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Babies due end of July 2020


  At the end of this page we have added Mr. Hoytt's boy Caspian will later this year help bring in a new generation in 2021.




Most future owners dream of the day that they finally bring home a cute healthy seven or eight week old Dobe, the foundation of their dreams finally becomes a reality. Doing their research first they found or even have a veterinarian they trust with their new 'baby' and already talked to pup's doctor, discussed what the little one will need, even have the next three to four visits before crop worked out. Maybe even discussed the costs of each visit from the office changes to the actual services preformed. An added plus if their vet of choice will be doing the kids ears have figured into their budget from the pre-surgical examination, the Anastasia, the actual surgery, in clinic care if required, even the costs with follow up such as stitch removal and re-taping all has been figured in and the approximate total is known but do check out our medical program - it's a great plus. And you never had to sit in the waiting room. 

                                                                                                         Fall & Winter 2020

The second step after genetic matching and birth - Our Medical Completion program added before placement. Without the 10% pre-birth discounts the pup will be $4,465. Reserved before birth $3995.00

Building the foundation that protects years into the young Dobe's life.



Introduction to our pre-placement medical protocolsTo assure that you and your Hoytt  Dobe have the best chance of excellent health well into adulthood we will have taken care of all primary inoculations, secondary medical services and the pup's surgical requirements. Down to no visible tail stitch scars preferring each Hoytt looks like it was born with a short tail. And of course dew claws have been removed without any damage to ligaments.

Not available through other sellers due to its complexity. The process that we follow is most impressive and quite valuable however before the pair chosen are mated each has been seen by their respective veterinarians and all have had the 24 hour Holter Monitor evaluation. Plus during their pregnancy they will automatically receive parasite medication and at midpoint a change in their diet. A week or more before whelp each soon to be mom will arrive and begin to settle back into life with us at Camp Hoytt. Those who visit and all those who attend DobeFest will tell you all the Hoytt Dobes think of me as their another family member and of course staff here during their development also are given the same honor.  

1...two weeks of age Strongid wormer

2...three weeks of age parasite check - worm if necessary

3...four weeks of age parasite check - worm if necessary 

Note this is a very mild treatment 

4...five weeks of age Parvo vaccination only with Nobivac Canine 1Pv

5...six weeks of age Panacur wormer this is a three day program. weeks of age Duramune Max 5-CvK

7...eight weeks of age BronchiShield Oral Canine Bordetella + Stongid wormer

8...nine weeks of age Duramune Max 5-CvK

9...ten weeks Panacur wormer over three days

10...ear crop using front-view-qb-2.jpgQuick Brace quick-brace-earcrop.jpghead-cone-04.jpgour puecho-formal-032.jpgOur pups do not need to go home wearing a CONE or TUBE after crop because of the QB design requires no cone or neck wrap...and most of our Dobes are cropped unless client requested natural ears before a pup turns eight weeks.

Note we will keep teaching ear stance using Quick Brace while with us without added cost to the owner. week after crop stitches are removed - during this time pups only allowed to play with one litter mate supersized play during this week of healing - Our vet applies the Quick Brace right after surgery, before the youngster goes to recovery.  The Quick Brace is applied immediately after crop and the healing is accelerated. 

12...twelve weeks of age if still with us training starts - most of our clients will want us to add one or more levels. 

13...twelve weeks of age Duramune 5/4L + Strongid wormer

14...sixteen weeks Duramune Max 5/4L in case the mothers natural immunity has been blocking the earlier inoculations.

15...Rabies vaccination after sixteen weeks of age

Nail trimming using Dremel weekly for injury prevention - gets the youngster a bit more comfortable if owner follows up.

16...automatic worming every eight weeks after 16 weeks of age while with us. Young dogs examine things on the ground more and are also receptive to parasites and a few very dangerous viruses when out with their people early in the inoculation period. where other dogs have marked the area or just left a 'pile'. Note we start teaching both not to jump up on us nor allow them to poke around the ground when in their class.  

Fecal examinations when necessary since taking the dog off our property while with us might pick up parasites. Everything we do is to prevent possible problems rather then waiting until it's obvious. 

Not only will our programs save you time and money related to vet fees associated with trying to match our program we are helping to remove the risk you run of taking a completely healthy pup to a veterinary clinic and acquire what you were trying to prevent. 

Unfortunately clinics can't have separate areas in most clinics for the healthy dogs coming in for services - WHY? Because few owners want to sit in the same area of other dogs who may have transmittable diseases even knowing their dog might have what you don't want.Then too there are so many dogs who are far from being dog tolerant and your Hoytt Dobe could innocently be injured just being excited that he may have found a new canine friend and after the other dogs show of aggression the Hoytt Dobe may become nervous when non-canine friends come into view after that, for the Dobe could lose some of it's innocents. The same when at a dog park the happy Hoytt Dobe faces a conflict. 

We have veterinarians who are clients and even the clinics we trust for services still can only react after the fact without knowing a problem dog is coming in advance and advise us accordingly.  So add our services before placement and life is less trying besides the time you save not driving to and from the vets as well as how much time your time is worthwhile waiting to be seen. The bonuses just keep adding up including knowing the best medical services were part of your Hoytt Dobe's development.

So while a few of you bring your new Hoytt home right after our medical services, we will have made sure whatever should also be added during it's education will be taken care of.

Take time to read our Health Testing Medical Services and Discount Programs and see just how on target we are in providing the best possible start for these magnificent creatures. If you have questions do ask. Now add the care we give during completion of our medical service programs, plus the product cost as well as the Veterinary assistance needed and you can see where part of our fee enters into our final pricing.

      With a pre-birth discount our pups are $3,990.00 includes veterinary service costs for the program we just presented including post surgical care for the three weeks following crop. New for 2020-21 if you reserve a pup before eight weeks of age we offer incentive discounts on all training levels. 


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 Dr. Lynette Atkins DVM & Dr. Sam Thompson DVM  Letters To Barrie Hoytt


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