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..well CiCi made such a hit that Carol & Wayne Stephens part of Team Hoytt in October welcomed her into their family. Three hours into the evening their other two Hoytt Dobes had welcomed her into the family circle. Here's what we had said about our CiCi when she first made YouTube.


"If your first thought was why is CiCi still without a family all I can say is a good question. Actually, the right caller has yet to step up. Usually, a buyer will reserve one of our current owner less kids and then ask this question. My answer to the purchaser - you just called. Only about half our Dobes are reserved prior to birth, many times it has to be because of our strict breeding availability since most of our Dobes will be educated before placement - simply put we are not sellers of puppies releasing babies after weaning but of course we do allow placements as young as 12 weeks following full medical services...this year we have allowed six clients to bring our version of a pup home but we needed to know the adopters personally because these youngsters should start their homeschooling literally the day after their arrival. With over fifty years of genetic profiling, Hoytt Dobes are not just pretty faces ready to attach themselves to their new people but also have early comprehensive qualities not normally found in the canine world today".


NOTE: point of reason. The books, trainers and web writers who think it right to let a dog have six months or more to accept an education in living as family or more time just being a puppy may be okay for some owners but a great mind on its own will develop bad habits that must be corrected before learning the true complexities of the human environment. Of course, happy confident pups during their life from about four weeks when they start seeking more than mom's attention to eight weeks should be encouraged to just be kids, this is why we have so many children allowed to be a part of their life and our Dobes in training before placement, after that, the great Dobes need to have what we call jobs. As they master fun games and life's rules they become more and more an extension of the human world.


Personal comment from Mr. Hoytt ...while we have evolved from a general service kennel for all breeds through the sixties to a private Line Doberman kennel today who serve only those we have created we have learned that every breed is different. Many breeds or combinations of breeds may not be capable of basic life rules as talked about here so the overview we just presented are the capabilities of the Hoytt Dobe today.


In general, breeders and RESCUES may have a million-dollar dog available if you can find it but most can not be profiled so you must rely on luck. - Know some folks who have Hoytt Dobes also have other mixes or breeds from the general population breeders or brokers as well as Rescues but their pride and joy are their Hoytt Dobes.


Client expectation is the driving force behind our success.
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 - Delilah & Major pup born 11-12-18 in the Grand Victor Program ... plus like Minda, our CiCi will in 2020 reach the DPCA Top20 - now home with Wayne & Carol Stephens ... members of Team Hoytt.  


Family Information:

Mother - Delilah - Hoytt's Gift from the Heart

Father - Major - Hoytt's Gift of the Soul




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