Bed Overstuffed 43 inch


Personal sleeping and relaxing area

 Bed and Relaxing Lounger is Overstuffed Only for Hoytt Customers

If you are having the kid educated before placement from SP2 and up, this is a must.

The Hoytt Dobe arrives home and/or the office and knows just where to settle in.

We use our stock to teach your kid to be nice with their beds and show them before placement these are their own personal space. But they will share with their family so do not stay away from them while they are on their bed.

So of course, you are welcome to join the kid - the newly educated fresh mind arrives and is ready to share its space with the family.

Should you have a multilevel home, two or more areas in your home that you spend a great deal of time in i.e. home office, den, media room, library or if you plan on taking your Dobe to the office perhaps you might wish to do what many of our clients have done.

Order one 43-inch round mattress for each of the important areas and do not forget the SUV or the folks you spend week-ends with.

It keeps the 'kid' organized. It's the Dobes own personal space.

Additional discounts for multiple beds (Call the Office for Details)

Color Choices are: Red, holly, khaki, plum, gray, blue, denim, tartan...My color choice even knowing the ladies have different ideas when it comes to color coordination than the guys, to go with the toughest and the denim is as tough as the jeans we wear. 

Now the dogs that like to fluff their beds, adjust what can't be adjusted by tearing most types up, now give you something to smile at.

Product Features: 

Size: 43-inch round

(Also comes in a 53 inch for 2 dobe family)

Added Details

They are so intent on getting their bed shaped just right before settling in, never giving up until they have every crevasse adjusted while from our point of view we see little change. 

Fortunately, while most other dog beds end up looking like the couch in a James Bond movie after Spectre agents took a knife to it looking for "the list" or the room ends up looking like a set for a Christmas snow scene our beds remain intact.

Add that we wash bed covers three to four times a day during the first week of a new group of pups beginning their house manners program and the covers retain their color.

But yes, they can wear out since there are 360 something nights of adjustment in just one year, but you will be impressed.

Product Features:

Over Stuffed

Durable material

Big enough for a dobe to relax and get comfortable

Heavy Duty Zipper

Washable Cover Zips off for washing

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