If You Should Die Tomorrow

 Orphaned Hoytt Dobes - For Established Clients Only

If You Should Die Tomorrow

My dad God love him would never talk about the day we will all one day face nor would he discuss his directives when that day would be faced by those most affected by his death. Sure enough when death came what followed was a classic case of confusion that took a number of years to straighten out, and if it were not for who I was, perhaps his own Dobe would have ended up put to sleep or worse as someone's junkyard guard dog.

I have always worried about my Dobes and every Dobe here is in effect mine so for as long as I can recall, we have had guidelines our staff would follow in case something tragic happened to myself and my family in one sweep. Everyone who would have a Hoytt Dobe under development would be contacted and arrangements made to send the critters home. Those without families would soon have families for we keep an extensive list of established clients who would be ready to open their hearts and home to a soon-to-be homeless canine.

Now, so you do not have to worry about what might become of your friend if something happens to you, just let those who you will be intrusting your affairs with know that your Hoytt Dobe is to be returned to us*. But also send us a copy of the directive. We would be honored to find a home deserving of your canine companion's attention. All that has to be done if you have not set aside funds for your friend's future needs is for the person you left in charge to call us, and we will arrange as well as pay for the Hoytt Dobes travel back to us and place the Dobe with an established client to assure all has been done to see that the care and comfort you so willingly gave is taken over by others who are prepared to do the same.

 Every Hoytt Dobe is welcomed back if a situation arises that means a loss of its home. However, with the exception of the death of an owner or owners* or conditions offered in our Client Assurance Program, all other Hoytt Dobes will be welcomed back but we do expect the owners of the Hoytt Dobe being returned to help cover the expenses related to its travel to us if we paid for the trip, room & board while with us as well as training if necessary to bring it up to the standard the new owner would expect. The costs for this service will be taken from the sale of the Hoytt Dobe and no cash advance is necessary with any differences after expenses being sent to the original owner. Of course the exception to this is a Hoytt Dobe being returned under the Client Assurance Program where we are taking back a Hoytt Dobe but will be selecting a replacement.

These Dogs Have been Placed:

*All Hoytt Dobes coming back to us because of an owners death and incapacitation will be made available to establish clients only and are placed without charge to the new family - our way of thanking those who were willing to open their heart and home to a Hoytt Dobe usually years after we placed it. To all who arrange this for their Hoytt Dobe if at all possible kindly make arrangements to also help us with the kids cost ... many times older dogs will require special veterinary services to assure the quality of life and we will be sure to watch over it until it takes its last breath.

 September 11, 2001 took so many lives, changed even those who live in small towns like Dandridge on a beautiful lake as well as those who died or those who were part of their circle of friends and acquaintances by that evening, found us all GUILTY of simply living the American Dream. The millions of us today and for the most part even our grand children’s children will, one day, realize something that happened to others on that date changed their future and the future of the generations to come.

So has this too changed the lives of many non-humans, especially our best companions in the animal world who also were effected the day the Towers went down, so were some of our own found themselves in our relocation program. Until this writing thirteen 'Hoytt  kids’ had been effected, in all but three pairs, while the single Dobe up for relocation was placed usually with only one call.

Today once more 'innocents'' have lost their family. On this note let me introduce you to Alpha formally known as Hoytt’s Bad Moon Rising CGC CD and Shasta, Hoytt’s Slim Jim CGC CD.

Over the last three plus years we have talked many times with their family about re-homing but each time at the very last moment their people could not give up the “the girls”. Regretfully their owner’s fight to recover failed and here we are with two outstanding girls originally developed under the Presidents Program and with the Grand Victor refinements and titles-both nine years old.

These two have been together from their initial placement; I do not want to see them split up. So for those who read this and are established clients please consider “The Girls” and lets talk about life at your end of the world. Oh yes these girls are wonderful and if I were not the daddy of four Hoytt Dobes already this would not have had to be written, they would not have to leave my side.

Now think of every great quality, every best habit and this has not begun to approach their level of understanding how to live in our world, under MANS rules. For most ready to welcome "the Girls" it will be a wonderful experience for all. But for a few the situation will be wrong so please understand as with your own Hoytt Dobes we have to be selective based on environment so keep an open mind. So in ending all I can add. These are "The Best of the Best" with the education and experiences to match. And if you have not read about our re-location program - all you have to do is cover the cost of their delivery if they can not be personally picked up from the kennel and be responsible for their needs from the day they are welcomed into your life.

