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For all who have spent years hoping one day to welcome a very special Dobe into their life, take your time and learn more about this breed by going back to our MENU once you've enjoyed seeing our youngest, while you learn how we use genetic profiling to help create today's Hoytt Dobes. Thus for some folks who have the expectations, patience and of course can invest in our programs, give us the honor of selecting and finishing a Dobe matched to you, your environment, your expectations and the preferred as an adult, it's degree of sociability - all in a very stylish creature. A Dobe who has a sense of humor and yet retains it's guardian qualities are called Hoytt Dobermans.

For sure study our pre-placement educational programs too. After all we are also known for titling the youngest competitors gaining degrees in the AKC obedience ring. Our way of simply saying "we are the best of the best". See our pups and our latest Dobes to completed our Masters Course at BHoytt@youtube.   Lucifer and Lucy or around the kennel "The Lucys". So for all who seek a kid that seemingly knows your next wish before you ask, know its quite enjoyable having an outstanding example of the breed that will make you laugh while you know you still have a Guardian who always keeping an eye on life in its family circle. 

Of course having an expert who will take the pup through medical services and schooling before placement may be a bit much on the budget paying at one time so you think you better start with a pup and pay as you go. Hopefully you also hope you can find the people to help you. However we understand so readers since it takes us months, even years at times to create these exceptional creatures that look like they should be on the cover of a breed magazine, here's our version of time payment that will allow you chosen services before placement.

Basically while we are creating or building your Dobe, set up a monthly payment you will be comfortable with that is designed so your new Hoytt Dobe is paid for about a month before the kid is ready to head home. We will give you an approximate placement date for planning once we have all the information we need related to selection and finishing.  


Updated 11-21-21... we have some cool surprises including special discounts for our established clients in 2022


               Special Offering

Find Bella & Liam further down this page - We are also very interested in Bella creating a new generation and ready to reward her future family. Details to follow 11-23-21

Liam                                                               Bella




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            "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"            

  WOW...Know that the Hoytt Dobe Line is the oldest living blood line in American Kennel Club history.




  Miska & Kodiak above will be the grand parents around Christmas 2021


AURORA - formally Hoytts Aurora Borealis CGC 

Here's one beautiful fawn from the pair presented above who is as golden as her fawn brothers and sisters as well as her grand mother Gracie Anne. And Aurora like her mom will give us a rainbow litter. Note Miska with her other half Kodiak are now both retired but for those who already know the greatness of the Line this may be the right time to reserve your number two. Now let me wave the flag do check our RESERVED and meet Kodiak & Miska's retirement litter. A full rainbow and for sure no white dilutions. Well actually there has never been a white Doberman born to one of Mr. Hoytt's Dobes and that covers at least sixty years of leading the House of Hoytt. So do check out his litter born 4-25-21, the younger brothers and sisters of Aurora including Mr. Hoytt's new girl "Q" who will bring in the next continuation of this Hoytt Line in late 2023.

We are pleased to announce Aurora had on 10-28-21 accepted a romantic interlude at camp Hoytt with a very handsome and personable boy named Darwin.

. Now scroll down the page and see what all who watch our site have been waiting for. Babies from my boy Caspian and a black natural eared jewel named Luna formally Hoytt's Eastern Star CGC.   


aurora-formal-7-7-21-dsc09991.jpg                                        Please note - for those wanting a Hoytt in Fawn or Red be the                                                       second family to reserve formally one of Aurora's kids.  *******************************************************************************                                              Caspian formally Hoytt's Defender of Justice CGC RN CD TDI                                     


















               LUNA formally Hoytts Eastern Star CGC                                             

























                                                                                                                       Now here are our new parents pups BORN 9-24-21.  Sired by our own Caspian formally Hoytt's Defender of Honor CGC RN CD & Luna formally Hoytt's Eastern Star CGC (a Jersey girl). Do keep in mind about one third of our Dobes are reserved before birth by folks who are simply great planners or patient enough to wait until all they seek in mind and body becomes a reality after all these folks are planning on their soon to be family member that will be with them longer then most marriages last.  

Four pups already have owners who will continue to be patient during the services the family has requested. Final presentation to those with reservations will come around six weeks of age. These Hoytt Dobes will be placed only after they have completed our extensive medical completion services and their chosen education.  


 Many of our clients reserve well in advance for placement in 2022 and we have one kid already reserved for placement 2023. Note if you open the photo files on pups born in 2020 and into 2021 you will notice most of our Dobes have been reserved by established clients who mostly understood the advantage of reservations.

                                                 And here's the pleasant surprise. 

For those already clients, to show our appreciation for your continued honorary membership of the Hoytt family, we are offering from births after December 31st 2021 and until further notice through 2022 a $500.00 DISCOUNT* on all the kids who stay for any of our educational programs including our puppy kindergarten  which actually means if ordered before weaning, the youngster will be just 16/17 weeks of age at placement - still a very young pup but one who knows who they are and has a rudimentary on lead obedience program to lessen the new owners need to walk around for weeks bent over while teaching their eighteen inch tall kid the first lead work. You will also receive on all levels of training the kid goes through a video of each level it has learned even to the highest program known as "The Masters Course" with their final video taken when receiving title during the American Kennel Club judging for its title or titles.

Established client discount would mean a Kindergarten graduate would be just $1000.00 over the cost of the medically completed Hoytt pup

* Depending on the combined costs of bringing a pup through the course chosen we must advise our readers that we may find this discount too great in this Covid 19 environment. But right now we are pleased that we can further thank our established clients with not only the exceptional Dobe they expect but with this extreme discount no matter what level of training is chosen without raising the costs of medical services as well as our training programs.        

If you are an established client just call Carol Stephens and she'll arrange a time you and Mr. Hoytt can chat. But if we do not know you do go to our website at HOYTT.COM and complete our Client Profile. Of course now that you are into our site take the time to learn about our genetic selection, the many inherent personality variables we use for determining who goes where and of course the many services we offer before placement. Oh and while the world now has Dobermans being born in every country and is no longer the exclusive German creations, the Hoytts have kept the original German Lines dating back to the forties and since the mid 80's all non-Hoytt Dobes were eliminated from the bloodline - go back to our menu and open "HOYTT DOBERMAN BLOODLINE INFORMATION" you will see that every Dobe listed carries the bloodline name HOYTT.   

Now for those who  prefer to be their own expert we definitely are not the people to turn to but fear not there are dozens of sellers across the country, from those who own the female maybe even the sire to those who buy their pups for resale via US & international brokers all hoping the next call will be yours. 


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