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Today's Hoytt Dobes have evolved from over 20 generations of structured breeding every relative in their family tree  since  the late eighties were  create and placed by Mr.Hoytt.  Everything about each of our breeding pairs are or were known personally from their health to temperament, style to intellect; we know our Dobes like no other breeder of canines in the world today. No other breeder has created an unbroken chain .

Note our girl Diamond on the left was photographed at her family's home. However  while  being developed before placement none are allowed on furniture or like Lex we do not allow  the client  Dobes in training to learn the art conning us into being our bed partners - these are after placement preferences.

  Added Bonus Pre-birth training discount when your to-be-born future pup will also be entering either our Custom Young Adult, Grand Victor or Presidents Choice program.

             We remind viewers that we also accept  reservations long before conception,  Most future sires and matching dams are selected by genetic matching many times before they have  even finished their initial puppy medical services. It's a must when you maintain a private Line or one day we could find that certain Line combinations that took generations to build are no longer available.    As a bonus to those ready to reserve their future Hoytt under our PRE-BIRTH DISCOUNT and are also considering  one of our advanced pre-placement training programs we offer a 5% discount on both the pup and training programs*  when you reserve with a $1000.00 deposit.

*the 10% pre-birth discount  is shown at time of deposit. Should you choose a higher or lower training level once your pup as been selected the bonus will be adjusted accordingly.   

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To those who take Lex's photo (top right) seriously note the boy exaggerates for he only thinks he's had more then six dates - but he's got a great imagination. And just for fun here is baby Lex one of his sons now residing in Arazona following graduation of the CYA CGC programs. This youngster is out of Pearls who owners have promised us a second litter - this retirement litter will be born spring of 2017.


      The girls - page updating as details change


The girls in waiting announcements - 'dates' planned in 2017 to 2019 are always an on going process since we have to know two or more years in advance what Line combination will bring in that future generation and then of course we have to patiently wait for nature to bring the girls to that special moment in time. Also in many instances when a young female usually right after weaning  is chosen to carry on her Line combination many times we have to select a young male with the Line combination needed to create "the next generation".

 To better understand our situation consider my own first Dobe Ch. Hoytt's Poco CD who passed away in the mid sixties, Many generations later in one of my unbroken bloodline combinations came my Marti formally Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD TDI who's  daughter Hoytts Turn the Paige CGC brought us our next generation. From this litter  came London formally Hoytts Bridge to our Heart CGC RN and today with Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI will keep their bloodline links strong.  And from this will litter will come a male that one day in late 2017 will represent his sire Lex.

 London and Lex will become parents and in late December 2015 and sixty something years after my Poco passed away the newest generation of Hoytt Dobes will come to life. These Dobes are just an example of how we can rightfully state  the Hoytt Dobes Lines are the most protected bloodline from outside influences in the Doberman world. 

Hoytt represents what Line Breeding is all about.  So if in fact 2017 is the year you welcome a Hoytt Dobe into your life or you learned you have the only home with just one Hoytt Dobe in residence and are ready to correct that oversight, now may be the time to reserve your  kid. Remember some of our mating are based on advanced reservations which also helps our breeding plans for the more imitate future.  And for those who follow this page closely know that Roxie formally

.                                                                                                   *************************************************************************************     






Keep in mind that those who reserve a one of our Dobes in advance of it's birth can gain  a 10 percent discount based on both the pup and training programs.  Do know we already have accepted pre-birth reservations for 2017. some dating back to early 2016 by personal choice.  For detauils see:  Cost variables and discounts



Gracie Anne formally Hoytts Golden Girl CGC TDI ... This is one sweet girl and what a sense of humor plus from early on  into her education we knew she was a Quick Study  like her dad and mom. And for sure  she's passed these qualities along with the sires style confidence energy level and socilabilty - excellent examples of the breeders art.  Follow the  Availabe link below and meet these  young Dobes who are well into their educational programs and can be finalized to meet your environment.   Gracie Anne now lives in Bristol Illinois. On June 30th  2016 she gave us eleven little prizes who now are in training - go to