                                                                                                                                  Barrie Hoytt

Note: Before you pick up the phone and call, note these girls are approaching ten years of age. This means that besides requiring the future owners be established clients, I remind all who read this that the girls can be days away from 'gaining their wings' or still ready to party years from now. However medical services in an emergency or veterinary fees to maintain their quality life can run well into the thousands. For those who are willing to open their hearts and home to the girls must also be ready and able to open their wallets.

 Follow-ups To Alpha & Shasta

June 26th 2006

Barrie and Staff,

Alpha and Shasta arrived at their new home in Colorado following an uneventful road trip. The girls are splendid travelers, both in SUV and motels.

Unfortunately, we did not prepare ourselves fully. Inside our fenced property we opened the rear SUV door and out they jumped and proceeded on the run to our western fence where our neighbor's two cows were feeding. Oh! the poor cows-they were terrorized by the girls' barking. Now the cows tease the girls!

Following Barrie's advice, we introduced the Girls to our Chow mix (Bear) on leads in our home. The girls were real ladies and Bear turned out to be a gentleman. They tolerate each other and have learned where to go and not to go in the house. Incidentally, Shasta is sleeping in our bed already-it took her only one night. Daily, we walk our crew in designated county open space areas. We have surmised that the girls had little or no close contact with outdoor animal life, i.e., squirrels, birds, ground squirrels, rabbits, chickens, horses, etc.

They are cautious with people, other dogs, bicycle riders, ATVs. Also, they have become protective of our residence and grounds, and when in our vehicles.

They have been to the Vet, received all vaccinations necessary for this area and were found to be in good health. Our Vet commented on how well behaved and friendly they are. They have an appointment next week in our Pet Spa for grooming.

You may want to pass on to their first owners that we will insure that they are well-taken care of in all aspects of their daily lives.

In summary the girls coming into our lives has been a rewarding experience. They are the "best of the best" and we love and cherish them. Thank you, Barrie, for making this possible.

Again thank you,

Don and Marilyn



Attached are pictures of our dog pack on their first mountain trek.

The elevation was 8000 to 9000 feet, and the temperature in the high 60's and sunny.

This particular trail eventually ends at a ghost town at approximately 10,000 feet. We did not venture all the way as it is a 3 to 4 hour one-way trek. Also, the trail is narrow, steep and rocky at various places and sometimes smooth as it goes thru meadows, snow melting creeks, etc. Of note, the trail can be used by bikers, hikers, and horse riders. On this particular day, we only crossed paths with bikers and other hikers, with or without dogs- no horses- thank god as I do not know how the girls would have reacted on such a narrow and at times a steep trail. On this trek we did not encounter any wildlife. We plan on going again next week.

Our girls are behaving themselves much better when confronting other animals, bikers, and hikers. We walk them also everyday in open space areas where they can confront other distractions.

Signing off for now. Oh! if you are ever in our area, you are always welcome to visit and/or stay with us.

Don & Mari


April 18th 2007


It's been almost a year since the girls stepped into our lives, both have adjusted to their relocation and surroundings remarkably. Their regimen to our everyday activities and schedule become more phenomenal each day. Their sense of when we are leaving and returning takes the form of taking us to the door & waiting our return at the door/window. If we return early or late, they are elsewhere.

When they are praised for being good girls, they sit and wait in the kitchen for their "tendon" treats which they thoroughly enjoy. We walk them almost everyday on what we refer to as our farm roads. When we meet other walkers, bikers, animals, etc, we command them to sit/stay as they pass us on the narrow pathways-often comments are made on their beauty and obedience. Daily on our property, they chase squirrels, rabbits, and an occasional prairie dog or fox. They have also become quite protective of our property boundaries to strangers, visitors, etc. We rescued Prue cat that Alpha likes to chase in the house--that is all right as Prue cat needs exercise to loose a few pounds!

You were right on all three counts: they should not be separated; although Alpha appears to be the dominant Dobe, Shasta is; and most importantly, they "will be a wonderful experience" and will "enrich your lives" (which they have). Daily, they shower us with their love and devotion. We feel extremely fortunate to have the "angel girls" in our lives.

Thank you Barrie, for making this possible.

Don & Marilyn


His daddy has passed away and he needs someone to love him. Flash  was well known in his community and everywhere his owner went flash was right at his side even was getting comfortable in the hovercraft.  From trips to the farm to morning walks around town Flash from the first day was always right at his dads side. Because he was a child in a single parent environment we prefer a retired individual who seeks  full time companionship or a family where one of the adult members are 'stay at home' types.