Letter - Dylan - Loved Family Doberman


Hoytts  Mister Tambourine Man CGC


Hi Barrie.  When you asked me to write down a few things about how Dylan fits into our lives, I was super excited.  How awesome to share with the world how terrific this guy is.  My second thought was, “Oh boy.  How do I keep from writing a book?!”  The kids in order of age, are Andrew, Jason and Nathan.  Jason is the one who has the super close bond with Dylan and is in most of the pictures with him.  He calls him Silly Dilly and often says, "Who's my pal, Dylan?" while walking with his arm slung over Dylan's shoulders.  Cute, cute, cute! But I’ll give it a try…


 So let’s go back to 1988.  I received a subscription to Dog Fancy Magazine for my birthday from my parents.  For years, I’d been dog crazy, and had checked out every breed book and dog magazine the public library had.  For some reason, I was incredibly drawn to Dobermans.  When I started receiving magazines, each month I would put the centerfold poster up on my wall.  My favorite was, of course, the Doberman poster.  It was about that time that I discovered your ad in the back of the magazines.  I swore to my 13-year old self that I would have one of your dogs some day…


Fast forward to 1998, ten years later.  I was now out of college and living on my own.  I thought for sure it was my time.  I sent off for the Flip Side video, and fell even deeper in love with your dogs.  I wanted one like I’d never wanted anything else.  But life at the time simply didn’t line up the way I had hoped.  I knew that I didn’t have the time, resources or home to offer to such an amazing dog.  So I settled for a tiny terrier, and tucked my dream away in my heart once again…


Now surge ahead to 2011.  I’m married to a wonderful man, and we have two young sons, with a third baby boy on the way.  We each came to the marriage with a dog, both of who were now getting up there in years.  He brought a sweet, but not-so-bright black lab/Aussie mix to the table and I came with an adorable, but not-so-bright Brussels Griffon.  They both loved our boys, and brought us the kind of happiness and companionship that only dogs can bring you.  But then in October of 2010, Mia died, and four months later Bubba, my little Griffon followed her over the bridge.  They were both 11 years old, and both died very unexpectedly of cancer.  To say my family was heartbroken is a vast understatement.  Dave and I made the decision not to get another dog until after the new baby was born, and a little bit older, because we thought I would simply have too much on my plate.  His work takes him away from home for long hours, and often on weekends, and I already had two preschoolers, with a baby due in August.  Well, Barrie, sometimes we make decisions without taking into consideration all of the circumstances.  In this case, what we didn’t take into consideration is the fact that I’d never in my life been without a dog.  Ever.  Oh, how I missed the sound of feet galloping through the house, and the little breathing, snorting sounds Bubba used to make.  Within two days, I knew I was done for.  I simply couldn’t BE without a dog in my life.  Logically, I knew it would be difficult, sometimes maddening.  But emotionally, I couldn’t cope.  I had to have a dog.  And I knew it was time.  It was my time to have that Hoytt Doberman I’d always dreamt of.


I contacted you the very next day.  You spent two hours on the phone with me, and we discussed everything from what I wanted, to what I needed, in a Doberman.  You helped me determine exactly what would be the right fit for our family, and you worked with the imminent birth of my son.  I left it up to you, and trusted that you would find the perfect match for us.  I didn’t specify anything.  Not color or gender, not aggression, suspicion or activity level.  I told you about my life, home and family, and you did your magic.  It took me about two weeks, and multiple phone conversations with you, before I could commit (i.e. before I could convince my husband that this was a sound decision for us, not one based on pregnancy hormones and emotions).  And then, the wait


