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FDA'S Work on Potential Causes of Non-Hereditary DCM in dogs

Reports from veterinary cardiologisis demonstrate some good results in improving heart function in non-hereditary DCM cases, unlikegenetic forms of DCM, with appropriate veterinary treatment and dietary modification, when caught early in the progression of the disease. Crrent as of: 12-23-22 ... {


Caspian with monitor 

Hoytts Defender of Honor CD BN CGC TN

Our health testing includes in part Holtor Monitoring and either an Echocardiogram or chest x-ray prior to breeding. The Holtor monitoring and echocardiogram are the best indicators of cardiovascular health at this time. The Holtor monitor records the dog’s heart beat for a 24 hour period and will show any abnormal beats that could indicate the need for additional  testing. The echocardiogram is an extensive ultrasound of the heart, which also checks size and functions and is used to diagnose heart health. For owners a chest x-ray can show any enlargement of the heart during a general physical, which is the primary sign of DCM. We perform over 20 Holtor Monitorings per year with an equal number of echocardiograms and/or chest x-rays; to be sure our soon to be parents who have yet to be matched are ready to create the next generation of Hoytts. As a development kennel rather the a puppy seller we select and finish on average three fresh minds a month.

We do not perform the DNA test for DCM as it is inconclusive to the likelihood of DCM occurring in the dog. Studies have shown that there are many variables within the genes, along with an infinite number of genetic combinations. This test can lead to false negatives and also false positives. This test checks for 2 genes only and does not factor in every variable within those genes. A large number of dogs that have tested negative for either gene went on to develop the disease, just as a large number that tested positive for one or both genes never developed the disease. We will, however, at the client’s request perform the DNA test and split the $100 charge with the client. The DNA test will be submitted to and conducted by UC Davis.

Attention...copies of any tests ran on behalf of the Hoytts or the client can be furnished by requests.



House of Hoytt Vet Services Letters 

Dr. Bentley 30 some years part of our programs as with these doctors presented and every Hoytt Dobe was examined pesonaly by each when each were our primay veterinarians - not by their assistances. Today Dr. Bentley is 99% retired but a few years back she introduced us to Dr. Chris Biggs of Tri-County Animal Hospital who is our key doctor now.  As it is said 'Like attracts like'.

Dr Bentley Letter


Dr. Atkins was part of Dr. Thompson's group dating back to the 80's - when Dr.P retired Dr. Atkins opened her own clinic. For the following decades Dr. Atkins would come to the kennel to update certain inculations as well as examinations for our guys going to their new homes. All other services were done at her clinic. Dr. Atkins was so careful about protecting us from possible viruses that she would change clothes and shoes before her visit. Dr. Atkins retired end of 2021.


             The following tells how much this doctor loved his patients. Dr.Thompson at 6'6 in. would step into the examining rooms and pull up a 12 inch tall stool, sit down and start talking to his larger canine patients. After a few minutes he'd pick the dog up and set it more relaxed now on the examiinng table constantly talking to it like the child they were. His medical knowledge is the one area that out shined his social graces.

I met Dr. Atkens at Dr. Thompson's clinic. He introduced Dr. Atkins to me just before he retired. Interestingly one way or the other those who are listed here have known each in the order I was introduced to them. I know pet owners who are now seniors or not, who have for years had animal companions and know what a problem it is lossing a great vet and the trials of finding in time your pets next great doctor. For sure Mr. Hoytt and his canines are quite fortunite.    docthompsonletter.png

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