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     Client  Expectation  is  the  driving  force  behind  our  success"


                                                                    Hoytt  Dobermans -  The all American Line.



                                                                    "Hoytt's All American" is a Colorado resident with a Veterinarian mom


AVAILABLE DOBES - see  Natasha & Storm along with our Thanksgiving babies from Beau & Calli


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        Check this striking redhead named Shelby who gave us our 2nd 2020 Rainbow litter and our Storm shown further into this page. 


















STORM - available


shelby-fawn-boy-rhys-2-012.jpg storm-11-21-20-007.jpg




















   Natasha - formally Hoytt's Poetry in Motion - AVAILABLE




 Check out these paired young adults below ... red and fawn housemates very rare & quite striking. Oh and these two do have family. 


 We remind our first time viewers that none of our breeding pairs have been kept kenneled but are our clients pride and joys. Each leave their "island in the sun" to be parents for five weeks, well the girls anyway - (the boys only have to hang out here for a few days:).  Without our client's help with Hoytt Dobes to carry on the Hoytt Line I'd not have my London and Caspian today and there would be no Line Bred Hoytt Dobes so this web site would simply be full of mixed line ( not meaning mix breeds ) Dobermans from international brokers & American breeders alike - as seen on the Internet today.                   

Also all our Dobes are true American breeding since the mid eighties when every Dobe behind the Dobe being offered carried the Hoytt name meaning in that year and to this day we created, befriended and placed every Dobe since then. From that point in time each pup from the day they open their eyes have many friends here both adult and children to bring them to placement age. In time each is matched to its life partners who are just as special - go to our Monthly Newsletter and you will better understand what this last comment meant. I remind the reader that we have created and placed every Hoytt Dobe over the generations since, allowing us to do genetic profiling when choosing a future pair just as we will have done for the last forty years with the Hoytt Dobes presented on this page and throughout this presentation. 

The future owners of Hoytt Dobes can also be sure we have not cut corners in creating each Dobe. Add that even our medical services before placement and our Team are by far unmatched in the dog world in both care and training.

And once more we remind the reader that we offer a 10% pre-birth discount on both the pup and training.

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To call our office the general information number is 865-397-9887 or to set up a conference with Mr. Hoytt.   If you are already family feel free to call Mr. Hoytt directly on his private number or text his cell leaving reason and time to call you back.   Thank you for this courtesy.


  Placement time & cost projections for Shelby's Storm


       Interested in pre-placement training after medical services - prices include room & board                                       

  Puppy Kindergarten ...$975.00 – middle of December...pup must be reserved before weaning. This is  limited to adjusting the pup to the collar and lead, walking on lead, sit and going up open and closed stairs ways but social time with staff and staff children is still part of their life here.

Serious bonus you are not walking around bent over for weeks while the pup that is just 10 to 14 inches at the shoulders, teaching these basics. In effect just how many times in thirty/forty minute sessions can you touch your toes or walk bent over then straighten back up without medical or an assistancences help.


Super Pup Level One includes Puppy Kindergarten program and at least seven basic behavior rules...cost $1,995.00 … end of December                                                                                               

    Pup Level Two … includes Kindergarten and SP1 cost total $3,995.00...Mid to end of January...By knowing initially we are adding SP2 we can start including steps toward SP2 while still working on SP1 to get the kid home sooner. 


 Custom Young Adult Program ... with or without CGC ... around Valentines Day - again we can begin certain exercises while in earlier courses to shorten the placement time a bit without short cutting the actual training exercises - includes all the above programs...Total cost - $5,995.00 - CGC adds $560.00


        Presidents Program ... costs and placement depending on the client requested additions and where the new kid may be in its education when reserved. Cost from $7,995.00 to $11,995.00 CGC adds $560.00


Grand Victor ... availability depends on when the American Kennel Club feels it is safe to allow more clubs to again complete in AKC competition for grading. Final cost will include all above programs, months of additional refinements real life experiences plus show related costs, travel costs and handler fees all over and above in-house development fees.

This is a program that rewards a buyers own financial successes, one who also has the patience of a saint for GV's rarely are sitting next to me with their travel bag packed when the interested party calls. But of course you will never know until to speak with Mr. Hoytt. 


                                 "2021 is here"    


With the exception of Beau and Calli's litter born 11-23-20 our final whelpings for 2020 will whelp in mid December.   Please keep in mind our 2021 placements will be born in Our 2021 Spring & summer matched parents, our 'girls' are due to whelp from late November thru Christmas.  with the exception of our Buffy & Caspian litter which is projected to be our first births in 2021. if 2021 is your plan to bring a Hoytt Dobe into your life or add your number two, do reserve as soon as you are sure for our next breedings will not be until spring with late summer and fall projected placements.     

         Note we have already started accepting reservations for Minda, Callie &  Calli's kids. Remember we offer a 10% pre-birth reservation discount on pup and all service programs up to and including the Grand Victor and for the first time reader every Hoytt Dobe is AKC registered dating back to 1958.  


It also may be possible for us to add the Canine Good Citizen Certification program as early as Super Pup Two but for sure most CYA graduates and higher can be certified before placement. This addition will have to be discussed with Mr. Hoytt or Carol since this is a great advancement for your new kid any age but for sure from about 20 weeks of age. Quite a jump start for the future and an added plus when you spend most of your time traveling America or Therapy &/or Service Dog certification is in the 'kids' future.

Added Advisory...For those who prefer to have the real American Kennel Club CGC Certification not just a computer print out claiming a dog is "Certified anything" bought on line for a couple hundred dollars. We have the team ready to take your Dober kid to great heights with actual AKC documentation ... the paper seller does bother to worry about testing a dog's knowledge. The dog's owner simply says the dog is trained and sends a payment. The canine does not even have to walk on loose lead as required during the actual AKC test, let alone behave like a gentle creature in public or know all of the required obedience exercises unless of course you have to show it's working video or work the dog in front of the courts because you got caught with false documents or the front desk knows the document is fake.   



Caspian - Hoytts Defender of Honor BN CD CGC                                      London - Hoytts Bridge to my Heart BN CD CGC 


 Greetings family... London, Caspian as well as my team wish you all the best. 

 In case you knew I called a halt to DobeFest 2020 because of the pandemic. I decided it best we look to 2021 for our ninth DobeFest. Do know in the world of "Hoytt" our clients have kept us up on life in today's America. Over all 'the family' has been very fortunate and since I have enjoyed a great year here at Camp  Hoytt, I would like to think so far those in our communication program also have stayed safe in their personal Islands in the Sun. So guys be as safe as you can and do plan to attend our October 2021 gathering. For sure as long as I don't try one more of those extreme motorcycle trips I'm known for, I be there too.

                                                                                 God Bless Mr.H





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