Things happen that are called accidents for a reason.

Should the owner of a Hoytt find themselves in a spot and can't get back to their home or need the doberman cared for while owner is in the hospital and do not want to board them at an all breed kennel, dog sitter or clinic...call us.

We also regularly will meet an established client at a halfway point to bring their Dobe to the kennel or to them.

Here is a Story:

Our  need to respond quickly  came at 10 a.m. on a Monday,  the owner of a pair of Hoytt Dobes had to enter the hospital early the next morning and her husband was out of the country. Within two hours our driver was on his way.

The trip one way was just short of 800 miles and at 2 am the next morning our driver called to say he was on his way back and his wards  were laying on their beds surrounded by their toys and just a stretch away from food and water.

No cages, no pens, just out for a ride with someone they knew from their initial development here. One month later husband, wife and canines were together again - returned by our driver.  

We love happy endings