Fun & Funny pictures of Kids, cats, and canines enjoying life


We are Starting with Barrie's Funny Girl Marti who has Passed on. 


Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD TDI


 Above is a moment in time.

Rebecca & her 11 year old little one M.E., the other half of Team Hoytt, their red boy  Forrest 4 years and Pearl at 10 weeks. That was then,....

... this is now. Pearl has grown int a wonderful natural eared adult lady ad presented us with a new generation of Jewels. See photos of how this cute pup evolved into a most beautiful natural eared adult in Natural ears Section.

Let's nap


Sarah at six weeks of age below with one of three young friends who are regulars here. This is eight year old Brey, who, like the others, come in a few times a week or when school is on break. 

Here you see that if you are young enough you can wear out a six week old Hoytt Dobe. This day everyone decided to take a nap after their party.


Sarah is heading to Washington state following the completion of our CYA CGC program. 

 The following photos are of a "Great" family guardian, and the growing family he loves,  "Dylan".



Hi Barrie,

Check out this picture. Savannah keeps inching her bed farther and farther underneath the babies swing. She keeps all ears and eyes at full attention. If a baby cries she expects us to be up and tending to them right away or Savannah paces and whines until we do.

She is the best!

Your are the best, and like a second father to us.  We really respect what you do and your passion for the Doberman breed. We also greatly appreciate what you have done for us with Jericho & Savannah. Thanks Barrie, you are the best!


July 7, 2009


Note: On May 1st 2009 Hoytts Blue Savannah left her family, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kilgour, and came back to House of Hoytt to whelp for the first time.  Thirteen days later this pretty Hoytt Dobe gave us our, "next generation" in seven stars of life. On June 29th 2009, she returned home to find the family she left had increased to four. This is what GREAT is all about.    


Tom and Melanie Kilgour


Two five year old's just out having fun...Oh no here comes dad!


And Now - Let a child tell us about life with this Hoytt Dobeerman Joker