The Latest Obedience Ring Winners

WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE BY END OF JUNE - Sorry guys we will introduce this years ring winner soon. After all we also have three Hoytt Dobes on the 2018 Obedience Top20 and one is Mr. Hoytt's personal girl who had not shown in two years LONDON formally Hoytt's Bridge to My Heart. She just likes to show off. 


Jett...born 8-27-17 - Hoytt's Barron of Celebration CGC BN finished our Grand Victor Program getting his last win with a HIGH IN CLASS on 5-18-18 and heading home, home being Celebration Florida. 

His owner while living in Pennsylvania  acquired his first pair as a single guy in the early nineties and except for the needed selection and education time has since had a Hoytt at his side. Now married with children Jett will on arrival meet Hoytt's Gypsy Lady the 8 year old canine queen of the family who is also a graduate of our Presidents Course. 

As a reference point. At least 80% of our Dobes go to established clients, their children and close friends of both generations. 



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