Dobermans and Cardio Research


As the creators of the Hoytt Line we use the history of the Line to determine which combination of Sire and Dam we will use to produce the next generation. Our history of the Line is based on and continues to result in a form of genetic structuring 'experience'; experience gained  from generation after generation of already structured breeding for everything from Dysplasia to Wobblers Syndrome, from Von Willebrands to thyroid problems (no incidences since the early eighties) add personality, style and other suspected genetically controlled areas including longevity, personality, style and even what we know as a sense of humor all come together in today's Hoytt Doberman.

 We believe based on  the amount of Hoytt Dobes living almost twice as long as the average we have been very fortunate but like anyone who has a great companion canine we want more.

We are pleased that we have made great strides on our own since passing the early eighties** but when it comes to the heart we need Cardiologists who truly know the Dobe. This aspect of veterinary specialization now has a number of Universities directing their efforts in finding the reason why so many of the popular breeds are facing these varied heart conditions but Washington State seems to be on the forefront of this breed specific research.

Go to our Index page - find - Health Testing and Medical Services to learn what North Carolina State is doing today to aid breeders when choosing their pairs to be mated related to heart health.

In October 2010 Geneticists at the Veterinary School at Michigan State accepted our offer to bring the Hoytt Dobe into their program  focusing on Dobes over eight years of age. This gives us two opportunities to help find the genetic cause of these thought to be inherent diseases while retaining the intellectual and physical qualities as well as the sense of humor our Line is known for.

Keep in mind the Hoytt Dobe has been protected from outside influences for more than six generations, we offer researchers more than a generic example of the breed, we offer our firsthand knowledge of the health, intellect and physical attributes going back to the true start of the Hoytt Line. 

This first hand knowledge has allowed us to predict what a Dobe will evolve into during it's adult life, the health researchers today can now use the  same background knowledge in their research. In effect once they isolate the causative gene or genes that are the cause and effect related to the heart, the Hoytt Dobe representing a controlled bloodline theoretically has a "straight line effect" and could expedite the elimination of Cardiomyopathy. 

We also are part of the North Carolina State DNA research program and Dr. Richard Vulliet Veterinary Medical Director at ReGena Laboratories and professor at UC Davis who heads up research in Stem Cell replacement.  

So, guys and gals you who are already 'family' give your 'kid' an extra kiss for your Hoytt Dobe is now part of the first research program utilizing a traceable bloodline that dates back to a time when yearly registrations with the American Kennel Club were under 100 litters a year, that was around 1960 most offered by the big specialty kennels of the time. In 1978 litter registrations for the Dobe topped 10,000 mostly offered by  private breeders (97%) and the ability to use knowledge of previous generations to plan a breeding was lost to all but those who created their own bloodline.                                                                                                                        Barrie Hoytt 

REGRET THEIR PHOTOS WERE LOST - Now read about Maximilian who at fourteen years young he and his 'mom' came out of retirement joined the S D T Club of Montgomery C. Pa. and in early 2009 stepped into the obedience ring a team who together in the coming months received two titles along with the Canine Good Citizen certification becoming the oldest canine to not only begin title training but disprove the adage about old dogs not learning new tricks. Of course in no way is  obedience a trick so if you had thought your canine was too old to learn anything but how to beg, think of Max.

*Some of the conditions we know as inherited can also be incurred, meaning extremely serious Frisbee players twisting and turning like 30 ponders, our hikers, competition jumpers or a simple missed step walking from the refrigerator to their place in front of the 'fire' can bring on the same complications. And of course if we are graced with long enough life we as with our canines are receptive to arthritic problems. Even heart problems can come about from more advanced age or regretfully chemical ingestion remember the 200 plus dog food recalls a few years back and more recently new warnings. Their life is as delicate as ours so the more we learn about our body and our canine's the greater chance at better health. For our clients we are a central information center, if we don't have an answer we know who to call. 

** A private bloodline e consists of three or more generations where the same kennel name is  part of each dogs registered name. 

Now for those still not sure what breed they will be bringing into their family ask each of the sellers/breeders or Rescue if that is the direction you are heading, if the breed you are considering has any on going health research sites. You are not asking just if the breed they are offering has health problems but how you can connect with the research sites to better understand what you might be faced with.  Ask if their breed has health problems and most sellers would simply say their dogs are free of problems - if that was their answer ask them how they came to that conclusion.

What you want is KNOWLEDGE, not speculation. For like man, dogs have both general and family related predisposition in both temperament and health.