Letter - Marti


Formally Hoytt Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD - She's all I could ask for in a great companion but I'll refrain from further bragging with the following comments.  I expect as much 'wonderful' in my   personal Dobes as I seek for those who have welcomed Hoytt Dobes into their heart. and my Mart  was everything I could of asked for plus.  Today  London continued to carry on Marti's Line's qualities, actually Marti gave us  Hoytts Turn the Paige and inturn I chose one of the girls who became my London. London would bring in the next generation .  From Paige came my London formally Hoytts Bridge to my Heart and this year  two of London's pups   now adults  will  bring in the next  generation.   The pair of London's pups Hoytts Sweet Child of Mine CGC BN CD TDI and  Hoytts Sierra Sky CGC RN CD will bring in  the fourth generation continuing our tradition of blood line protection.  

Barrie Hoytt