On April 1st we packed up the whole crew and took a little road trip to Tennessee.  It was so enjoyable for me to actually come and see your place and meet you in person after so many years.  And it was awesome to be introduced to so many of your amazing dogs.  You sat us down on your sofa, and because you knew my 3-year old Jason was afraid of dogs, you brought out two puppies that weren’t much larger than your hand.  They were so sweet, I just wanted to put them in my purse and run when you weren’t looking!  The boys loved the puppies and Jason was enjoying himself immensely because they were licking him like crazy.  Then you took them back and came out with an eight-week old puppy.  Oh, what fun!  Next, you came out with a plate of cheese and a couple of your calm, sweet adult dogs.  By that time, Jason was having the time of his life.  And finally, finally, you brought out our sweet Dylan.  At six months old, he was all legs and head, and wearing a crown.  But those eyes said it all.  The second I saw him, I knew that this was the dog I’d been waiting for, for twenty-three years.  I was instantly in love, and I’m pretty sure my eyes filled with tears more than once. nd now, nine months later, Dylan is a handsome, strapping young man, and is truly like one of my children.  It’s been amazing to watch him grow and develop.  He’s so smart!  He is protective when he needs to be, social when I want him to be, and is the best friend I could possibly give my children.  He and Jason bonded immediately, and as you’ve seen in my photos, they’re literally glued at the hip, all the time.  Jason calls him “Silly Dilly” and “my pal” and it’s so sweet to watch them together.  It’s like they’ve developed their own dance, and each knows when and how the other is going to move, and moves accordingly. 





When our third son, Nathan, arrived in August, Dylan adjusted like it was no big deal.  There is no such thing as “cry it out” in our house, because if Dylan hears Nathan crying, he will immediately get in my face and give me “the stare” until I go get him.  I don’t even use the baby monitor anymore because there’s no way Dylan will let me miss a thing when it comes to this baby.  He doesn’t just love my boys - he LOVES them.  And he’s very protective of them, often discreetly positioning himself between the kids and our guests.  He doesn’t make a big deal out of it, and remains completely social.  But he always has to be right there between them

Dylan has completely converted my former Doberman-hating father.  Dad would come over to visit, and try to ignore him.  Well, have you ever tried to ignore a determined Hoytt Dobe?  Doesn’t really work.  Dylan would walk next to my dad in heel position, looking up at him with those huge Disney eyes until Dad patted his head.  Then it was on!  Dylan would then bring Dad every toy he owns (and he owns a lot!), in hopes that Dad would just toss one.  Now, Dylan stands with his head in Dad’s lap while we eat dinner together, and Dad doesn’t mind a bit.  Of course, he has to be manly about it and say, “Aw, leave me alone, you goofy dog!”  But he says it as he’s stroking that big, bony head. 

Another unexpected joy that Dylan has brought me is a whole new group of friends, who have truly become like family to me.  The Hoytt Doberman Owners Forum



The ladies and gentlemen on the Forum know me in a way that only people who love, and have been loved by, a Hoytt Doberman can.  They’ve seen my kids grow over the last year, they’ve seen my son born, they’ve seen me go through the trials and tribulations of having a teenage Doberman in the house, and they’ve answered my myriad of questions!  And many of them have contacted me individually when they knew I was having a tough time.  Because they care.  What an amazing bunch of people.  I thank you for having the Forum, and for giving us all an opportunity to network with other Hoytt owners.  I believe that it takes a special person to own a Hoytt Dobe, and that you choose only the best to live with your dogs.  I feel honored to be one of those special people.


So Barrie, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the best dog I’ve ever had.  I know he won’t live forever, and that perhaps some day in the future I’ll be the one on here sharing memories of my Dylan after he’s passed.  And I’ll be the one sharing the adventures of having a new Hoytt puppy in the house, filling that hole left by my boys growing up and gaining their independence.  But for now, I’m the first-time Hoytt owner, still in awe almost a year into ownership.  I love his mind, I love his patience with my kids, I love that he would protect me with his life, I love that he greets my guests with an open heart simply because I ask him to.  I love that he will set aside his protectiveness to go trick-or-treating with my children simply because they wanted him to.  And that he would set aside his dignity to dress up for the event, simply because it made them laugh.  I love so many things about this dog.  I could go on and on and on, as you well know.  I love this dog, and I love that you chose him just for us.  So emphatically, I  say thank you once again!    ERIN