Fredrika...Hoytt's Angel in Disguise - Cody WY / 10-13-18 Rika is home


Name - Rika - I'm working on how to present this exceptional red girl with a personality to match that will be a knockout adult. And if you've not owned a Hoytt red know ours are fiery bright and maybe about 10 years they might show a bit of coat lightening.

Update she will be heading to Cody WY as soon as she finishes her CYA program. On arrival she will find Echo a four year old Hoytt that knows who the queen is. Yes we will be preparing Rika on how to behave with Echo - actually it's teaching the young Hoytt Dobes heading to homes where one or more Hoytt Dobes are already settled in how to respect the older Dobe until welcomed by those already in residence. Know that only a few of our clients own just one Hoytt, most have a pair not place together while we rarely agree to a three Dobe residence. 


Note we have many clients that have welcomed in mostly small Rescue types so it is not rare to have a client with a pair of Hoytts and two even three smaller breed types, even a cat or two as Rika in pur first photo shows and by the way Rika had only been in her new home ten days when this photo was taken. 


A word from Rika's new mom - 10-19-18 Rika is doing great...can't imagine life without her.


Birth & Family Information:

Born: March 24, 2018 

Mother - Liebchen

Father - Kodiak



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