Letter - Brie



 Hoytt's Life's a Breeze ~ Best Dog Ever:  That was our Brie. 

Our family was on the hunt for a companion, protective dog to fill the void of our very much loved Golden Retriever.  Our search lead us to Barrie and his "kids". Friends of ours had a Doberman and raved about her... We thought, what's all the fuss - it's a dog. We had no idea! Little did we know or understand until we got our girl. We didn't bring home a dog, we were brought home "another child." 

Our Brie was 18 months old and had to be returned to Barrie due to owners serious health issues that forced her momma to give Brie up.  From her arrival Brie never left our sides.  She traveled the United States with us, went out to dinner with us, and became an avid shopper.  Where ever we went, people would stop us and pet her, complement us on her and make over her... all of which, she loved.

She owned the neighborhood and her back yard - she was never afraid to let anyone know who lived in this house, and don't try coming in without being invited.  Several servicemen and our gardener learned that the hard way...

Brie was the most devoted, loving dog we ever owned.  Her intelligence never ceased to amaze us, you could see her thinking... ( and she was always smiling)  She died at age 11 - about 2 years ago.  It has taken us this long to come to a point where we can think about adding back to our family ( replace is not the word - she could NEVER be replaced).  We turned to Barrie and his "family" once again and are now anxiously awaiting our boy, Colonel.  Soon to be delivered.  We expect nothing less than we had with our Brie.  Even better, now that she taught us to be better parents and people - the undying, unconditional love of a dog.  No human should ever be without it.

Walter and Dana 

Phoenix, AZ