Camp Hoytt picture Tour

Camp Hoytt 

We regularly are complimented by visitors on our park like setting and as the photos that follow suggest even the Dobes are impressed.


Above photo credits - Cookie formally Hoytts Lady of the Lake CGC 


Walking Tour

Front Lawn View After The Rain

Front Entrance From The Main Road
View Down Main Drive To Gate View Across Front Yard From Main Drive
Overlook Of Front Field From Main Drive Main Drive To Gate House
Front Gate Closed Front Gate Open
View From Gate House View From gate House toward office
Gate To Front Exercise Field The Crew Greeting Mr. H
Office Entrance Left Side Of Office Looking At Yard
View Of Yard From Office View Of Yard Between Office & Main Kennel
Front View Of Main Kennel Steps To Office Side Door
View From Between Main Kennel & Office View Between Main Kennel & Office
Side View Of Main Kennel Walk Between Main Kennel & Office
Main Kennel From Back Side View Of A Side Training Yard
Gate leading to upper show rings North Exit
A view of Douglas Dam - kennel five miles to left Lower Agility Field
Lower Agility Field Lower Agility Field
Obedience Ring Upper Training North Yard Obedience Ring B
Camera View Of Whelping Room Mr. H Getting To Know A New Litter
Once weaned and medical services are complete the young one heads to

the Super Pup Wing where with a room mate they will reside when not in school.

View From Mr. Hoytt's Office of Super Pup Wing
Overlooking Super Pup Wings exercise area View of main kennel from Super Pup kennel
Their Sleeping Area is 48 x 96 - heated floor on cold days <        Play Area To Left
Large Indoor Play Area left 8x12 Plus Sleeping area - right -

Viewed from their dog door

TV & ceiling fan in each Suite - suite 12 x 12 sleeping area to left

Only channels allowed Disney & National Geographic (:

Door Dog Access To Run From Each Suite Napping In The Afternoon Sun

Part of visitors area

A Typical Greeting In The Office

Another Office View