Before Gracie Anne was three months old  I knew this was the girl who would carry on her families genes qualities - great Dobes for more then six generations - actually more then six but the point has been made. Again we offer only Dobes without nay greay or unknown weaknesses from structure to temerment. That's what Hoytt's all about. and keep this great Fawn Line strong. Gracie's mom has been a client since the mid seventies , have taken part in earlier  breeding's with both her previous girls giving us a litter each.  Gracie's mother Sassy formally Hoytts  Sassy Lady CGC RN CD and her sire Troy formally Hoytts Quest for Troy CGC RN CD  are also outstanding examples of the Dobe in fawn and still Gracie is from a dominantly black Line which helps keep the colors rich and the coat excellent.  Gracie Anne accepted a son of Marshal as her mate (well at my encouragement). Of course while the girls have to do all the work her other half Hoytts Great Pretender definitely helped.                                                                                                                      blank page



London formally Hoytts Bridge to my Heart CGC RN CD* is one of my personal gang but may one day head to a new family but I may keep this wonderful creature for myself.  Perhaps if I do decide to place her you just may be her new 'people', time will tell. But that's not why she's being introduced. On May 27th with her life long beau Lex formally Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI - sorry but the pups were reserved literally before conception except for Mattie who will bring us our "NEXT GENERATION" in 2017 or 2018.  This little beauty is available to established clients only after she finishes her Rally program but my first preference would be to take her through the Grand Victor Program.  However this would more then double her Rally program price so I'm open to placement at Rally unless she is finished in GV before the right person or family calls.



Hoytts Sable Countessa CGC RN CD TDI & Hoytts Law and Order CGC RN CD TDI(Cassie resides in Hempstead TX with established clients, clients who many years ago allowed their Sam formally Hoytt's Texas Twister CGC RN CD to give us our 'next generation' - Cassie is a grand daughter to Sam).

Cassie gave us eleven new Hoytts on 8-13-2016 - see who may be avaiable and nearing completion of their training. Available  Information



 Hoytts Gift of Love CGC RN CD & Hoytts Great Pretender CGC RN  

As projected Roxie with Magnum (who has taken position for his dad Marshall) gave us "the next generation" on 12-10-15 - Reservations Closed.  See  Recently Reserved  or Placed Hoytt Dobes      Available  Information

Roxie an American Bred Dobermans

Annie will bring in her line combination around April 2017


Maddi will become a mom in early summer 2017



Hoytts Unspoken Rule CGC - Pearl  will be bringing to life little pearls in early spring 2017.  We remind viewers that we will accept  reservations long before conception , know we plan our matches at times years in advance since most future sires and matching dams are selected before they have  finished their initial puppy medical services. It's a must when you maintain a private Line or one day we could find that certain Line combinations are no longer available.    As a bonus to those ready to reserve their future Hoytt in advance of birth and may also be considering  our pre-placement training programs we offer a ten percent discount on the pup, services and training.  Cost variables and discounts






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Remember we offer pre-birth discounts                  Check here for Pre-Birth Discount





Now meet the 'men' that will help bring our next generations to life and a look at Rex formally LexLin's Rocket Man von Hoytt who will take over for his sire Lex formally Hoytts Electric Cowboy.







                                      Hoytts Law & Order CGC RN CD TDI

Now residing in Friendsville Tennessee.

Marshall...or Mr. marshmallow as his family sometimes refers to him. Only owned a few months when his  folks took him on his first vacation. I understand he was quite a hit where ever he went and always a gentleman.  An outstanding competitor in the obedience ring who only stops waging his tail if he thinks you are upset with him and then he simply wants you to forgive him.   He is one of our special "next generation" boys who lives less then fifty miles from the kennel.  This boy helps us continue the heritage of his line and still has a family life. While we have begun to watch for a son of Marshall to take on as the master of his Line, for now Marshall is top Dobe having stepped in to represent his sire's Line combination in 2013.  

