Available Dobes - being updated by 1-9-20

"Client  Expectation  is  the  driving  force  behind  our  success"


 Oh boy nine babies!...Our youngest are just four weeks old, five boys, four girls all black & rust. Individual photos due 1-10-20.

For those by plan or luck who have pre-birth reservations; "CONGRATULATION TO US ALL". But many months can pass since birth and we still may have a Dobe who has not been spoken for since our Dobes are matched to the clients situation as well as callers expectations. 

My Caspian formally Hoytt's Defender of Honor BH CD CGC was actually the last available in his litter. I point out here that from the first to last AVAILABLE, placement is based on dozens of variables - actually I am "the Doberman Profiler". Also know that there are times when an available Hoytt Dobe happens to not be in "AVAILABLE" so do check in. buffy-pups-and-ellie-3-.jpg

Barrie Hoytt's grand daughter with her Buffy's pups - everyone napping. 


Wow...How did we all get to 2020 so fast. Actually I as you will notice I have just a few kids available now for placement or least within weeks of being reserved. From east to west and north to south 2019 graduates are home enjoying their new found fortune which for them is measured by the love they receive and rewarded by them back with the love they return. But my Dobes are born, when after so many months they reach their families and I receive so many thank you photos and I see what I promised them at birth came true. My success is profiling reality of 2020 is that this is my sixty fourth year of being their when the new born Hoytt well. First who will be dating who and the who will be given the option of ownership.

  . Over January we will begin introducing our first babies for 2020 and know our next litter will be born in March so for sure we welcome your correspondents, but please take the time to first fill out our Client Profile. Thus when we do talk we both will not be talking to just a name.

  Now each year we try to plan our mating's from late November through spring for placement through the year after the varied educations we add by request or by our own planning

To call our office the general information number is 865-397-9887 or to set up a conference with Mr. Hoytt.   If you are already family feel free to call Mr. Hoytt directly on his private number or text his cell leaving reason and time to call you back.   Thank you for this courtesy.     

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