Magic - Miska & Kodiak pup born 10-20-18 - Now in Cody WY - clients drove in to pick her up. And yes they are established clients.


In 2014 a breeding arrangement was made at DobeFest between the owners of Magic's great grandmother's owners and Mr. Hoytt. The owners offered the breeding option if Mr. Hoytt could create and maintain a Line that would keep Hoytt's Turn the Paige genetically alive and with the passing of Paige her people could turn to Mr. Hoytt for the next Hoytt Dobe to enter their life. bringing home a great grand daughter or even great great great grand their next Hoytt Dobe. Paige will be nine is September and her people are thinking about waiting for the next qualified female to be bred but probably a repeat of Magic's combination which has already been arranged with Magic's mother's owners of Hoytt's Miska Ursa Minor. Sometime around summer 2019.

The rest of the story. Paige also happened to be out of Mr. Hoytt's personal Dobe Marti formally Hoytt's Pretty Little Girl of Mine who had no daughters available that could enter his breeding program so he thought at the time to keep his Marti's line alive - an admitted error on his part.

Paige gave us 9 babies and for both personal and business Mr. Hoytt's London formally Hoytt's Bridge to my Heart was held from Paige.  

For those interested in perhaps bringing Magic into their life, let us know and then keep watching AVAILABLE. Until the final decision is made we have begun Magic's education.



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