Titan formally Hoytts Tennessee Titan CGC RN CD WAC   Marshall's sire was retired following Marshall's step forward.  Titan was part of my personal group until his retirement a five stepping into a new life with a thirteen year old Hoytt red head named Chloe who had  lost her Hoytt house mate of twelve years.  As the new boy to the family Chloe did not welcomed him into her family circle for a few months. But Titan was one of our yes dear boys and within a few weeks she accepted him into the family circle and which by the way also included eleven cats. Quite a surprise to a dog who only knew two felines.    his self into her heart and from that moment on they were the best of friends until her passing a year later. and for a few months Titan also walked into a life with eleven cats or ten more then he knew existed.  A definite "Yes dear" kind of guy who  bonded quickly with his new family and for the next six years  lived the life of a Titan.

Original Presentation...If we can place this young man, keep him on stand by for a few years and you are an established client within 50/100 miles of the kennel do talk to me. However  please note unless you are retired and can bring him to us when he's needed I must limit the distance between us.  As his name nick names implies he is both quite the lover yet his formal name represents his other side. A  ready to defend his people Hoytt Dobe who  at 105 pounds can back up his guardian qualities. One of the boys initially kept until he could help bring in "the next generation", As soon as we take him in front of the AKC judges and formalize his titles  Marshal can head home , be the companion and the guardian  he was created for.  Great even with our Terrorist kitty who will run up and jump in the air , put his paws around Marshall's neck and hang on for a moment then runs off...no not Marshall but BC -our latest feline trainer.

As big as Marshall is he was handed over to an eight year old (a staffs child) at the kennel who  he out weighed  by about 30 pounds, the young lady walked ( heeled) him out the office door to a two acre yard ( the yard with the famous rock) than in the  yard at no time did the leach tighten up and as all our Dobes trained before placement  no paw touched the child.  Quite a gentleman who loves attention once you've been welcomed into his circle.  His AKC evaluator commented on his wonderful personality as well as the way he worked - even though the test was done at a kennel he's never  been to with people and breeds of dogs he's never met or even seen before.  Even though some of the tests as scary as they can be to those being tested for the first time he always wagged his tail and held it high during his heeling exercises and pranced more then walked.  When asked by  the evaluator ( not part of the test ) to give her a kiss after  the testing he quickly obliged.  His version of bringing the teacher an apple. I should add that if you read the Forum you will learn from those who were in attendance at Marshall's first two dog shows that he was Mr. Social and each day he scored 98 out of a total 100. And again his happy tail never stopped waging. In early August, Marshall again headed to obedience trials this time south of Atlanta at a four day cluster show*.

With his gained knowledge of the world outside through his  past exposure to the confusions of the crowds both in public during his training toward GV he first stepped into the ring in Nashville gaining his Rally then later that fall attended a cluster show in Atlanta. Outstanding success  - walked out of the Atlanta ring a new Grand Victor and gained his place in American Kennel Club  record books. Six times presented to the judges and six times a winner not a single disqualification.  When an established client came in  to discuss their next Hoytt Dobe having lost their LUCKY born in 2001.  Marshal met his future mom on 9-9-13 when she came in to finalize selection and discuss the development program of their next Hoytt but fell in love with Marshal  so begins Marshall's step into his life adventure for he now lives just an hour from the kennel and interestingly just six miles from a now retired "next generation" Hoytt Dobe named Sonny - Hoytts House of the Rising Sun CGC RN CDX WAC who was trained, shown and titled before placement - Sonny was two years of age at time of placement with his planned breeding retirement  following our Lex being chosen to carry on for his sire. One point of reference while we rarely use our sires past five when under a contract placement but when necessary we have brought in at least three nine year olds over the last twenty years to reinforce their Line combination.  All three were used only once and from their breeding came "the net generation".   That's Marshall's story.

For all who follow the progression of our pups to placement and beyond know that Sonny Hoytts House of the Rising Sun CGC RN CDX WAC gave us two of our other male stars now with families. Hoytt's Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI aka Lex our personal boy and  Hoytts Son of a Gun introduced next but each boy had a different Line combination on the females side.   

Now here's an interesting point - ads that say "American Bred" mean just that ... bred in America which is very different then  seller of Dobes who were bred & born in America. These dogs are   American Dobes with no import linage  for four or more generations.  Should you seek  true import stock be sure the seller is actually just offering a mix - but a mix of American and ------ is not automatically a negative since in the end it really is more who the actual breeder is and their knowledge of the breed that makes one dog better then the other. 

