DobeFest -2016

DobeFest 2016

Barrie Hoytt here,

Once more we had a great time at DobeFest many attendees have gotten to come every year since our first DF in 2001.

Each year new faces both human and canine have joined this private get together.

The gathering of a most unique creature and their owners.

For first time readers - Attendees have come from all points in the United States and as close to just down the street.

Join us for the only thing better then meeting other Hoytt Dobermans are others like yourself with the stories and photos of life with their Hoytt Dobermans. The camaraderie of such an exclusive group will leave you with the gift of wonderful memories the rest of your life and after the first great day at the House of Hoytt we reconvene just a few miles from the kennel for a relaxing evening of socializing and dinner.  As the day ends after rejoining those we met at the kennel earlier we are ready to relax. This evening in one of east Tennessee's most beautiful parks you can look in all directions away from our group and all you see for miles will be the evening glow of the moon across Douglas Lake below.

Watch as the darkening silhouette of the Great Smoky Mountains begin to fade in sight but never in memory.