Holiday Advisory

Advisory...For those first timers who hoped to bring a pup home for a holiday or if you just decided you wanted to become parents to a dog for sure know it is the wrong time to start a relationship with a fresh mind with so much going on, so much you have to learn and so many things a new pup could get into. This could mean emergency trips to the veterinarian and the pup misses the holiday anyway; or worse. 

But here's an option we are quite pleased to offer. Should one of our ready to go, recently or soon to be born pups be available we will put a photo and video short together so by spirit your new Hoytt Dobe will be part of the holiday or gift moment. Make 2022 and the many years that follow, bring you the love, companionship and truly enjoy the qualities you are reaching for.  

Note... Whenever everything goes as planned we try to have our first placements each year born during the late summer or early winter months since most of North America is suffering from less than pleasant weather. For the first half of our 2022 we present as planned the matched pairs that have or will be the foundation of The American Super Dobes and perhaps your new Hoytt Dobe.  


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