Have a Safe Thanksgiving for All

Keep Your Best Friend Safe on Turkey Day Leave the Bone

Beware that in a plate of leftovers could have a small bone you are not aware of -

or the lucky - unlucky at this point Wish bone.

Here are the dangers you will face if your friend ingests a bone in scraps by accident and it goes badly.

Why Bones Are Bad

No bones about it, that’s not a good idea. Cooked bones can splinter, puncturing the digestive tract.

I always advise against giving dogs poultry or fish bones.

Rib bones and pork bones also splinter easily.

What about other bones? Beef bones can shatter and perforate the intestinal tract or cause an intestinal blockage.

Blockages can require emergency surgery to remove the bone.

Large or oddly shaped bones, such as T-bones, can become stuck in the esophagus, causing a dog to choke, or elsewhere in the intestinal tract. Beef vertebrae also can get stuck in the esophagus.

Choking can be a concern with dogs who gulp bones without chewing them thoroughly. And a dog canBREAK A TOOTH chewing on a bone or COW HOOF. That can mean an expensive repair or extraction by your veterinarian.

Still not convinced? Here are five more good reasons to avoid giving your DOBE a bone:

  • Bones can cause bloody mouth or tongue injuries.
  • Round bones can become stuck around your dog’s lower jaw and may require a veterinary visit to remove.
  • Bone fragments that pierce your dog’s stomach or intestines can cause serious bacterial infections that are difficult to treat and can even be fatal.
  • Bones and bone fragments can cause your dog to become constipated.
  • Bone fragments can be sharp, causing pain and bleeding from the rectum as your dog passes them.

ADDED TIP: Watch the garbage VeryCarefully during cleanup and while cleaning the turkey carcass.

Dobermans can be very sneaky at getting bones from the garbage.