Special Offerings Dobermans

A "Special Offering" DOBE that fits your needs IS simply a lucky find for you?

 From the "cute" and very young Super Pup graduate to the prestigious Grand Victor, one would think we have nothing great left to offer, but we do!  While we have never been able to come up with a single formal title that does justice to the Hoytt Dobes offered under the Special Offering group, each of these guys deserve great homes.

These special kids are neither pre-owned or problematic, these are our ALMOST PROMISED. If you've read who we are and what we offer by reservations, you can understand that the youngsters that are reserved by clients at a young age must come first. Sometimes Life Happens - - Sometimes circumstances change or preferences in color, sex or general circumstances in general.  In some cases finances may change for a person or family who orders a pup before birth. Financial changes present a need to rethink the addition to the family. 

In the worst cases, a kid is left alone due to the worst case such as a severe illness or death. These are the reasons for a possible re-home for a pup, and a chance for you to get a "Special Offering".

My Special "Special Offerings" Story  ---  My Marti,  a Special "Special Offering" of Mine

Special "Special Offering" My Story

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