Grand Victor Program

The Grand Victor Program

"The next step up the ladder of learning exclusive to the the House of Hoytt"

For those who enjoy the personal and monetary success of their own endeavors.


Look at the GV Program,  or the more advanced Presidents Program as your future Super Dobe learns more and more of the world you will be offering. The Grand Victor program is, in effect, the canine version  of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT,  meaning...... learning to live with man under man's rules before placement. 

NOTE that for 2018 the Doberman Pincher Club of America's Top20 the final standing lists three Hoytt Dobes

This part in training, can also be a form of stress training before placement. Those who welcome the Grand Victor graduate into their lives realize the complexities of the environment where the Dobe will spend the rest of its life being its masters sidekick;  at work, home, or at leisure. The new Dobe may be relocating to a very large home; a 400 sq. ft. cabin in the wilderness, a motor coach, or stepping into a life of multiple residences;  make  this program a most rewarding advanced placement option.  Dobe and trainer will spend time away from our residence for days on end,  hundreds of miles in transit, living in what must be to a young dog mini-homes (motel rooms), and then, stepping into the working ring, where the Dobe is under mass distraction. Human and Dobe must work as a team; adding further to education and control in many adverse situations. These adventures help to create the ultimate learning experience foundation prior to placement. 

Of course, the titling itself simply establishes the excellence of the education, while affording the owner the personal satisfaction of knowing that not only is the Dobe of great blood, but is in itself, a proven achiever.

The new owner will still have to work hard to help the kid through the many unknowns that the Dobe will face in the early weeks of placement. This is a time when Sensory Overload is the norm!  But now your weeks, not months, or years of facing trial and error: for we will guide you through each step you may need instruction with. For you and your Grand Victor have the most exclusive jump-start the canine world has to offer; experiences in a fresh mind done before placement.

   It's a Fact



Grand Victors have consistently been the youngest dogs to compete and qualify in AKC licensed obedience trials. The Hoytt Dobe has done so well since the Grand Victor program was introduced that we have been the most successful Dobe breeder in the obedience ring for the last three decades. Actually, out of the top 500 youngest dogs over all breeds of dogs to receive the Companion Dog Title, only one was not a Hoytt Doberman. 

                                                          A little history since 1995 until we have the time to update

The Bahamas Kennel Club also grades under the same system as the AKC. The Bahama Kennel Club has placed in first and second, Hoytt’s Caffeine Kick CDX, Hoytt’s, Sahara Moon CD, and Hoytt's Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Teak), as the youngest title holders on record. These Hoytt Dobes are the first canine to achieve the highest-level UD; (Utility Dog) title.  Teak also happens to have also gained Top Working Dog and DPCA winner Top 20,  plus, a dozen other degrees. (This from a Hoytt Dobe who actually preferred riding around with her owner in the convertible and playing Frisbee).

To watch each of our instructors with their wards, you see the greatest in team effort. Look closer and you see a mutual affection as well as trust. Together this creates an educational base which, in combination with our outstanding genetic foundation, leaves no question in the viewer's mind why the Hoytt Doberman is known as "the American Bred Super Dobe." To see these teams in action, we offer a number of video presentations discussed further on.

NOTE: The average age of the Hoytt Dobe gaining its Companion Dog title is 10 months. The average age of non-Hoytt dogs in the same competition still seeking their title and competing against our Dobes is just under 3.5 years of age.

The average title win score of our Grand Victor & Presidents graduates is 191.5, leave this section knowing that in the world of the Doberman, no one, from hobby breeder to those who claim to be professionals have been able to put together the detailing these programs represent.    NO ONE!  Note as recently as 4-22-2018 Caspian one of our client owned young adults and our latest "NEXT GENERATION" boys formally Hoytt's Defender of Honor on his second time in the ring won his class with a 198 out of a 200. The day before his very first time at a show and he walked out with an impressive 194.5 score. 

 And an across the board congratulations to the trainer/handlers and the others on our team who have walked, played, fed, bathed, exercised and generally made each Hoytt Dobe feel special during from the moment each open their eyes to the day they start their new life. And a personal thank you to all the clients who have taken a deep breath after months of their own preparations as a team, walked into the obedience ring showing the dog world just what a great team can do without losing the fun. Yet, all the while, each Hoytt showed its aristocratic pedigree.

There is no better development center in the world for the Doberman than Camp Hoytt.   

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