Bone & Clutch Ball Kit


Bone & Ball Flight Kit

This Kit Includes: 

1-12" Pressed Rawhide anxiety/fun Treat 


Product Description:

Looks like a bone but is layered rawhide pressed together under 45,000 to 75,000 pounds of pressure.

Product Features: 

Lasts longer than tied raw hide.

Manufacturer handpicks the best of their stock just for us.

Not the pressed bones that are filled with left over floor cuttings.

Size: 12 inches x 3 inches


1-Big Red Clutch Ball 

Product Description:

Red Clutch Ball with indentations for easy gripping.

Both an interaction toy & personal entertainment, you throw the ball, you retrieve the ball while your Hoytt Dobe marvels at your intelligence. Of course you could train your Dobe to at least compromise and bring the ball to you, which we must admit is what families usually do. 

Product Features: 

Red in Color

Triangle Grip Notches

Heavy Duty Tear Resistant Latex

Squeak Built in

Size: 14 inches around 

Size: 5 inches





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