Look into our work days & meet clients in their homes.
From the Bahamas to Alaska.

See this gang on DVD...presentation 2 hrs

FlipSide also goes into more than a dozen homes to show the viewer first hand some of the many situations in which the Hoytt Dobes reside. Educational & entertaining...for the first time inquirer or the established client. Along with this will be a written summary of our web brochure. 

Note the above package is free of charge once we have received your Questionnaire

Updating for late fall with my grand children, you will meet Harrison and Elle with their protectors and companions, Sigourney & Joe.  In the evening Joe sleeps in Elle's room, while Sigourney is on her bed next to Harrison. Mommy Jen and daddy Heath are in the 'master' down the hall, and, like their dad and their grand dad, these kids learned to walk hanging on to their Hoytt Dobermans.

 These Dobes can be anywhere on the lower two floors in less then ten seconds.

 In the yard, the Dobes are always within 11 seconds of these children, always on watch and/or waiting to play whatever the children invent. They are always keeping the children from harms way. One of the warning signs posted:

"This property protected by Hoytt Dobermans - Survivors will be prosecuted"

Yet, first and foremost, these Dobes are simply family members who happen to have a few more legs then their human counterparts.   


 *Joe was at the time,  being cared for until an established client was found. Joe now lives on the west coast.  That family was found and now Joe is in his permanent home. In 2007 at eleven years of age, Sigourney ... Hoytts Caffeine Kick CDX ... received her angel 'wings'.

 Since then Savak,  out of Casey & Savannah, born in May of 2007, has been welcomed into my son's family as the living memorial to a great Dobe.  She had given her all from the age of five, when Harrison was born, as protector and family guardian.  In return she was given all a wonderful companion deserves, and in memory,  will be with our family forever. 

Top left Sigourney at age six and Harrison age 9 months. On the right photo of Harrison age three with his Sigourney ( at age eight years) - middle photos Elle seven months with her Joe (at one year)  Bottom photo Harrison & Sigourney doing their version of "the Kiss".

Sigourney enjoys birthday parties too!  Elle and Sigourney with their version of "The Kiss."

  Mighty Joe