Straight From The Heart

Straight from our heart

Barrie Hoytt here...The few lines boxed below were written by Snoopy's mom, this part of her letter  best tells why 'Straight  from our heart' was created. Daily I speak with clients who have the most wonderful stories but few come to me in written form however all give me permission to talk about their 'kids'.

Now comes a place where when the moment is right and the words flow they will not be lost and that's the rest of the story.  So whether you write the life story of your Dobe or give something that fits a Valentine Card  give your kid it's fifteen minutes of fame and feel free to return for encores. Now meet the newest star then scroll down further to read about more of our Super Stars.

"Straight from our Heart".

Each representative of the folks who came to Hoytt seeking more then just a pet for these owners were seeking all the greatness of the breed with the individuality that combines to create the perfect fit for their environment.  

Barrie I read your letter to the group just before bed last night and fell asleep thinking of all the people who would be sharing their stories and memories soon.

I was also wondering why I hadn't been able ( in three years ) to think of a single thing I could put into words about one of the true and greatest loves of my life. Thank you!   

SNOOPY - It's a must read too.

Below are Stories from our owners, some are about the kids just coming home, others are about how the much loved family member impacted their life.

Ezra - "Love at first sight"           

Dieg - (Hoytt's Sharp Dressed Man)

A Most Wonderful Creature My - Gracie Anne

Lori - 11 year Old Will Be Missed 

ZURI - Assistance Dog

Major - established clients







Jelly Bean

Apple - Malden, Ma.

Sir Winston

Li'se and Bachi


Noel & Danes Amazing - Dirkie Dog



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