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July 2016 deposit arrives for a Custom Young Adult with the Canine Good Citizen Certification from west coast folks who purchased their first Hoytt Doberman twelve years before. An eight week old pup from our Jersey Girl and Lex was selected - her call name would be Xena. Fast forward to early November twenty third (day before Thanksgiving) our driver picked the youngster up for a four hour drive to Atlanta. Since she was a CGC graduate Xena was able to ride free in our VIP conversion van, (no travel cage for her) laying on her bed she could have watched TV but probably just chewed her bone and played with her favorite doll toy.  That same afternoon after a 254 mile road trip to Atlanta and a 2201 mile flight she was met at LAX ( Los Angeles CA) by her new family. The photo of Cody and Xena was taken by the family the day after Thanksgiving, just 48 hours after joining her new family. No other breeder/trainer of Dobermans world wide can offer this level of success.


Also meet Ezra formally Hoytts Eyes of an Angel, one of our Dobermans who also went through CYA CGC program before placement. While the situation is "night and day" different from Xena the success of Ezra's placement shows we select and developed our Dobermans to fit each situation. Ezra's owner is single, retired and with sight impairment. Today a major group of our buyers are retirees.    The letter you are being directed to was written just eight days after placement the beginning of 2017 further pointing out how each situation's variables are taken seriously by us. Please go to "Straight from our heart". Know that you are reading letters directly from those who put perhaps their second longest relationship in our hands for the following  seven to fourteen years after placement have welcomed in more then just pet into their life.  These letters and dozens of others found throughout our site all profess extreme satisfaction.  Our success comes from personal knowledge of each available Hoytt Dobe's background in combination with our educational experience and of course understanding the buyer. After selection of the pup we build to your life requirements not simply push an available  dog who may have been presented as the kennel owners personal dog.   

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