Available Dobermans

  Our projected placements for the first half of 2019 are alive , well and born. Watch our "Available" page for photo updates on the kids. 

Ask about our new training discounts for 2019 placements.


NOTE  :Who plans months and sometimes years ahead? 


Established clients for sure who know what the Hoytt Dobe is all about as well as folks who have been searching for a Dobe that fit all their expectations; rather than a Dobe that is just a generic example of the breed.  For our clients who are reaching for another star, or their first and can invest in their interests, be patient while their American Bred Super Dobe is selected and finished to meet their educational preferences - all will be well rewarded. For a quick reference go to our Monthly News Letter and see for yourself what life of a Hoytt Dobe after placement is all about.

So, when sound mind, personality, energy level, style, as well as the finer points like: preferring to be at your side when time allows or being ready to join you at a moment’s notice are important to you then you've come to the right "house".

Do you want a Dobe to sit next to you or to go for a relaxed walk; or perhaps a game of catch the ball when the time is right?  Are you searching for a Dobe that can be both social and yet aloof when the situation demands? Perhaps you do not want a Dobe who may be the more independent type, but one who has the patience that when you don't have time, it will wait for you to get time.   

While you may find that special Doberman on this page, keep in mind that many of our Dobermans are reserved before birth for either the new owners preferred placement date or required by Hoytt to select from a certain yet to be born breeding combination to meet your requirements.  The breeding combination is how the Dobe will get the best mind, personality, and structure; then in steps during evaluation that perfect placement will be presented. Of course there is also an exceptional medical completion program already in place.

Seriously, if 2019 is the year to add your first or next Hoytt Dobe to the family, now is the time to reserve  and we offer for 2019 a new training program incentive discount on our Dobes and services. Please know we have been accepting reservations for our 2019  placements long before many of today's pups were born. Some are reserved by choice, others by our direction. 

We do not keep in our kennel what the world calls Brood Females but contract privately owned Hoytt Dobes both males and females who are already enjoying the good life. The fact is that even Mr. Hoytt's personal Dobes come from Hoytt Dobes already enjoying family life. 


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