Now meet one very deserving Hoytt Dobe who is nearing motherhood and could be with her new family this summer. Talk to Mr. Hoytt you never know you could own this outstanding companion who does not have a single habit that would be considered a negative. Great mind, great manners and excellent obedience finishing as a quick study Grand Victor living under Mr. Hoytts rules since she titled.  A bit spoiled because she deserves to be. For those who have been searching for the best of the best in all development areas and can invest in an exceptional creature do talk to Mr. Hoytt.


                                                                                                                                           One Very Special  Offering from Mr. Hoytt

                                                                                      Hoytts Sable Contessa CGC RN CD TDI

                     This Contessa really showed her stuff the week of 6-20-14 right from the start...three times judged three times perfect scores -300 out of 300 combined.  Now Cassie  blessed us on August 13th 2016. And yes we have already begun accepting reservations on the pups. Our girl also gave us all four colors - note that this is our last breeding for 2016 that will have kids who can still make it home before the new year.    






Note this was additional information offered as Cassie's profile when we first announced her availability, she now resides in the Houston area but of course  she came back in to meet her 'man' and back again to have her pups.

 born 8-10-13 ...   This is a very special Young Adult who is many degrees  above our from Grand Victors. More what we  call a Presidents Choice today since after finishing the Grand Victor program by eight months she has been one of my personal group 24/7 more then ten months of additional guidance and exposure to my personal world. Definitely the find of a decade which is how long it's been since I gave up one of my own. Of course this was planned, planed to one day if the situation being offered is right and I know the client she would leave me my Marti and Lex for her own life.

This  very  personal girl who will keep her DOBERMAN side hidden until needed once mature, the added life experiences with further practicing of all of life's rules living in our world  could actually be home in the proverbial blink of an eye ready to do what you ask of her and with your permission go where you go at a moments notice. So as we do with every placement if you have questions about everything from foods to life in your world once you have this Super Dobe or really any of my kids do keep me in the loop.

Cassie when not asked to go bye bye or play ball - her most favorite pass time short of being hugged, petted more just loved up will simply settle down on her own bed  just hang out until you have time for her. She has a great sense of humor and can make you laugh just by telling her how pretty she is and then go back to being a lady. If you work out of your home or take her to the office she will within a few weeks if not days settle into the multiple environments of office and home as if she had been born into your arms. After all she's had the best educators since she was around eight weeks of age. And for sure the added guidance of the Doberman Master. Cassie is a quick study and just needs environmental guidance to learn finer points of what you expect of her. She lives and thinks she's  my girl leaving me only when her teacher requires her presents.

Again she is social but still will evolve into a strong but sensible  guardian - enjoys the attention of the children she's met  and loves ball playing just not totally understanding of all the rules of the ball game. 

 Cassie's knowledge of life in the world of humans and grasp of her on going education to life in our world puts her in a class of her own.  There is one serious condition of placement besides what best would be called her education, the costs for the added experiences with my personal guidance but understand first I must have one litter preferable within a year of placement to keep her Line combination alive.    For those who enjoy a great deal of success in their own endeavors and can appreciate what this Dobe represents and is ready to invest $24,700.00 (all titling related fees included) so lets talk. And I am ready to negotiate for one or two litters and adjusting the payment up front.

                                                                               From this point on you are looking at past pages of our web site left to show off a few more of our special Dobes...All have long been adopted but on an interesting note Sassy Lady happens to be the mother of our first available litter for fall 2016 placement, her daughter Gracie Anne formally Hoytts Golden Girl CGC  on 6-30-16 gave us quite a beautiful litter.   


                                                           Hoytts Sassy Lady CGC RN CD & Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI ... Gracie Anne and Wynston in training - born 4-23-14




Gracie Anne








                                                                                        Paige aka Hoytts Turn The Paige CGC  &  Marshall aka Hoytts Law and Order CGC RN CD TDI

Mothers Day 2014 for Paige was quite a busy day, this wonderful gave us nine little Paige'. Today she's back being the kid -  we could not of asked for in a better mother. And  Lex and Marti became grand parents for the first time. Today her pup London is our pick to bring us Paige's grand kids perhaps as soon as winter 2015.  Note we already have reservations for a great grand daughter of  Paige which could mean well into the next decade (2020) really even some of our clients copy how we plan the future for the Hoytt Doberman.  But for now we are looking for London's future people -  if you have the right situation, are already part of the family and are ready to invest in a special Grand  Victor give Mr. Hoytt a call.



Young Princesses who one day may be your canine Queen






                                                         Roxie formally Hoytts Crimson Orchid CGC & Lex formally Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI

                                                                                                                                                                                     Pups born 5-21-14 


                                                                                                           Just for smiles

Our three black juveniles from Roxie think they are much older trying to play with the big kids as if it were on an even playing field. Of course this play is supervised and actually a first impression test of interaction with dogs not of their age group. The two fawns are Judge who finished the Grand Victor program the last week of November plus at eight months of age he was the youngest in the obedience trials. His people already had a pretty  seven year old named Fate also a Grand Victor. Six weeks after placement the young Dobe has mastered the rules laid down by his house mate Fate and his new parents. Judge is   now home (winters Austin TX - summer Saline MI). Our Sahara is a graduate of SP Level Three and resides in Ocala FL. Sahara born 3-10-14 and out of Jazz and Sparticus both parents by the way also live in Florida difference residence.  

Understand most of our clients have pairs and the newest usually much younger then the residing Hoytt, - We give very specific guidelines based on both the dog in residence and the new arrival, instruction on how  fit he new  younger Hoytt Dobe into the home that already has a queen or king in residence is one more advantage of joining 'the family'.  Sahara will find a young adult SP3 graduate named Boots who seven months ago. Boots left here a "yes dear" man and as soon as Sahara realized the power of being a girl  she reminded Boots of his training at Camp Hoytt. Now on with the newest stars of The House of Hoytt. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Now we get serious 

One of these girls must be chosen for "next Generation" program & placement restricted to establish clients but a price adjustment comes with the contract. Our second girl is available without a breeders contract but we would welcome the right first time family if the owner so chooses to bring this girl also back into the Hoytt Line and for this right we would enter into a financial reciprocation.  One brother Blaze is owned by one of our care givers - he has his own veterinarian. Rex is also spoken for but will be going well past our Grand Victor program to the AKC Open or CDX titling and perhaps even higher. Rex by the way was owned on paper months before the conception. 
















Do remember it is best to introduce yourself, your environment and your expectations first using our Client Profile Questionnaire to show Mr. Hoytt you have taken some time to learn more about the Hoytt Dobe and characteristic variables.     Client Profile-price guide

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