**Cluster shows are formed when different clubs get together in one location and each sponsors their clubs performance and/or breed competition. The next cluster show we will be attending is south of Atlanta the 20th thru the 23rd August 2015. Feel free to call Hope for details 865-397-9887



                       Hoytts Son of a Gun CGC RN RE CD TDI

Our Ross had just left the obedience ring were he took highest in class when his future owners inquired about his availability. His new mom and dad have an obedience school in Maryville TN, and belong to the  Oak Ridge Kennel Club plus mom is also a American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator.   Note: with the exception of mom attending DobeFest and evaluating those ready for the test we use outside evaluators who are not part of the House of Hoytt staff or a client.


Note Ross impressed our Hettie enough to gain a number of very personal favors during their last date - on Thanksgiving 2014 the truth came in guise of nine Pocket Protectors.  And first and foremost these youngsters will evolve into the greatest of personal companions and be your best buddy home or traveling.  Also consider bringing a few minutes of love into thoughts who are not in an environment to allow ownership and step into the world of Therapy.  

Now too if you have interest in competition obedience check AKC  Obedience Competition  and meet a few of an exclusive group of teams that are in a class of their own. 



                                 Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI


Marshall, Lex, Royce, Spartacus , Ross  and Rex being our next generation 'men' to carry on each of their sires Lines . Of course their sires previously carried on their sires Lines - actually these guys are the next step toward seeing the Hoytt Dobe reach it's hundred year birthday.  And part of the "next generation"  are more detailed physicals from Halter Monitor, EEG, Ultra sounds, Echocardiograms plus the regular heath tests .  After all is said and done the best companions* are those with great personalities, that can absorb earlier educations, retain what they learn and quickly bond to their new people. All to better live in our world both at home and outside the home - the world of humans. And all in a physical package that give you a Dobe who looks the part of a cover dog in the World of Dogs magazines.

The added educations  and degrees are not to interest outsiders to ask for mating service for we do not offer stud service outside our bloodline but to show off  the comprehensive as well as competitiveness of the Hoytt Dobe.  The obedience ring to us is "the test track of the mind" Now for those outside our lines looking for breeding services go to the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) or the DPCA. Understand we educate because these Hoytt Dobes are "the best of the best" and that means mentally as well as every other quality necessary in great companions.  Each of our 'next generation" Dobes have their own family just like Ross formally Hoytts Son of a Gun who left us for his own family last year and Marshall who joined the Wood family just before DobeFest 2013. Of course Lex is my boy and while it's been almost a year since he's had a date a beautiful young lady named London  is his most recent date.  Estimated whelping date a few weeks before DobeFest 2015.


Hoss formally Hoytts El Toro Grande CGC RN CD CDX TDI



Rex formally LexLin's Rocket Man von Hoytt CGC RN CD TDI will be stepping in with his half brother Hoss formally Hoytts El Toro Grande CGC RN CD CDX to carry on their respective Line. - We won't tell their dad Lex.




Samson formally Hoytts Pillar of Strength CGC RN will be introduced in the spring as Ross successor but no dates until next year - for now Samson has to concentrate on his schooling. A privately owned boy who finished his RN the week end of August 15 2015 with a first place and score of 99 (out of 100).  Acquired as a pup and one of the youngsters introduced at DobeFest 2014 (See: AKC   Competition ) his daddy has been his primary educator for the obedience ring with private sessions with Mr. Hoytt and his team leader who also is Samson's show handler.  An added note from the moment Samson's family sent in their Client Profile his  daddy has promised to back his Hoytt boy  all the way to the DPCA Top20 and beyond.  Of course Samson's mom did the hard work teaching the boy home rules and house manners. Over all Samson is a family project.


Pictures to follow


Magnum ...


                This handsome boy is our Marschal - formally Hoytts Law & Order CGC RN CD TDI "NEXT GEMERATION" son.

                     check out the impressive discount offered. See:  Cost variables and discounts



House Of Hoytt