The Hoytts of Yesteryear


Pictured above the 1974 award winning photo originally called "The kiss" will now be known as "Pals" changed in 2009 to allow the firefighter photo taken in the late nineties to retain the original newspaper title "The Kiss". 

The two 'pals' here are Heath Hoytt three years of age and Hoytt's Bewitched better known as Samantha* age five. This photo has also graced the cover of the Doberman Pinscher Club America  1977 calendar and of course what better way to present the personal side of this breed then with the lithograph found further into this site. Check it out, it's an outrageously great piece of work.  3/21/09

* Samantha was our child until Heath came into our lives.  A fully aggressive who outsiders knew as Mean Sam for just reason. Within a short time of Heath entering our lives, Sam became a his best 'bud' and the guardian to all the little humans who were welcomed into our home. Upon her gaining her wings six years later seven children came to our home with every flower they could find and placed it around Sam as they said their good byes. To the kids she was the smartest, toughest, funniest and most affectionate creature they had ever known, their first special canine relationship.

Barrie Hoytt



 Notice the little doberman, that was before Mr. Hoytt was given Poco CD when he was 11.