I could go on and on and on, as you well know.  I love this dog, and I love that you chose him just for us.  So emphatically, I say thank you once again!    ERIN





Dirkie Dog

COVER INTRODUCTION FROM MR HOYTT...Now before you move on let me introduce you to Dane's Dreamboy Dirk Von Hoytt CGC TDI RA - Durkie Dog to his friends and family. He had no idea that he was anything more then Dirk Wester the only member of his family who was not short changed at birth like the two legged members. Probably never figured out how they actually got around, never the less Dirk never made them walk any further then they had to without his support. Always watching for the right moments to show them how much he loved them and without throwing them out of balance he quickly was at their side showing them that he hardly ever noticed their maladies.




Dane's Dreamboy Dirk Von Hoytt ~ Fondly known as Dirkie Dog 

The happiest boy we have ever known, the most empathic, and quite the clown.  He loved to camp, perform in Agility and Rally, (and goof off for those who have seen our You Tube channel!) He is sorely missed and will live in our hearts forever....and in his passing; he brought a new family to us - all who have their own Dirkie dogs.

Dane and Noel





     When Snoop was visiting at the kennel he was notorious with the staff for being a head banger- he would indiscriminately toss his head and unintentionally cause many split lips and bruised chins (! ) while playing with those members of the staff whom he missed while he and I were in NY. Even Mommy exercised caution when close to Snoops 'Happy Head". However when he was just cuddled up at home  relaxing and a bit drowsy was a completely different story. Then I was able to rest my cheek  flat on the top of his head and found great comfort there during numerous naps. We would both sigh deeply and fall asleep, each secure and happy to be with their best friend. I  was always deeply honored  and still ponder the scope of their ability to communicate so clearly with us.

    During our last 36 hours Snoopy let me know he was right with me through all the changes, attempted adjustments, heart wrenching realizations and  eventual decisions that had to be coped with. I will always be in awe of how much I learned from Snoopy about him, me and just ...things. Through a grace filled event ( made possible by you Barrie ) Snoopy and I were able to fall asleep together as described one final time the night before he passed.

However, despite both how precious the memories of our last night always will be to me as well as the fact that I miss and think of Snoop every single day I have avoided even a thought about this since the afternoon he left. Each time it might have happened I closed a door on it. I realize now that I feared that any direct contact memory of him would only further highlight his absence, which would be more unbearable. So I just 'generally' missed Snoops presence all the words had been found ( no matter how many times his ' Daddy" asked me ) to write about my boy. I didn't expect much to change.

    But it did.

In those moments between sleep and waking  I realized that I had, in my dreams slept next to Snoop, my head resting on top of his beautiful skull .Safe and sound. It seemed so real.....which explained the peacefulness that I woke with. Moments later and fully awake I knew I had to face the dream and find out how bad the fallout was going to be. After all the unthinkable had happened and it was so real. It seemed he was there curled up next to me just where he had always been for never enough years. It was actually the opposite of bad in terms of fallout. This sudden transition has brought a peacefulness that  feels lasting. My memories of Snoop no longer evoke fear of an abyss. Now my memories of Snoopy are a  comfort to me as he was all of our days together. I don't know why it took till now for me to be able to speak about Snoop but what I can say is....this was worth the wait. It would have helped if I could have known that one day the sting of the loss would lessen a little and that I would see that this did not diminish his absence but allows me to celebrate his life. 

    I hope this is a fortuitous beginning for all of us who will become part of these pages. We , who will show up with our photos, stories and memories to be sure that our furchilds history will be set down somewhere. To note their sweetness ( or not !! ), their abilities as well as their ' special' side and the 'talents' that made each of them a forever heart memory . I'd like to thank you for allowing me to share with you a little about my boy and our remarkable journey together.

   As I am the first documented member I would also like to welcome you to our special group. We share the common thread of loss but beyond that we are, well, us. We will arrive here from a dizzying variety of professions, locations and lifestyles. Each will enter from their own unique place /perspective on this path. For some, like me, this will be the first personal furchild loss while others may tell their memories of ones they shared their lives with twenty or thirty years ago. Despite what our membership here is based on we are not limited. I can see all of us creating a compassionate place that offers a moments rest for those who grieve and insight for all of us but  that this is also a place to celebrate- in all forms- notes, poems, police reports, songs ( hey, ya never know ), photos , sketches-whatever we would like to share. We've been offered a fairly broad opportunity; we can't go wrong. I hope you will join me soon.

                                                                                        Snoopy's mom








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