Remington ... born 11-17-18 - With his family in Lancaster SC photo to go into his site, learn about this boy & see his video


  Our boy Remy has just finished his obedience and home program and while he's made trips off the property including Bass Pro, we are now working on the final travel experiences to ready him for his trip to his new family.  Excellent personality for the family or individual who wants a smart, handsome Dobe with a quiet sense of humor, who will be content to just hang at home with his people but a trip to town won't find him jumping around or barking at the world outside. Of course he will be watchful in a gentlemanly way unless of course as he learns who his new family is and social behaviors then sees a person as being both too close to you behaving strangely his DOBERMAN ancestry will 'wave' the stranger off.  He is a gentleman by birth with patience so if you are more a home body this is the guy to consider. He has many friends here including weekly visiting children as young as seven and adores their attention even when four of the kids come at the same time - its just a bit more attention and he loves being loved. 


Birth & Family Information:

Born  11-17-18

Mother - Liebchen - Bart's Little Darling Von Hoytt

Father - Kodiak - Hoytt's Kodiak Ursa Major 


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