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 Remember Dobe Fest 2022 is October 8th & 9th 

      Camp Hoytt Chronicles - past issues.

Note: From 7-1-22 Mr. Hoytt's grand daughter Elle Hoytt has taken over our Monthly New Letter - if you have not sent in your request to receive our Monthly let us know and send in your e mail address. This shows off our clients Hoytt Dobes & offers interesting tidbits for all canines. We also will not bother you with BS promotions but if you don't join you are missing some really great Doberman photos and comments from HOYTT DOBERMAN owners.                    


Photos and comments from those who share their life with Hoytt Dobes.


June 2021 we started sending our newsletter directly to all who have requested it in their Client Profile. However for those who just wish to enjoy seeing how Hoytt Dobes live without the need to reserve their own Hoytt, or have one in residence, you just send us your email address. You will not be called, text, wrote to or hollered at to buy something.

Not yet ready to send in your profile? Again don't worry we do not call, write, Text or email those who have not sent in their Client Profile first unless you are already a member of the Hoytt Dobe family.

When you are ready to begin the process of purchase please call.

 865-397-9887 for instructions. 



See first hand why our Dobes are "the best of the best"

Our monthly is filled with Photos and Comments recently received from our clients.

You may even find a Hoytt Dobe that already represents the Hoytt Dobe in your part of the world who may be happy to talk to you directly about their Hoytts. 

Also we may be introducing one of our "Special Offerings" kids not shown under "AVAILABLE" on our web site. 

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