Letter - Apple...Malden, Ma.

Apple...Malden, Ma.


I'm fi

nally getting to give you an update on the Amazing Apple. Let's see...sweet, beautiful, well behaved, friendly, unique, funny, the list could go on and on. Apple is doing wonderfully. She fit right in to our household right off the bat. She made this place her own from the moment she got here. Now we are the proud owners of two Dobes and Apple made friends with our boy, they became fast friends. My husband's parents are also proud owners of a Hoytt Dobe - Bruno and he and Apple have play dates often. Hoytt Dobes know how to get along with other dogs, whether they are from the ranch or not. They just know how to behave. 




Let's talk about how beautiful our girl is. This dog is a show stopper. Her colors always get a lot of questions from people in the pet supply store, on walks, or wherever we go. What a beautiful Fawn coat.

 She is loved at the bank, the donut shop, our son's school, etc. Since she is a Dobe, people are always hesitant as to whether or not they should approach her. I assure admirers that she is super friendly and loves to be petted. Once people get to pet her they fall in love. We often hear that she has a calming power. Everyone melts when they are near her. Don't get me wrong, Apple is very, very feisty. You told me a couple of times during the buying process that Apple was "quite the personality". That is an understatement. She seems to have non stop energy for play, running, outings or wherever we want to take her. Not to mention that Apple is the fastest dog I've ever met. No dog can catch her. She takes off like a bullet and the other dogs lose steam while she just keeps going. Perhaps that's why she is in perfect shape. Not an ounce of fat or loose skin on her. Not a wrinkle or a crease. 


All in all, Apple has become my close buddy. I try to take her with me as many places as I can because she's great company. She is up for anything, but also knows when to simmer down and go to her bed. I look at your site often and admire all the Dobes. One is more beautiful than the next. Thanks so much for offering these dogs to the world! 11-8-12